Drug Addiction – Is there a cure?

Is There a Cure For Drug Addiction? Everyone knows there is a stigma associated with drug addiction. The person who is caught in the throes of addiction is referred to an “addict”, not as a “person with an addiction problem”.The individual often gets shuttled aside as the focus is on dealing with the addiction, not…

History of Opioids | Waismann Method

24 Facts on the History of Opioids in America

The country’s current outbreak of opioid addiction has roots in early American history. In fact, opiates became a regular part of the American experience in the mid 1850’s and continued into the early 1900’s. Read below to learn more about America’s long history with opioids. The History of Opioids in America 1. Papaver somniferum is…

Cost of Naloxone | Waismann Method

Ohio City Struggles to Afford Cost of Naloxone

Naloxone, which also goes by the brand name of Narcan, is a drug used to reverse the effects of an otherwise-lethal opioid overdose. The drug has become a standard tool in the hands of emergency responders, families and emergency rooms during this time of crisis.  Naloxone can be injected or used as a nasal spray,…

Dental Pain | Waismann Method

Exploring New Ways to Manage Dental Pain

If you are scheduled to see a dentist, it is very likely you are not looking forward to the pain. Even a cleaning can include discomfort and distress. Yet, for those who have a tooth extraction or other more invasive procedure, dentists have traditionally prescribed immediate release opioids like Vicodin and Percocet. In fact, annually…

Types of Pain | Waismann Method

How to Distinguish Between Types of Pain

No one likes to experience pain; but believe it or not, not all pain is the same. From a broken bone to a headache, the experience of pain can be different from person to person. Also, pain can vary depending upon what is triggering the pain, which influences how pain is categorized. This article will…

Opioid Crisis | Waismann Method

8 Heroes Fighting the Opioid Crisis

While the opioid crisis continues for much of America, many people in various professions are fighting for the well-being of those suffering from opioid addiction.  In their own way, doctors, engineers, scientists, and other professionals are doing their best to help the country through this crisis. The following are eight people who are working on making America…

Painkiller Addiction | Waismann Method

Depression and Back Pain Increase Risk for Painkiller Addiction

Recently, researchers analyzed data from a survey of roughly 5,400 people between 2004 and 2009. They found that patients suffering from back pain who were also diagnosed with depression, were twice as likely to be prescribed an opioid pain medication. The data also showed that these individuals often received twice the usual dose for their…

Opioid Abuse | Waismann Method

Former NFL player Jeff Hatch Talks about His Opioid Abuse

One of the advantages that has come out of the opioid addiction epidemic is the clear message that this type of drug can affect anyone. An addiction to opioids can develop because of the medical field’s standard practice to prescribe opioids for pain, not knowing the signs of addiction, or the relief of emotional stress…

Opioid Addiction | Waismann Method

Opioid Addiction Can Affect Anyone from Any Socioeconomic Class

It used to be that drug addiction was a trend typically seen in lower socioeconomic societies. Those unemployed, homeless, and/or uneducated were more vulnerable to addiction because they tended to be around other users or drugs which were infiltrating into their communities. However, today, the opiate addiction is affecting not only the lower class, but…