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Why Choose Us

“Nearly Three Decades of Excellence in One Exclusive Location”

Why Choose Waismann Method?

Unlock the Power of the Waismann Method: Your Premier Opioid Detox Solution

Are you battling opioid addiction? Discover the Waismann Method, a leader in opioid detoxification with over 25 years of success worldwide. Our program offers a medically supervised detox within a top-tier hospital environment, providing a safe, scientific, and deeply compassionate pathway to recovery. Learn why the Waismann Method is recognized as the epitome of excellence in opioid detox.

About the Waismann Method:

Experience transformative care through our advanced opioid treatment program, led by pioneers in the field. Clare Waismann, a renowned addiction specialist (M-RAS), and Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, our medical director with expertise in sedation-assisted detox and pain management, lead our team. Together, they bring hope and proven results to those struggling with addiction.

Founded in 1998, the Waismann Method stands as a pillar of success in treating opioid dependency, celebrated both domestically and abroad. Our approach goes beyond traditional detox, offering a comprehensive set of medical and therapeutic interventions tailored to individual health needs.

Key features of our program include detailed medical assessments, private rooms in a JCAHO-accredited facility, oversight by a highly qualified medical director, diverse detox protocols, cutting-edge strategies for craving management, and a luxurious recovery retreat for a smooth transition.

At the heart of the Waismann Method is our commitment to your opioid-free future, ensuring top-notch support and care throughout your journey to recovery.


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World-Renowned Medical Director at Waismann Method: Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, M.D.

We are proud to have Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein as the medical director of the Waismann Method, guiding our esteemed program for nearly three decades. With unparalleled expertise, Dr. Lowenstein holds quadruple board certifications, making him the nation’s foremost expert in sedation-assisted detox. His deep commitment to patient care and extensive experience in anesthesia and pain management are foundational to our high standards of treatment.

Dr. Lowenstein’s approach to medicine is deeply rooted in trust and ethics, emphasizing the importance of a respectful and honest doctor-patient relationship. He advocates for a practice where patient welfare is prioritized over personal gain, ensuring realistic expectations and clear communication about treatment possibilities and limitations. His philosophy underscores the necessity of humility, honesty, and selflessness in healthcare.


Important Notice: Please be aware that the genuine Waismann Method is exclusively available in Southern California. We are not affiliated with any other clinics or doctors elsewhere. Our stance against one-night treatments underscores our commitment to responsible and safe detoxification practices. Shortening treatment duration not only compromises patient safety but also their comfort and recovery outcomes. At the Waismann Method, we prioritize individualized care, ensuring each patient receives the comprehensive and attentive treatment they deserve.

Anesthesia Detox and Comprehensive Medically Assisted Opioid Treatment Options at Waismann Method

Waismann Method is renowned globally as a leading rapid detox center, but our offerings extend far beyond just rapid detox. Recognizing the critical role of personalized care in medical treatment, our physicians are committed to customizing the detox process to meet the unique needs of each patient. This involves a variety of treatment protocols to ensure that care is precisely aligned with each patient’s specific clinical conditions and desired outcomes.

Understanding the complexities of opioid addiction is key to our approach. Therefore, we require patients to be admitted the day before their scheduled sedation detox. This allows our medical team ample time to assess the potential benefits and risks, ensuring that the treatment plan aligns with the overall needs and best interests of the patient.

At the Waismann Method, we reject the notion of overnight cures or miraculous recoveries. Our healthcare professionals recognize that many patients may have long-standing opioid use, which can significantly impact the nervous system. It’s medically impossible to instantly identify all dysregulations or revert the nervous system to its pre-opioid use disorder state. However, we have successfully helped thousands of patients reach an opioid-free status, facilitating the natural healing process of their nervous systems over time.

Personalized medicine is at the core of our practice, which involves tailoring medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient. This method relies on a thorough understanding of the patient’s unique genetic profile, medical history, and current health status, making them suitable for specific treatment protocols tailored to their specific needs.

Waismann Method: Globally Renowned, Only Available in Southern California

Patients from around the globe choose the Waismann Method, traveling to our exclusive location in Southern California to begin their journey toward recovery. Upon arrival, each patient is warmly welcomed by a representative right at the airport, marking the start of a meticulously planned path to wellness.

Operating solely from this single location has allowed us to excel as a worldwide leader in medically assisted opioid treatment. Our program includes a two to three-day stay (or as medically necessary) in a full-service, JCAHO-accredited hospital, followed by a period of recovery in a private center. This structured environment provides the time and level of care essential for a responsible and effective treatment program.

Choosing the Waismann Method ensures not just a leading medical detox treatment but also a seamless and stress-free experience. From admission to our heartfelt farewell at the airport, every detail of your stay is carefully managed to ensure comfort and effectiveness. Our commitment to excellence in care and service ensures that your journey to recovery is as smooth and supportive as possible, allowing you to focus entirely on your health and well-being.


From admission to departure, all your logistics are managed seamlessly. There’s no need for you to arrange hotels, companions, or transportation—we take care of everything. We envelop you in meticulous care throughout your recovery journey, ensuring comfort and focus where you need it most. 


Internationally Recognized Excellence: Established in 1998, the Waismann Method has continuously upheld the gold standard in patient care and recovery outcomes, solidifying its status as the premier rapid detox center in the USA. Renowned globally for our commitment to excellence, we provide an unparalleled level of support and medical expertise, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care on their path to recovery.



Global Reputation of Unparalleled Success:  Our scientifically grounded methodologies have guided thousands of individuals, aged 18 to 80, through successful recovery journeys. This underscores our dedication to achieving excellent patient outcomes and reinforces our position as a leader in the field of detoxification and recovery. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of care that supports each patient’s unique path to a healthier, opioid-free life.


Prioritize Your Comfort and Individualized Care: Experience unmatched comfort and personalized care in a private room at a JCAHO-accredited hospital. At the Waismann Method, personalized medical attention and utmost discretion are paramount, ensuring that every aspect of your treatment is handled with the highest standards of privacy and professional care. Our commitment to providing an individualized approach ensures your specific needs are met with precision and compassion, facilitating a smoother and more effective recovery journey.


Experience Unparalleled Expertise in Rapid Detox with Our Quadruple Board-Certified Medical Director, Celebrated Nationally for Conducting Procedures with the Utmost Precision and Extensive Experience.


Implementing a Rigorous, Safety-Centric Detox Protocol, Explicitly Tailored to Address the Unique Health Specifications of Each Patient, Upholding the Highest Standard of Medical and Scientific Precision Throughout the Detoxification Journey.


Your Treatment Duration is Guided by Clinical Necessity: The Length of Your Stay is Specifically Aligned with Your Unique Health Needs, Avoiding a Generic, Predetermined Duration in Favor of a Medically Optimized, Individualized Approach


Offering Vivitrol Shots or Oral Naltrexone Therapy to Effectively Mitigate Cravings, Facilitating a Smooth Transition to Sustained Recovery


Waismann Method Includes Several Days of Inpatient Monitoring and Assistance Post-Detox, Ensuring a Thorough and Supportive Transition Within Our All-Encompassing Recovery Center


With Two Decades of Specialized Expertise in Treating Opioid Use Disorder, Our Mental Health Director Assures Patients Receive Unparalleled Emotional Care and Insightful Guidance Throughout Their Recovery Journey

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Waismann Method VS Other Detox Centers

BE AWARE! If the Components Below Are Not Available, It is NOT the Waismann Method ®

Waismann Method Treatment Entails:

* Because opiate and alcohol withdrawal can lead to medical complications, treatment by a multi board-certified M.D. is pertinent.

Navigating Recovery with the Waismann Method: A Medical-Scientific Approach

Navigating through the intricacies of opioid withdrawal demands not only unwavering strength but also an elevated, medically-scientific approach. Waismann Detox™ adheres to a framework of meticulous, medically-supervised in-hospital detoxification services, enveloping each individual with the specialized care they warrant. Moreover, our exclusive recovery center avails itself for additional days of critical post-detox support—both emotional and physical—fortifying the path towards a more secure recovery.

A Scientific Exploration into the Depths of Addiction

Addiction doesn’t merely skim the surface; it intertwines through physical, mental, and emotional faculties, necessitating a scientifically robust approach to management and recovery. While engaging in treatment goes beyond mere addiction management, it intertwines with a careful, analytical addressing of any underlying health complexities. Detoxification, although pivotal, propelling the body towards eliminating toxins, marks merely the initial phase of the recovery journey. A scientifically substantiated detoxification program burgeons as a cornerstone, paving the way towards a resilient recovery.

Engaging in Thorough, Scientifically-Endorsed Treatment

The journey to select a treatment should be navigated with astuteness, probing into the intricacies of addiction and any potential accompanying mental health challenges. While detoxification doesn’t pronounce itself as a singular treatment for addiction, it serves as a critical, foundational progression towards sobriety. An adept detoxification program should seamlessly weave into supportive pathways that underpin the initial post-detox phase of the recovery journey.

If you or someone in your circle is confronting the challenges posed by opioid addiction, we welcome you to reach out. Let’s delve into our scientifically underpinned detoxification and immediate post-detox services together.


Reflecting on the Nature of Addiction: Insights from Our Founder

In the words of our founder, Clare Waismann:

“Practicing mindful, compassionate dialogue when it comes to substance use is indispensable. Labeling individuals as ‘addicts’ risks pigeonholing their identity, confining it to their struggle instead of recognizing it as a component of their broader life journey. Moreover, designating addiction as a perennial, chronic disease may inadvertently bolster the economic aspirations of rehabilitation centers and pharmaceutical enterprises, potentially eclipsing genuine recovery avenues. It remains paramount to utilize language that encapsulates hope, resilience, and a genuine potential for healing amidst these complex discussions.”

When someone is struggling with addiction, the first step towards recovery is detoxification. Detox center staff should be highly qualified and up-to-date on the latest scientific principles to provide the most effective care possible. Treatment plans should be individualized to each patient’s needs rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach. Medically assisted detoxification protocols and emotional support should be available to help patients through this difficult time. Detox centers can give their patients a much better chance of achieving long-term recovery by offering high-quality care.

Various elements must be present to become the most effective detox center. Treatment should follow the principles of the latest available science. On staff, doctors and therapists should have a high education level, board certification, and licensure from recognized American healthcare organizations. The most effective detox centers typically offer several medically assisted detoxification protocols and emotional management. Treatment plans, including protocols and length of stay, should be carefully tailored to their health needs, not pre-set.

Under the guidance of Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, Waismann Method® has established itself as a leading pioneer and innovator in the field of medical opiate detoxification and rapid detox treatments. With over four decades of experience as a medical doctor, Dr. Lowenstein has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from opioid dependence. He continually develops new and improved methods for delivering safe, effective, and compassionate care to his patients. Additionally, Waismann Method® is proud to have Dr. Lowenstein at the helm of its team, as his unparalleled expertise and dedication are instrumental factors in the center’s ongoing success. Indeed, with Dr. Lowenstein at its helm, Waismann Method® is poised to lead the next wave in addiction treatment innovation.

Our physicians and staff are not only committed to detoxification success but also patient safety and comfort. Above all, we strive to provide the highest level of care, safety, and professionalism to every patient that comes through our doors.

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