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Alleged OxyContin Ring Busted Up By Feds: Pharmacists And Others Indicted

A federal grand jury has indicted a group of people said to be involved in the trafficking of the opiate painkiller OxyContin. The Southern California operation centers around Lake Medical Group, a facility officials describe as a “pill mill.” Among those who will answer to charges are 16 pharmacists. LMG owners Mike Mikaelian and Anjelika […]

Generic OxyContin Could Show Up In U.S. Now That Canada Has Approved It

Now that generic OxyContin has been approved in Canada, the U.S. is preparing for a potential influx of this potent narcotic painkiller. According to the Wall Street Journal, the White House has put police and border agents on alert for these highly addictive meds that could be hitting U.S. streets within a month. Diversion into […]

Testing OxyContin in Children

In a ridiculous move likely designed to try and extend its patent – and thus, it’s profits – the maker of OxyContin is planning to test this powerful drug on children. To be fair, there are a number of children who suffer from conditions such as cancer, which require some form of serious pain management. […]

FDA Approves new OxyContin Formulation

According to the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health, in 2008 approximately half a million people used OxyContin for non-medical reasons. The rate at which individuals are misusing opiates such as OxyContin is nothing short of alarming. For example, 27 percent of all patients treated by the pioneering Waismann […]

Risks of Quitting OxyContin Cold Turkey

Trying to kick an OxyContin addiction by abruptly stopping use is a bad idea, no matter what others may say. Most people cannot handle an opiate detox on their own and risk serious health complications, even death, if they attempt this. OxyContin is a high-powered opiate painkiller that is used for moderate to severe pain […]

OxyContin Warnings

All prescription opiates carry warnings that outline possible dangers associated with taking the medication. Because of their potentially addicting nature, these dangers include physical and psychological dependence, withdrawal that can be brutal and overdose. OxyContin is a particularly potent opiate (narcotic) drug meant to treat pain from cancer and other serious conditions.One of the most […]

OxyContin Detox Types

Despite being prized for their pain-fighting abilities, opioid painkillers such as OxyContin can destroy lives if they’re overused or abused in any manner. These drugs can cause physical and psychological dependency and a person in this circumstance can benefit from OxyContin detox. This is because opiate withdrawal symptoms can be severe, even life threatening. Opiate […]

FDA Approves New Formulation for OxyContin

  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new formulation of the controlled-release drug OxyContin that has been designed to help discourage misuse and abuse of the medication. OxyContin is made to slowly release the potent opioid oxycodone to treat patients who require a continuous, around-the-clock opioid analgesic for management of their moderate to severe pain […]

Home Detox from OxyContin

A home detox from OxyContin can be extremely difficult and often unsuccessful. OxyContin is a powerful narcotic prescription drug used to treat moderate to severe pain. It has a reputation as a drug of abuse and can be habit forming with regular use. A patient who develops a physical addiction to OxyContin will experience the […]

Getting Off OxyContin

OxyContin has provided relief from pain for many people but it may be difficult for some people to stop taking it. Oftentimes, the people who are prescribed this opiate drug need it for round-the-clock, continuous pain and they may take it for long periods of time. Drugs in the opiate class can be habit forming […]