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Demerol Detox and Treatment

Demerol detox can be painful because the drug is a highly-potent opioid pain reliever. Also, the medication has similar to effects to morphine and is used to control moderate to severe pain. Demerol is sold by several different brand names-including: Alodan, Centralgin, Dolsin, Dolosal, Dolantin, Dolestine, Dispadol, Dolargan, Petidin, Prodine, and Mefedina.

As a result of its narcotic effects, Demerol is a highly addictive painkiller. Users seek the immediate sense of euphoria and rush the drug provides, making it more desirable. Another key point, is that some users find in this drug a false sense of emotional peace and relaxation. However, is important to remember,  the drug becomes most dangerous once tolerance occurs. Tolerance cause patients to take a higher dose to achieve the same original results.

There are some signs, symptoms and physical indications, that dependence has set in.  Medical detoxification is the best option for individuals suffering from Demerol addiction, due the intense pain associated with the withdrawal syndrome. To avoid complication or immediate relapse, hospital-based with around-the-clock assistance seems to be the most beneficial and effective form of treatment.

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Waismann Method is the Premier Rapid Demerol Detox

Waismann center is based exclusively in Southern California and has been the leading opiate detox treatment for almost 20 years. Rapid drug detox and other forms of sedative Demerol detoxification are available. Patients are in a private room of an accredited hospital, and treated by our multi-board certified medical director. Additionally, treatments correspond to patients’ unique needs. Waismann treatment provides the safest method of detoxifying and achieves the highest level of effectiveness.

The Waismann treatment helps eliminates most of the withdrawal symptoms. Vital signs and the overall physical response is closely monitored by an extensive specialized medical staff. Following the few days in the hospital, the patient continues to recover at our private recovery center Domus Retreat.

At Domus Retreat, a staff of experienced professionals works together to maximize the effectiveness of the Demerol detox process and the comfort of the process.Additionally, services can include individual psychotherapy, biofeedback, acupuncture, massage and specialized meals based on diet requirements to enhance the healing process.

What is the Best Demerol Addiction Treatment?

Most patients we treat, are patients that genuinely would like to receive the best medical care available and people that prioritize:

  • safety and effectiveness;
  • the ones that are seeking thorough care;
  • individualized and private treatment;
  • accredited facility;
  • experience physicians;
  • availability of medical resources;
  • certified doctors by well know boards and graduates of prominent medical schools.

In other words, people that are looking for the best available Demerol treatment often choose us. They chose us because of our unparalleled experience, superior medical care, and post detox inpatient care. Since the late 90s Waismann Method have received thousands of patients from around the world.

Having only one exclusive location, allows us to entirely focus and put all our efforts on providing the best opiate detoxification and treatment available.

We are here to help seven days a week. To receive assistance or information about what options we have for you or a loved one call us today at 310-205-0808

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