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Home Detox from MS Contin

You would probably never attempt to get through a major illness or injury without medical intervention. Drug addiction is no different and should always be left to professionals to guide you, home detox could be risky. MS Contin is a powerful narcotic prescription medication used to treat around-the-clock pain. This time-released drug also has the […]

MS Contin Precautions

Taking any prescription medication requires a bit of research. Because it’s so important to use the medication safely, instructions should be read carefully to avoid risks. MS Contin precautions and warnings are spelled out on the prescription label, due its potency and risks. Ms Contin is a  pain medication that is the extended-release version of […]

MS Contin Warnings

Safe use of prescription medication is so important. Like other opiate (narcotic) prescription drugs, following MS Contin’s warnings and precautions ensures safe use. MS Contin is the controlled release version of morphine sulfate, a Schedule II Controlled Substance. The highest two doses of MS Contin are meant only for opiate-tolerant patients. Others could overdose with […]

MS Contin Rehab

MS Contin is the extended version of morphine used to treat moderate to severe chronic pain. Rehab consists of numerous services and programs available to address MS Contin addiction. MS Contin can be a helpful treatment for many and can be taken safely. For some, regular use can lead to the development of tolerance. Once […]

MS Contin Treatment

MS Contin treatment can be difficult because the drug falls into the opiate category, causing both long term mental and physical addiction. The Waismann Method of detox under deep sedation for MS Contin abuse offers a humane an effective MS Contin treatment solution for patients with addiction to all opiates. Our Drug Treatment combines correcting […]

MS Contin Detox

MS Contin detox can be difficult because the drug falls into the opiate category, causing both long term mental and physical addiction. MS Contin detox is performed with the Waismann Methodsm a medical procedure under deep sedation that induce and speed the withdrawal while the patient sleeps. MS Contin addiction is a serious problem in […]

MS Contin Abuse

When it comes time to seek help for a prescription painkiller addiction, the Waismann Method offers a humane, safe and completely confidential alternative to long-term detox programs. Abusing MS Contin can include a wide range of risky behaviors that can lead to health and other problems. Most of our patients seek out our expertise after […]