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Fentora Abuse

Fentora abuse is a serious problem but fortunately one that can be treated quickly and safely. Fentora is a prescription tablet that contains fentanyl, a very powerful narcotic used to treat breakthrough cancer pain that isn’t controlled by other medications. Unfortunately, it has great potential for abuse and addiction. Fentora can be illegally diverted from […]

Fentora Treatment

Freedom from addiction and dependence is the goal of any responsible opiate treatment. A wide range of in-patient and out-patient programs, services and treatments are available for people who are addicted to Fentora. New advancements in the field of addiction are always on the horizon, as researchers, doctors and detox programs try to find solutions […]

Fentora Overdose

Opiate painkillers are effective tools in the treatment of serious pain but are very dangerous and can cause serious health problems for some. Overdose happens when too much of a particular drug is taken. An overdose can also occur when certain substances are combined, provoking a serious and potentially fatal response in major functions of […]