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Clare Waismann: Pioneering Advances in Opioid Addiction Treatment

A photo of Clare Waismann, Waismann Method Founder, on the Doctors talk show

About Clare Waismann, M-RAS / SUDCC II: A Pillar of Innovation in Opiate Treatment

Clare Waismann, M-RAS / SUDCC II, embodies the vanguard of opiate dependence treatment and recovery. As the esteemed founder of the Waismann Method® and Domus Retreat, her nearly three-decade-long career has significantly influenced the landscape of addiction and mental health treatment. Her roles as a Registered Addiction Specialist and Substance Use Disorder Certified Counselor II only scratch the surface of her profound impact on this critical field.

A Visionary in Addiction Treatment

Clare Waismann’s odyssey through the realm of mental health science is marked by an intrinsic fascination and an unyielding dedication to unraveling the intricate layers of addiction.

Her words resonate with experience and insight: 

“Embarking on this path with mere curiosity, my journey has been enriched and deepened by relentless study and immersive, hands-on experience. This pursuit has led me to a profound comprehension of addiction’s diverse and complex characteristics. I’ve come to realize that the essence of efficacious treatment is not just in the accumulation of knowledge or adherence to professional standards, but also in the infusion of heartfelt compassion.

In our quest to heal, there is absolutely no space for the shadows of stigma or the weight of judgment.” This reflection captures the essence of Clare Waismann’s visionary approach in the field of addiction treatment.

“The idea that people see addiction as a moral failing has maintained its victims scorned, discriminated, and punished by society. This stigmatization and misunderstanding of substance abuse and mental illness have been harmful and often lethal to so many. We have the science and the resources to treat these conditions, so all we need is to replace judgment and stigma with education and compassion.”

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Exploring the Waismann Method®: A Compassionate Revolution in Opioid Detox

Welcome to the Waismann Method®, a pioneering and transformative approach to opioid detoxification, crafted with the utmost care and insight by Clare Waismann. This method is not just a treatment; it’s a revolution in personalized healthcare. It stands tall as a beacon of hope, rejecting the impersonal, cookie-cutter protocols. Instead, it offers a bespoke, patient-centric detox experience. Led by a team of extraordinary professionals, including a quadruple board-certified medical director, this approach ensures a journey that is not only medically sound but also intimately tailored to each individual’s needs. This journey unfolds within the caring walls of a specialized hospital setting, offering a nurturing, private, and secure path to recovery.


Domus Retreat: A Sanctuary of Serenity and Healing

Following the physical detox, the journey of healing takes a new dimension at Domus Retreat. This oasis of tranquility is where emotional and spiritual rejuvenation becomes the focal point. In this serene setting, patients receive comprehensive counseling and ongoing support, essential for nurturing emotional stability and enduring recovery.

At the heart of Domus Retreat’s mental health services is David B. Livingston. With his extensive experience and empathetic approach, David leads the mental health care team, providing a depth of understanding and support that is rare in recovery settings. His expertise in addressing complex emotional issues and his commitment to individualized care make him an invaluable asset in our patients’ healing journeys.

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A Voice for Change and Understanding

Beyond her direct work in treatment and recovery, Clare Waismann is a vocal advocate for changing societal perceptions of addiction. Through her writing and her dynamic podcast series, she engages with a broader audience, shedding light on the complexities of addiction and the critical need for compassionate treatment options.

Clare’s contributions to health publications and her presence in national and international media as an expert on opioid treatment, mental health, and addiction underscore her commitment to educating the public and advocating for a more empathetic, informed approach to addiction.

The Future of Addiction Treatment

Clare Waismann continues to be a beacon of innovation and hope in the field of addiction treatment. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, empathy, and understanding has not only transformed lives but also continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in opioid addiction recovery. Clare’s work serves as a powerful reminder that at the heart of effective treatment lies not just expertise and knowledge but a profound respect for the dignity and worth of every individual.

Through Waismann Method, Domus Retreat, and her advocacy, Clare Waismann is not just leading newer and more effective addiction treatment programs; she is redefining what it means to recover, one life at a time.

A Trusted Source in Times of Crisis

In the face of the opioid epidemic, Clare Waismann’s voice has been a beacon of reason, offering clarity and direction during times of uncertainty. Her insights into the challenges and solutions related to opioid addiction make her a trusted source for both the media and the public, guiding many towards understanding and action.

Clare Waismann’s role as a renowned media expert on opioid addiction and mental health reflects her dedication to advancing the conversation on these critical issues. Her expertise, coupled with a genuine desire to make a difference, has made her an influential figure in shaping public discourse on addiction and recovery. Through her media engagements, Clare continues to illuminate the path to understanding, compassion, and effective treatment, leaving an indelible mark on society’s approach to opioid addiction and mental health.

Clare Waismann: Esteemed Authority in Media on Opioid Dependency and Mental Well-being

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Clare was also featured in the New York Times, COSMOPOLITAN, LA Times, VOGUE,  TIME Magazine, Newsweek, U.S. Weekly, Star Magazine, CLOSER, CBS, NBC, history Channel and many more media outlets nationally and internationally.

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