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Finding the Right Prescription Painkillers Withdrawal Treatment

It’s important to note that a successful withdrawal treatment for prescription painkillers, starts with an effective detox. In fact, the initial period of detoxification from prescription painkillers can be intense, and a specialized medical facility can provide necessary support. Furthermore, no matter how much or how long prescription painkillers have been used, detoxing at a medical facility is always the safest option. Withdrawal symptoms can lead to complications and severe health issues that require immediate medical attention. For this reason, enrollment in an inpatient, prescription painkiller withdrawal treatment program is a wise choice. Another key point is that detoxing in a fully accredited medical hospital such as Waismann Method provides 24-hour medical assistance, ongoing medical monitoring, and vital signs management.

Prescription Painkillers are often highly powerful and addictive drugs. Those who have become dependent and are seeking withdrawal treatment for prescription painkillers should contact us.

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GEt off Methadone with Waismann Method

Prescription painkillers are not meant to treat pain indefinitely. At some point, patients will need to get off of them. This can be problematic if patients have become dependent or addicted to the medication. Long-term pain management can cause patients to develop a tolerance when taking opiates including OxyContin, Actiq, Vicodin and Percocet. This means they need more and more to achieve pain relief. This can result in escalating use that spirals into abuse and possibly addiction. There are many options for people who are looking to get off these painkillers. Patients who have been on low doses for a short amount of time can try to stop taking painkillers but may need to taper use gradually. A physical dependency, especially one that has developed over a long period of time or after taking high doses, needs to be treated by responsible professionals. Certain options for treating prescription painkiller dependence can be ineffective and others may be dangerous.

Different Detox Options Depending on the Painkiller

Not all options are the same when it comes to prescription painkillers. Many clinics treat prescription painkiller addiction by offering opiate substitution therapy with methadone or Suboxone. These drugs are opiates and can also cause a dependency, essentially swapping one drug for another. Some people are put on these medications for long periods of time and then require another detox. There are also detox and rehab facilities, 12-step meetings, talk-based counseling and other therapies. Some painkillers can be very difficult, even dangerous, to detox from without help. Patients should never try to quit taking them cold turkey. Serious problems including seizures and deaths have been reported. Trying to wean yourself without medical supervision is also a bad idea and can take a long time. In many cases this requires extreme will power and may not work, despite a strong desire to get clean.

Thousands Have Safely Detoxed Prescription Painkillers using the Waismann Method

Rapid opiate detox by the Waismann Institute has shown a great deal of promise as a safe, effective and humane alternative for painkiller addiction. For more than a decade, these detox experts have reversed addiction to drugs such as fentanyl, methadone, morphine and heroin. This happens in less than two hours with an in-hospital procedure called Waismann Method. Patients check in for usually a total stay of 2 to 3 days in the hospital where intravenous medication helps accelerate the painkiller withdrawal and to cleanse patients’ opiate receptors. They pass through an accelerated withdrawal while they are sedated, unaware that they’ve gone through symptoms such as nausea, body shakes, sneezing and hot flashes. They awaken free of opiate physical dependence a short time later. Once they’ve been discharged, patients are transitioned in our Domus Retreat center for a few days for continued  supervised recovery.

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