What Is Rapid Detox?

Rapid detox is a medical treatment of opioid detoxification under anesthesia. The process rapidly induces and speeds up the detoxification phase while blocking most of the distressful withdrawal symptoms. In this process, intravenous medications such as naloxone are used to shorten the duration of acute withdrawal.

This fast detoxification process also reduces acute withdrawal syndrome from several days to a couple of hours. While under anesthesia, the patient is not subjected to the intense discomfort associated with opiate withdrawal. More importantly, when the patient awakens, the patient’s receptors are free and blocked from opioid attachment. Following the rapid opiate detox procedure, naltrexone therapy can be initiated to curb cravings and substantially reduce the risk of relapse.

When researching opioid detoxification options, you might also see rapid detox referred to by one of the following terms:

  • Rapid drug detox
  • Ultra rapid opiate detox
  • Naltrexone detoxification
  • Anesthesia-assisted detoxification
  • Accelerated opioid detox
  • Waismann Method®
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How Does the Rapid Detox Process Work?

Stage 1: Evaluation

Finding the Best Rapid Detox Center

The official Waismann Method® rapid detox begins with the patient being admitted to an accredited, full-service hospital. Next, the patient receives a private room where comfort, privacy and individual care are provided. Additionally, a comprehensive medical evaluation is conducted the day prior to the rapid detox treatment.

Stage 2: Anesthesia Detox

How Does Rapid Detox Work?

The patient undergoes fast opiate detox under anesthesia in a private room of an ICU. Dr. Michael Lowenstein, MD, and his team treat one patient at a time. He provides superior care and undivided attention before, during and after the rapid detox treatment.

Dr. Lowenstein has been performing rapid anesthesia detox for over 20 years. He is one of the top rapid detox specialists in the world.

Stage 3: Discharge Assessment

How Long Does Rapid Detox Take?

Although rapid detox is known as a fast procedure, patients should remain in the hospital until the medical team evaluates their physical stability and readiness for discharge. Hospital stays are usually 2 to 4 days, but can vary by patient. The length of stay should only be dictated by patients’ well-being, and options to change the discharge date should always be available.

Once discharged from the hospital, patients remain a few days at Waismann Method®’s private recovery center for additional support.

Stage 4: Recovery

What to Expect After Rapid Detox

We understand that although loved ones might have the best intentions, they lack the medical expertise to handle a patient following rapid detoxification. Having around-the-clock professional inpatient support is essential to ensure a smooth and successful recovery. Patients who undergo Waismann Method®’s rapid detox receive a few days’ stay at an exclusive recovery center. Our recovery staff is there to assist each individual in successfully getting where they need to be.




Does Rapid Detox Work?

Rapid opioid detoxification is a safe and effective option to overcome opioid withdrawal successfully — and without unnecessary suffering. Although this type of opioid detoxification provides one of the best success rates of any detox in history, it also has its challenges. For this reason, it is essential to conduct thorough research before choosing a rapid detox treatment center.

Is Rapid Detox Safe?

Numerous studies have tested the safety and efficacy of rapid opiate detoxification. Generally, these studies show positive results, but only when practitioners follow proper safety procedures. To ensure safety, comfort and detox effectiveness, necessary parameters should be respected.

Unfortunately, some rapid detox centers are not as careful or equipped as they should be. Choosing a detox center that is well equipped and staffed with experienced board-certified medical professionals can significantly increase the patient’s chances of success.

Rapid Detox Center Differences

The best way to know what you should expect to receive from a treatment provider is to understand what rapid opioid detoxification is and how it works. There are significant differences between facilities, protocols and, most importantly, physicians offering detox under anesthesia.

Rapid detox centers offer different levels of medical care. Evaluating reputation, competency and record of success is a critical part of finding the best detox treatment or, at least, the safest one.

Watch for These Basic Red Flags:

  • Doctors cutting the length of inpatient care to insufficient levels
  • Use of sub-par overnight medical facilities that don’t have immediate access to necessary medical resources or allowance to extended stay if medically needed
  • Unaccredited hospitals
  • Newly trained medical staff without adequate experience performing ultra rapid opiate detox
  • Doctors who are not board certified
  • Immediate discharge of patients to hotel rooms without appropriate inpatient recovery care

These red flags can present unnecessary additional risk to a patient. As with any medical procedure, there are some risks; however, rapid detox risks are significantly reduced when the procedure is performed according to the highest medical and safety protocols.

A Safe and Reliable Rapid Detox Center Should Offer:

  • Full-service accredited hospital with vast medical resources immediately available
  • Private room for individual assessment, care, and treatment
  • Admission on the day before treatment for adequate medical evaluation, preparation, and stabilization
  • Private ICU room during rapid detox for superior care and the undivided attention of the treating physician
  • Moderate IV sedation instead of general anesthesia
  • Additional detox protocol options without anesthesia based on patient needs
  • Discharge should be a result of the doctors’ evaluation of the patient’s physical readiness and stability — no pre-established time or limits for hospital discharge

Rapid detox centers should provide patients with a few days of extended inpatient recovery care. Although this drug detox method rapidly eliminates the opioids from the receptor sites, it also initiates a full regulation period. Regulation post detox can be smooth for some but challenging for others. Having professional assistance throughout this physical and emotional transitional period is crucial for the patient’s comfort, safety, and more importantly, overall success.





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Waismann Method® meets the highest safety standards of medical care. Moreover, our quadruple board-certified medical director customizes every patient’s treatment plan to meet his or her specific health needs.

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What Are the Benefits of Ultra Rapid Detoxification?

Rapid Detox Program vs.Traditional Detox

Medical stethoscope and red heart isolated on white. Tool for doctor to assess patient health prior to conducting rapid detox treatment.

  • People are more likely to seek opioid treatment when the fear of withdrawal suffering is not present.
  • Detoxification is fully managed by board-certified medical doctors in an accredited hospital.
  • Withdrawal symptoms are greatly reduced in number and shortened.
  • There is almost zero likelihood of abandoning treatment during detoxification.
  • Waismann Method®’s rapid detox process provides a nearly 100% opioid detox success rate.
  • Patients can start naltrexone or Vivitrol therapy immediately.
  • By significantly decreasing physical cravings for opioid drugs, patients have a much better chance of achieving a full recovery.

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