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Former NFL player Jeff Hatch Talks about His Opioid Abuse

One of the advantages that has come out of the opioid addiction epidemic is the clear message that this type of drug can affect anyone. An addiction to opioids can develop because of the medical field’s standard practice to prescribe opioids for pain, not knowing the signs of addiction, or the relief of emotional stress…

Opioid Addiction | Waismann Method

Opioid Addiction Can Affect Anyone from Any Socioeconomic Class

It used to be that drug addiction was a trend typically seen in lower socioeconomic societies. Those unemployed, homeless, and/or uneducated were more vulnerable to addiction because they tended to be around other users or drugs which were infiltrating into their communities. However, today, the opiate addiction is affecting not only the lower class, but…

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Opioid Alternatives in the Operating Room

One of the fastest ways people become addicted to opioids is when they’re given pain medication during and after surgery. For instance, during a painful surgical procedure, it has been standard practice to administer an IV with opioids and then provide the patient with a morphine pump when the surgery is over. However, as the…

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome | Waismann Method

Every 25 Minutes an Infant is Born Positive to Opioids

As a result of the opioid epidemic, more and more children are being born positive to opioids in America. During the first few days of their lives, infants shake, scream, and experience withdrawal symptoms.  In fact, upon birth many opioid-positive babies are given opioids to lessen the intensity and suffering of their withdrawal experience. Using…

Overdosing on Opioids | Waismann Method

Saving Someone from Overdosing on Opioids

There’s new talk among city officials about possibly supplying the streets in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a drug called Narcan.  Narcan is often used as a life-saving drug for those overdosing on opioids. The idea is that the drug would be placed in lockboxes on street corners. An individual witnessing an opioid overdose could call 911…


What is Grey Death and Why is this Opioid so Lethal?

The opioid epidemic continues unabated in the United States, with the rate of opioid overdose deaths having quadrupled since 1999, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It seems that each week, a new setback occurs in the fight against the opioid epidemic. The most recent crisis is the appearance of a…

Strains of Fentanyl | Waismann Method

Over 15 Deadly Strains of Fentanyl Exist

Drug abuse and overdose epidemics go through trends. In the 1970’s, heroin was a major problem in the United States. In the 1980’s, it was cocaine. Today, it is opioids, synthetic but potent drugs frequently found in pain medication. One opioid found both in the pharmacy as well as on the street is a very…

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Percocet may have Contributed to Prince’s Death

It’s been just over a year since the world-renowned pop singer Prince was found dead in his Minnesota home.  The news of his death and the manner in which it occurred came as a shock to most Americans. Along with this horrible news, were reports claiming that the legendary singer might have died from an…