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Alcohol Abuse, Depression Spike Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

mental health and covid

A new CDC report says that depression, anxiety, trauma, and alcohol abuse have spiked due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is more important than ever to maintain your mental health in the midst of this crisis. Learn how to access effective treatments for mental health problems. The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly hit the United States in […]

How to Cope With Addiction Issues While Maintaining a Healthy Routine During COVID-19

maintaining health during COVID-19

For anyone who has substance abuse problems, it is important to understand the options which can minimize risk and help maintain health. Maintain Healthy Routines It’s very important for people dealing with substance abuse issues to maintain healthy routines. Making sure you are getting enough sleep is probably the most important regulating process to maintaining […]

The Relationship Between Opioid Abuse and Mental Illness

Blurred man picking red pills up from clear surface

In order to find a solution to opioid use disorder, we need to also understand the relationship between opioid abuse and mental illness. In the fight against the opioid epidemic, the most powerful weapon is understanding. The better we recognize the humanity of opioid users, the easier it is to uncover the root causes of addiction. […]

Co-Occurring Mental Health Effects on Opiate Dependence

3D render of a glass head with the brain inside against a blue 'brainwaves' background.

Opiate dependence remains a significant problem within the United States, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that heroin-related overdoses quadrupled from 2000 through 2013. Although only 1 to 2% of adults use heroin during their lifetime, this represents several million Americans. Heroin and other opiates are highly addictive, meaning that many who […]

Study Links Opioid Crisis and Mental Illness

Opioid Crisis and Mental Illness

An abundance of opioid overdose deaths has led to an epidemic around the world. Along with the rest of the globe, there has been a high degree of opioid deaths in Canada. While measures have been taken toward solving this problem, including reducing the number of opioids prescribed in medical settings, the problem does not […]

Opioid Abuse and Mental Illness

Skinny Woman Holding Herself Illustrates Opioid Abuse and Mental Illness

Relationship between Opioid Abuse and Mental Illness The beginning of opioid abuse can be so innocuous. An individual sustains an injury, has surgery, or falls ill with a condition that can cause intense pain. A doctor provides a prescription for an opioid pain reliever, like Vicodin, Percocet, or any one of a host of available painkillers. The […]