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 Founded and named after registered addiction specialist Clare Waismann in 1998, the Waismann Method has helped thousands of patients regain control of their lives. Waismann Treatment is exclusively provided in Southern California by a quadruple board-certified M.D. in a private JACHO accredited hospital. 

“If it is not in Southern California – it is not Waismann Method.”

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Undergoing an effective inpatient medical opiate detoxification prevents patients from enduring unnecessary suffering and dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Having medical support and supervision during alcohol or opioid detox dramatically reduces health risks and discomfort while maximizing the chances of a full recovery. For this reason, the professional staff of Waismann Method® is continuously working to provide you with the safest, most comfortable, and medically assisted detoxification in the world.

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Opioid Treatment by a Quadrupled Board-Certified M.D. in a Private Room of an Accredited Hospital

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USA's Premier Medically Assisted Opiate Detox and Rapid Detox Center

Thousands of people from all across the world have been successfully treated at our exclusive location in Southern California. We provide rapid detoxification under sedation and anesthesia-free treatment for alcohol and opioid dependence.

Waismann Method® has decades of experience integrating a sincere devotion to improving health and assuring safety in a private and comfortable environment.

We have concentrated over 23 years of effort in one single location. Our purpose is to heal, restore, and guide our patients to a path of healthy living. We also integrate the latest and most effective forms of treatments for Opioid Use Disorder, which enable our patients to achieve nearly 100% detox success.

Private Room in an Accredited Hospital

The first phase of our opiate detox treatment program takes place in a private, full-service, accredited hospital. Because the withdrawal stage can be challenging to cope with, hospitalization is often needed to reduce and manage symptoms.

Inpatient Post-Detox Care Included

Domus Retreat provides specialized care for a few days after rapid detox and focuses solely on the well-being and comfort of each patient. A gated, 6,000-square-foot estate with six private suites.

Quadruple Board-Certified M.D.

Dr. Michael Lowenstein is board certified in anesthesiology, addiction medicine, and pain management. He has been performing rapid detox and other forms of medical detox treatment for people struggling with opioid dependency for over two decades.

Rapid Detox and Medically Assisted Opioid Detox

We provide flexible opiate treatment protocols including rapid detox and medically assisted opioid detoxiifcation based on each patient’s unique needs. Our medical team determines the safest and most effective course of treatment for each patient, which results in giving people the experience and care they need to achieve full recovery.

Vivitrol , Naltrexone and Recovery Services

Options Of Vivitrol and Naltrexone for craving control plus other integrative recovery therapies to assist in making the post-detox adjustment period much more comfortable and successful. Recovery services can include individual psychotherapy, drama therapy, massage, yoga, and other recovery programs.

Alcohol and Opioid Treatment Programs

Waismann Method®‘s quadruple board-certified medical director is continuously implementing the most advanced opioid detoxification techniques available. In particular, we were one of the pioneers of anesthesia-assisted rapid detox. We also offer other forms of inpatient medical opiate detoxification.

Waismann Method® - World Renowned Opioid Treatment and Rapid Detox Center, Est. 1998

We have a 23-year reputation for being one of the most respected and recognized rapid drug detox centers in the world.


Waismann Method® was founded and named after addiction specialist Clare Waismann. The program has maintained a success rate of nearly 100% in opioid detoxification.

The WAISMANN DETOX team has been providing patients from all over the world freedom from opioid addiction since the late 1990s. The treatment center is located just outside Los Angeles, where many people achieve their dreams of a better and healthier life free from opioid drugs. Treatment usually lasts 5 to 10 days and starts with a comprehensive medical evaluation and stabilization in a private room at an accredited hospital, followed by medically assisted detoxification and immediate recovery services that provide patients complete care while ensuring their safety and comfort.


Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, M.D.Waismann Method® medical director, oversees and administers every rapid detox treatment. Dr. Lowenstein is a quadruple board-certified physician and holds the most experience of any doctor performing anesthesia-assisted rapid detox in the United States. He is considered an authority in rapid detox, opiate addiction, and pain management.

David Livingston, M.A., M.F.T., is a licensed psychotherapist who has been working with Waismann Method for nearly two decades. David helps patients identify emotional issues and the best route post-detox in order to maintain sobriety.

Clare Waismann, Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS), Substance Use Disorder Certified Counselor (SUDCC), founded Waismann Method Advanced Treatment for Opiate Dependence and Domus Retreat.


Call today and fill out an intake for a phone consultation with Dr. Lowenstein, where you can discuss your medical and dependence history, concerns, and treatment expectations. You can also request information about Waismann Method rapid detox treatment and other medical detoxification options through email. We are available for you seven days a week at 1-800-423-2482.


If you believe you might have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

We believe that education is the best tool for prevention. Our information blog is a wonderful resource library to help you learn about drug addiction, opiate abuse, behavioral health, opioid addiction, alcoholism, medication-assisted treatment, and much more.

Waismann Detox® Opioid Treatment Specialists and Rapid Detox Center

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Opioid Addiction Treatment Options

Rapid Detox (Sedation Assisted Detox)

A rapid detox is a form of medically assisted opioid detoxification while the patient is under sedation. This type of treatment, also known as anesthesia detox or ultra-rapid opiate detox, should only be performed in an accredited hospital and an experienced board-certified anesthesiologist.

Among all the best rapid drug detox centers globally, Waismann Method® is undoubtedly the most recognized. Thousands of patients worldwide, including athletes and celebrities, have successfully completed the program. When patients undergo rapid detox in a reputable center, the detoxification is safe, quick, and incredibly effective.

Medically-Assisted Detox Without Anesthesia

We offer medically assisted opiate detox treatment protocols for those not candidates for rapid detox or who do not wish to be under sedation or anesthesia. When rapid detoxification is not an option, we offer other medically assisted detox methods, and these protocols are often as comfortable and as successful as rapid detox itself.
If rapid detox is not for you, you can learn more about alternative opioid detox treatment options.

Heroin and Fentanyl Detox Treatment

Many people who become dependent on heroin, fentanyl, or other opiates feel like there is no hope for recovery, but that is not true. The medical community is continuously making strides in the addiction treatment field. One of the most advanced forms of detoxification for heroin and fentanyl is rapid detox. Detoxing under anesthesia allows people to be entirely off opioids. Being off opiates will enable people to be emotionally present to receive mental health diagnoses and care. Learn more about available treatment options – withdrawal symptomsheroin detoxification, and heroin rapid detox.

Prescription Opioid Detox

We understand the risk of long-term intake of prescription painkillers, and we also know that the sudden discontinuation of these drugs is a painful and arduous process. For that reason, we offer those suffering from addiction to prescription painkillers a much safer, more effective, and more comfortable way to come off opioids. Read more about the best treatment options to end prescription drug dependence.

Buprenorphine and MAT Detox

Although Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) has become the standard of care for many rehabs, many people cannot independently come off drugs like buprenorphine. We often receive calls from people seeking professional help trying to come off medications for addiction treatment. Waismann Method® advanced rapid detox protocols provide patients with a quick and effective solution to overcome withdrawal from buprenorphine-based drugs. Learn more about the best way to stop all MAT drugs and become opioid-free.

Methadone Detox Treatment

Methadone is an incredibly tricky opioid narcotic to detox from, even more, challenging than heroin or prescription opiates. One of the most successful forms of detoxification for this drug is Rapid Methadone Detox. Our rapid detox has helped thousands of patients dramatically reduce the time and discomfort associated with methadone withdrawal. From all the patients we treated in the last two decades, the ones that benefit the most from detoxification under anesthesia are those suffering from Methadone addiction. Please read about our rapid methadone detoxification treatment. Mainly how the Waismann Method team goes above and beyond what any other non-hospital-based programs can offer.

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