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Opioids Glossary

Abstinence: The act of self-restraint when it comes to avoiding opioids. Abstinence Syndrome: The set of withdrawal symptoms that develops when use of opioids is stopped. Affinity: In this context, the word refers to the strength of the interaction between a receptor and a ligand, a molecule that binds to a receptor to form a […]

Chronic Pain Management

Pain is an unfortunate part of the human experience. It affects millions of people worldwide and can be acute in nature or long-term and chronic. For some, relief is elusive. However, others find temporary respite and some people are able to find effective methods of pain management that work for them. Pain is often indicative […]

FDA Issues Draft Guidance Regarding Abuse-Deterrent Opioids

Prescription painkiller abuse is a problem that’s rapidly escalated in recent years, overwhelming law enforcement agencies and treatment centers across the country. Attempts in the past by manufacturers to make formulations abuse proof have failed and one federal agency would like to see that change. The U.S. Food And Drug Administration has issued a draft […]

Hazards Lurking In Your Medicine Cabinet

  When medicines in the home are not secured properly, they are a risk to everyone. Overdose from accidental poisoning is possible in the case of many medications, including opiates. Medicine cabinets across the nation are filled with half full bottles of pills that could potentially harm children or pets. Worse, people using prescription meds […]

Misconceptions About Rapid Detox

Professional detox is an invaluable component of successful opiate treatment. This process can be lengthy and intense with the possibility of painful withdrawal symptoms. People fear this so much that many hold off getting treatment. But there are plenty of treatments that can minimize or eliminate a painful withdrawal, such as rapid opiate detox. But […]

New Classification For Vicodin Requested By Federal Agency

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 75 percent of prescription drug overdoses are caused by opiate-based painkillers such as Vicodin and OxyContin. Over the past ten years, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has worked vigorously to enact tighter restrictions on one of the most prescribed painkillers, Vicodin. The DEA has requested […]

Opiate Users At Risk For Death

Opiates help millions of people deal with and manage pain but life itself can be compromised if addiction is present. The risk of death increases with opiate use and causes can include severe reaction from withdrawal, accidental overdose and suicide. Opiate withdrawal can be intense and dangerous, especially if large doses of medications are used. […]

Pill Popping Culture In U.S. Getting Worse

We’ve been cleverly marketed to. Commercials and ads tell us that for every minor discomfort or “issue” we have, there is a prescription medication that can cure it. Most people have taken or are currently taking a prescription pill to lower, reduce, eliminate, increase or quiet some aspect of them selves. Many people look for […]

Prescription Painkiller Abuse Can Ruin Lives

What often starts out as legitimate medical use or experimentation with prescription painkillers, can quickly turn into a vicious cycle that propels you to do things once unimaginable. People who become addicted to opiates such as oxycodone or hydrocodone may intentionally hurt themselves to get another prescription. Others may steal from friends, family or pharmacies. […]

Prescription Painkillers Aren’t ‘Safer’ To Abuse Than Street Drugs

The misconception abounds and is responsible for many people falling into a trap with prescription painkillers that can lead to addiction, overdose or worse – death. Recreational use of drugs including OxyContin and Morphine, despite the fact they can be legally prescribed by a doctor, is a bad idea. Risks of taking so-called “street” drugs […]