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Tramadol Addiction, Rapid Detox and Treatment Information

Tramadol Detox can be a lot easier than one might think when properly medically managed. Tramadol / Ultram is a centrally acting analgesic for treating moderate to severe pain. It is also a synthetic agent. Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever that treats moderate to moderately severe pain. It is available in oral form, injectable, and intravenous preparations. Unlike most other opioids, Tramadol/ULTRAM is not considered a controlled substance in many countries. Therefore, Tramadol is often mistakenly classified as a non-opioid analgesic.

Physicians and patients sometimes do not realize the addictive risk of this drug. Sadly enough, Tramadol has been proven to be one of the most habit-forming and addictive analgesic drugs on the market.

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Withdrawal Symptoms and Tramadol Rapid Detox Information

Tramadol withdrawals can be challenging regarding symptoms if not treated by medical professionals. Tramadol hydrochloride is the generic name for Ultram. Because Tramadol’s effects are similar to narcotic analgesics, it may become habit-forming, causing physical and psychological dependence. Physical dependence is evidenced by the presence of withdrawal symptoms in the absence of the drug. Patients who quit Tramadol can experience withdrawal symptoms that include:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Chills
  • Tremors
  • Diarrhea
  • Hallucinations
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Breathing problems.


Programs are available to manage withdrawal and help make patients physically and mentally comfortable. Detox begins when the body rids itself of toxins, including drugs and alcohol. Patients can initiate withdrawal when they stop taking the medications and drugs they’ve become dependent upon. Treatment programs can also initiate detoxification. When seeking a Tramadol detox program, ensure the treatment is safe, secure, and compassionate.

Waismann Method® Treatment for Ultram/ Tramadol Detox

In recent years, the use and abuse of prescription opiates have increased dramatically. Consequently, this has had a noticeable impact on the number of people seeking opiate and/or Tramadol detox. Waismann Method® is a pioneering opiate treatment based on safe and proven protocols. Specifically, these protocols utilize the most advanced medical and psychological techniques available. Furthermore, as a significant center for opioid dependence, treatment, and detoxification, we offer various programs, from rapid opiate detoxification under sedation to medically assisted detoxification and other treatment forms at Domus Retreat. As a result, we have helped thousands of people worldwide recover from this serious problem.

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How Long Does it Take to Detox from Tramadol / Ultram?

Tramadol dependence causes numerous changes in brain chemistry and organ functions, including painful withdrawals. For those reasons, it is paramount that patients are appropriately monitored for at least a few days to prevent medical complications or unnecessary discomfort.

The Waismann Method medical Ultram / Tramadol detoxification treatment usually requires a 5 to 7 days inpatient stay. Patients are usually in the hospital for one to three days, with the remainder of the time at the Domus Retreat Recovery Center. We work with our patients’ emotional health while the medical staff supervises the physical transition. The cost and length of stay are based on:

  • The patient’s medical and dependency history
  • What medical detox option does the patient select.
  • The medical staff performed the patient assessment upon admission.

We have additional aftercare treatment options for our patients. These options allow us extra time to aid patients with emotional and physical issues. Also, it gives patients a chance to regain their physical and mental strength with the supervision and assistance of our medical staff and therapists. At our exclusive Domus Retreat recovery center, we have the opportunity to assess the root of the cause of dependencies, such as misdiagnosed depression, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, social issues, and much more.

The Waismann Method combined with Domus Retreat is a cutting-edge approach that creates the best individualized and customized Tramadol addiction treatment program available in the country to ensure the best recovery possible. Moreover, the additional time at Domus allows our staff to truly get to know the patients, make an educated assessment about their needs, what they are comfortable with, and what type of follow-up care will give them the highest chances for success and avoiding relapse.

Waismann Method® Tramadol rapid and medical detox are world-renowned in the addiction treatment field to offer the safest, most gentle Tramadol detox. We also don’t require weeks-long or months-long commitments, and we never use potentially addicting opiate substitutes such as Suboxone or methadone to treat our patients.

Why Us?

  1. Waismann Method® treatment allows most patients to return to a productive life in days. It also eliminates the need to spend months in hospitals or rehab programs.
  2. Patients receive a private room in a full-service accredited hospital. Hence several medical specialists are available to assist and consult.
  3. Rapid detox and other medical detoxification methods are available to ensure the safest and most dignified treatment possible.
  4. We have provided one of the highest success rates in opiate detoxification for almost two decades.
  5. Waismann Method® treatment eliminates the cravings that often accompany traditional opiate detox treatments.
  6. Quadruple Board Certified Medical Director; Specialist in pain management and addiction medicine.
  7. Private inpatient post-care retreat for a few days.
  8. Thousands of patients worldwide have been successfully treated in our exclusive location, based only in Southern California.
  9. Patients receive around-the-clock care for their entire stay. No companion or family member is necessary because we’re proud to assume responsibility for our patients’ care.

Waismann Method® treatment is proud to say that we have one of the highest success rates of any other Tramadol detox facility. Moreover, our treatment allows most patients to return to a productive life in days and eliminates the need to spend months in hospitals or rehab programs. With over 21 years of specializing in Tramadol rapid detox and medical detoxification, the professionals of Waismann Method® created several approaches that help patients get through the detoxification process in the safest and most effective methods possible.

We have successfully treated patients from all over the world and at every age. In other words, from teens to seniors, and of every level of drug dependence possible. Doctors and hospitals refer patients to us from all over the country, and others come to us on their own, looking for the best Tramadol addiction treatment they can find. We treat Tramadol dependence safely and quickly as part of our renowned opiate treatment program. We also know that patients have suffered enough. For this reason, we never blame or judge our patients for their dependence. Our success and safety rates are unparalleled in the field, and our excellent world-renowned reputation has endured.

If you’re searching for the best Tramadol rehab or addiction program available for yourself or someone you care about, call us now at 1-855-244-0958, and we will assist you with all the information you need to make the best treatment choice!


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