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Lorcet Home Detox

Lorcet is a narcotic painkiller that can be difficult to stop taking after long-term use. People who take high doses may also have trouble detoxing without help. Some people attempt lorcet home detox from the opiate prescription. This can be dangerous because of withdrawal symptoms which can be severe. Opiate dependence can set in quickly […]

Lorcet Precautions (Hydrocodone)

The dangers that could arise from taking prescription painkillers are real. Knowing all the Lorcet precautions, risks and warnings is important in order to avoid serious complications. The most important thing to know about Lorcet and other opiate painkillers is that they can be habit forming. The drug’s prescribing label explains how the drug should […]

Lorcet Warnings

It’s imperative that folks taking Lorcet or other opiate painkillers thoroughly understand the warnings and precautions that accompany that drug. So often, patients leave the pharmacy with a prescription in hand, secure in the belief that it’s safe because a doctor recommended it. In most cases, Lorcet can be taken safely. The drug contains hydrocodone […]

Lorcet Abuse

Opiate pain medication is a useful tool in the quest for pain management. However, use of these prescription drugs can lead to abuse and addiction if you’re not careful. Lorcet, the combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, is often used for pain management and to a lesser extent, for cough suppression. The hydrocodone, a narcotic medication, […]

Lorcet Treatment and Detoxification Options

Lorcet treatment can be difficult because the drug falls into the opiate category, causing both long term mental and physical addiction.  Lorcet is a type of prescription painkiller used in the treatment or those suffering from moderate-to-severe pain and sometimes other medical conditions. The drug is only available with a doctor’s prescription and it contains […]