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Comprehensive and private drug detox is the first step in a successful recovery. An inpatient medical detox can prevent unpleasant withdrawal symptoms or dangerous consequences resulting from a sudden opioid cessation. The goal of medical drug detox is the physiological stabilization and support as the body rids itself of opioid drugs or alcohol. Addiction Specialist Doctors can help you get through the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms while managing vital signs and physiological response. Relieving the discomfort of drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms is an integral part of relapse prevention. Many people who try to detox on their own never make through complete detoxification. Instead, they relapse and feel hopeless. The Waismann Method® offers a safe, humane and effective way to become alcohol and opioid-free.

Explore our state-of-the-art opiate detox center today to begin your journey to recovery from opiate addiction. Our expertly trained staff looks forward to guiding you through every step of the way.  

Our Facility offers the following Alcohol and Opioid Treatment Programs:

Extensive Rapid Detox Safety Protocols, Exceptional Medical Care in a Private Accredited Hospital

Years Experience
Restoring Lives Nationwide Since 1998
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Known as the Best Rapid Detox Center and Opiate Addiction Program. True Devotion to Patients' Health and Comfort.

One exclusive location, to serve patients from all over the world. A leading Rapid Detox Center providing a higher than 98% success rate in opioid detoxification.

We Understand the Difference Between Peer Support and

Effective Drug Treatment

Opiate dependency can be a complex and very challenging journey. Finding a safe and effective treatment center is vital for your health. While peer support and family encouragement is an essential step to combat substance abuse, it cannot be mistaken for adequate medical treatment. Furthermore, the safety and effectiveness of having professionals around during withdrawal and recovery give you a much higher chance of achieving treatment success.

Individualized Opioid Detox

We provide flexible opiate treatment protocols, to adjust and fit each patient’s unique needs. Our medical team will assemble the most safe and effective course of treatment, which results in giving people the experience and care they need to achieve full recovery.

Private Accredited Hospital

The first phase of our treatment program takes place in a private, full-service accredited hospital. Since the withdrawal stage can be challenging to cope with, hospitalization is often needed to reduce symptoms.

Exclusive Rapid Detox Recovery Center

Domus provides specialized care and focuses solely on the well-being and comfort of each patient. Located in a gated 6,000 square feet estate, nestled in a quiet and private neighborhood in Orange County

Quadrupled Board-Certified M.D.

Dr. Michael Lowenstein is board-certified in anesthesiology, addiction medicine, and pain management. He has been performing rapid detox and other forms of treatment for those struggling with opiate dependency for two decades.

Integrative Therapy Options

Integrative recovery therapies assist greatly in making this critical adjustment period much more comfortable and successful. Recovery services can include individual psychotherapy, drama therapy, massage, acupuncture, yoga, and neurofeedback.

Alcohol and Opioid Detox Treatment Programs

Waismann Method ® of Opioid Detox provides the most medically advanced, opioid detoxification procedures available. In particular, Anesthesia Assisted Rapid Detox and other forms of inpatient Medical Opiate Detoxification.

World-Renowned Rapid Detox Center and Opiate Addiction Treatment Program, Since 1998

A 20-year reputation for being one of the most respected and recognized rapid detox centers in the world.


The Waismann Method® maintains a success rate of over 98% in opioid detoxification. We believe our results are one of the best success rates of any opioid detox in history. Since the late 90’s, the Waismann Method team has provided thousands of patients with anesthesia-assisted rapid detox and other forms of medically assisted opioid drug detoxification. Our only location is in Southern California, where we receive patients from all over the world. Admission to a private room in an accredited hospital and recovery retreat provides patients with the highest level of care and privacy possible.


Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein oversees and administers the rapid detoxification treatment. He’s a quadrupled board certified physician with over 20 years experience performing anesthesia assisted rapid detox and medical opioid treatment. He’s consider an authority in rapid detox, opiate addiction, & pain management.

David Livingston, M.A., M.F.T., is a licensed psychotherapist who has been working with the Waismann Method® for nearly two decades.

Clare Waismann, CATC, is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor and the Founder of the Waismann Method of Advanced Treatment of Opiate Dependence and Domus Retreat.


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If you believe you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

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Featured Treatments

Rapid Detox

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Waismann Method ® team continually provides a safe and effective solution for those struggling with opioid dependence. Our unique opioid detoxification protocols, dramatically reduce the level of discomfort and discomfort associated with opiate withdrawal.

Anesthesia Free Detox

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There are modified detox protocols that do not use anesthesia but can be highly effective in treating opioid dependence.

Heroin Detox

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Many people who become dependent on heroin or other opiates feel like there is no hope for recovery; that is just not true. Significant advances in sciences have been made in  in the field of heroin rapid detox and other heroin addiction treatment methods.

Prescription Painkiller Detox

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Prescription painkillers are not meant to treat pain indefinitely. At some point, patients will need to get off of them. This can be problematic if patients have become dependent or addicted to the medication. Long-term pain management can cause patients to develop a tolerance when taking opiates

Suboxone Detox

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Our advanced rapid detox and opioid withdrawal treatment protocols provide patients struggling with buprenorphine addiction an effective solution to overcome Suboxone dependency.  After all, we view and treat opiate dependence as a treatable physical and reversible condition. Anesthesia detox provides a nearly 99% success rate in Suboxone detoxification.

Methadone Detox

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A rapid detox for methadone is an option that has shown to be much more effective than other treatments.   The Waismann Institute, based in So. California has one of the highest success with rapid methadone detoxification treatment. Specific medications can address particular withdrawal symptoms, while controlling vitals. The Waismann  staff goes above and beyond what other non hospital-based programs can offer.

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