Rapid Methadone Detox utilizes an infusion of intravenous medications while the patient sleeps in an ICU. This process allows for quick removal of the drug from the opiate receptors in both the brain and body. Waismann Method® has successfully provided Methadone Treatment to Methadone addicted patients for nearly two decades. The detoxification is performed in a private accredited hospital to eliminate the extreme pain and suffering associated with Methadone withdrawal. 

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Methadone Withdrawal

When someone decides it is time for a Methadone Detox, they first need to determine how to overcome the uncomfortable withdrawal process.

Most Methadone clinics provide a tapering off or a dose-reducing method throughout weeks, months or even years. This technique might reduce the severity of the symptoms in the beginning, but is increasingly difficult to get off Methadone at lower dosages. Methadone withdrawal symptoms are usually painful and can last for several weeks, if not months.

An inpatient medical detoxification can substantially reduce the withdrawal symptoms, which makes the process much more comfortable and safe. Symptoms of Methadone withdrawal are similar to those of other opioids but last longer and are more intense. Withdrawal symptoms usually last 3-8 weeks and possibly even longer for those with severe addictions as well as those who consume high doses of methadone.

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Some of those withdrawal symptoms include:




Flu-like chills

Rapid heartbeat

Intense cravings

Muscle aches and pains



Nausea or vomiting


Overwhelming anxiety


Because Methadone withdrawal can cause these detrimental symptoms, users are safer when detoxing in a medical environment. In a hospital, doctors can utilize IV medications, which can help reduce the severity and duration of the symptoms. The withdrawal phase is different for every person. Therefore, the symptoms and length will vary depending on the severity and duration of the addiction. Furthermore,  as well as the emotional state and body chemistry of the user is also a significant factor.


Methadone Rapid Detox Information

There are many Methadone treatment clinics available in the United States. Roughly 350,000 patients receive a daily dose of Methadone from 1,460 opioid treatment centers, an amount that has grown close to 25% in the past decade. During the same time, the number of people misusing prescription opioids more than doubled, and the number of overdose deaths have quadrupled. In recent years, Methadone has become increasingly popular among physicians for the treatment of chronic pain. This increased usage is due to new and tighter regulations placed on prescription painkillers. Methadone can be taken less frequently than other commonly used short-acting drugs, such as Morphine or Hydrocodone. The issue is that Methadone is highly addictive and harder to come off than most prescribed opioid painkillers.

Most Methadone clinics provide a tapering off, or a dose reducing method throughout weeks, months or even years. This technique might lessen the severity of the symptoms in the beginning. However, as patients taper down the dosage, they often have difficulty completing the withdrawal due to increased symptoms and the addiction cycle.

Lately, there has been a steady increase in detox under anesthesia for patients addicted to Methadone, Suboxone®, Subutex and other Buprenorphine-based drugs. They seek our Waismann Method® treatment because of our superior reputation for safety and effectiveness. Our patients become free of any opiate drugs, and their physical cravings are almost non-existent.

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Medication Assisted Programs for Opioid Addiction (MAT)

Some facilities treat opiate dependence by administering other opiates. This replacement method is known as opiate replacement therapy or medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT  typically involves Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex or other Buprenorphine-based medications. With billions in annual sales, Suboxone has sold more units than popular drugs like Viagra and Adderall, causing the New York Times to call Suboxone a “blockbuster” medication.

Some people still believe that Buprenorphine-based drugs are a safer alternative to Methadone, but they are also incredibly addictive. Evidence shows that Suboxone addiction is now in the midst of an epidemic.

The use of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) drugs like Methadone and Buprenorphine is merely switching one opioid for another. When patients attempt to stop using these drugs, the pain is so intense that they immediately seek additional drugs to relieve their withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, the continuous relapse leaves people feeling defeated and hopeless.

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Methadone Rapid Detox

Waismann Method® rapid Methadone detox is designed to work quickly and safely, while significantly reducing the painful and lengthy Methadone withdrawal symptoms that deter many users from seeking and completing addiction treatment. Medical staff admits patients to a private room in a full-service hospital for 1-2 days before their Accelerated Rapid Detox. During this time, the physician administers medications to maintain their comfort and performs a comprehensive physical exam to rule out possible underlying health conditions.

Once cleared for the rapid Methadone detox, staff transfer patients to the ICU for close monitoring. Our medically-induced Methadone detox is carefully controlled and supervised by our medical director, Michael Lowenstein, M.D., a multi board-certified anesthesiologist with nearly two decades of rapid detox experience. The inpatient hospital stay is typically 3-4 days, followed by 3-7 additional days of recovery after-care at our comfortable Domus Retreat recovery center, for a total of 10 days. The Waismann treatment program is renowned for its compassionate and discreet approach of Methadone detox. Most importantly, Waismann Method® has maintained a success rate over 98% for medical opioid detox such as Methadone detox.

Our Rapid Detox Treatment is Different

The Waismann detox program is safe, effective and humane. It significantly minimizes painful Methadone withdrawal, thereby defending against future instances of relapse. More importantly, patients need to know that Methadone detox doesn’t have to take weeks, months or years; we have proudly developed a faster and more successful way to overcome Methadone addiction.

Waismann Method® Offers the Following:

  • Treatment in a full-service JCAHO accredited hospital under the strict supervision of our highly-qualified medical director.
  • Multi-Board Certified Medical Director with over 20 years experience in rapid detox
  • Immediate access to a variety of medical specialists if consultations or treatment are needed, as long-term use of opiates can cause undetected medical issues. Medical staff thoroughly screen patients, keep hydrated and pre-medicated before their rapid detox.
  • A private room for discrete treatment in the hospital ICU
  • Specialized post-detox recovery services, designed specifically for each patient, which help to maximize the comfort and effectiveness of our process.

Additional Waismann Method® Benefits:

  • The Waismann Method eliminates the cravings that often accompany traditional opiate detox treatments.
  • Close supervision every step of the way from admission to discharge
  • Professional assistance in creating your plan for remaining opiate-free once you complete your detox from Methadone.

Read more about Rapid Detox with the Waismann Method.


Does Anesthesia Rapid Detox Works for Methadone Withdrawal?

Methadone rapid detox treatment has received occasional negative feedback in some publications regarding its potential dangers. Their concern stems directly from other detoxification programs that attempt to reduce treatment time and cost by NOT adequately performing the detox procedure in a hospital-setting under medical supervision.

WAISMANN METHOD® Methadone treatment is different and combines medically responsible, efficient and humane techniques while carefully creating a custom-tailored detox program that is ideal for the needs of the individual patient. For more information, please contact us today or call now 1-800-423-2482.

When choosing a rapid opiate detox program, read more about safety, risks, and complications.

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