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Duragesic Home Detox Can Be Dangerous

If you or someone you know has become dependent upon Duragesic, a narcotic painkiller, chances are it’s been difficult to get off of. Because of this, it’s important to seek qualified help to detox in a safe, comfortable manner. Duragesic offers relief from moderate to severe pain but has the potential to lead to misuse, […]

Duragesic Precautions

One of the most important  Duragesic precautions is that it can be habit forming and lends itself to abuse and diversion. There are many warnings and precautions outlined in the drug’s prescription label. Patients should familiarize themselves with all of them to ensure safe use. Duragesic is the transdermal patch form of fentanyl, a very […]

Duragesic Warnings

The Duragesic pain patch carries a black box warning, the most obvious indication that the opiate pain medication could pose serious problems for users. Duragesic warnings are designed to prevent complications. If the warnings are ignored, patients could suffer serious health consequences, even death. The medication is intended for persistent, moderate to severe chronic pain […]

Duragesic Rehab

The need for Duragesic rehab becomes evident if you’ve found that your use of the drug is beyond your control. If you have become psychologically or physically dependent upon the narcotic painkiller, you may want to seek qualified help as soon as possible. A Duragesic addiction can be serious and should be treated with medically-administered […]

Signs and Symptoms of Duragesic Abuse

Duragesic is the patch form of Fentanyl, a potent opioid painkiller meant for the treatment of chronic pain. The clinical use of Duragesic has increased in the last several years, and so as the cases of abuse, misuse, and dependence. The transdermal patch has a high potential for abuse and should only be used by […]

Duragesic Treatment

Durgesic treatment can be difficult because the drug falls into the opiate category, causing both long term mental and physical addiction. The Waismann Methodsm of detox under deep sedation for Durgesic abuse offers a humane an effective Durgesic treatment solution for patients with addiction to all opiates. Our Drug Treatment combines correcting chemical imbalances, psychological […]

Duragesic Detox and Addiction Facts

Duragesic / Fentanyl detox can be difficult because the drug is a potent opioid, used for moderate to severe pain relief. There are many warnings, including the risk for both mental and physical addiction. Like all opioids, it has a potential for abuse even when prescribed by a physician or for legitimate pain reasons. Duragesic […]