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Getting Off Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is a potentially habit forming opiate used for pain relief. It acts on opiate receptors in the brain to provide moderate to severe pain relief. Doctors often prescribe hydrocodone in combination with acetaminophen, marketed as Norco, Lortab and Vicodin. People who take hydrocodone for an extended period of time or at high doses risk […]

Lorcet Precautions (Hydrocodone)

The dangers that could arise from taking prescription painkillers are real. Knowing all the Lorcet precautions, risks and warnings is important in order to avoid serious complications. The most important thing to know about Lorcet and other opiate painkillers is that they can be habit forming. The drug’s prescribing label explains how the drug should […]

Hydrocodone Warnings

Hydrocodone pills spilling out of bottle on table with some pills crushed. Spoon on the side.

If you receive a prescription for a medication containing hydrocodone, be sure to follow the directions closely. The opiate (narcotic) medication is an analgesic which relieves moderate to severe pain. Doctors also prescribe it to suppress chronic cough. Strong warnings accompany a prescription for this medication because of its potential to lead to misuse, abuse, physical and […]

Risks of Quitting Hydrocodone

If you or someone you know is planning or thinking about quitting hydrocodone, it’s important to seek qualified, professional advise. “Cold turkey” is a term that refers to giving up a habit or addiction suddenly, without help. It can be very difficult and medical complications could arise. Your prescribing physician should be able to offer […]

The Best Way to Get Off Hydrocodone

Patients are constantly looking for the best way to get off Hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is a potentially habit-forming opiate used for pain relief. It acts on opiate receptors in the brain to provide moderate to severe pain relief. Hydrocodone is often prescribed in combination with acetaminophen, marketed as Norco, Lortab, and Vicodin. People who take hydrocodone […]

Hydrocodone Rehab

Making the decision to seek a hydrocodone rehab, could be the best decision you ever make. Plenty of programs are qualified to help you through this difficult time but many offer a narrow approach to treating opiate dependency. Hydrocodone is a narcotic painkiller used to treat mild to moderate pain. It’s used in combination with […]

Hydrocodone Abuse

hydrocodone abuse illustration with bottle open and pills spilling onto table

Do you feel you have lost control over your use of hydrocodone? Abusing medications containing hydrocodone can lead to the development of a tolerance, abuse and physical and psychological dependence. Most often, doctors prescribe hydrocodone for pain relief or cough suppression. It’s a generic opiate often combined with other medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin. […]

Hydrocodone Treatment

Hydrocodone Treatment and Addiction Hydrocodone treatment can be difficult because the drug falls into the opiate category, also sold under the brand names Zohydro ER, Hysingla ER, Vicodin, Lortab, Hycodan, and Robidone. While hydrocodone is effective at relieving pain, it has the risk of also becoming habit forming. Hydrocodone relieves pain by changing the way […]