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Life After Opiate Addiction & Detox – Preventing Relapse

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Never lose hope

A major challenge in the opiate addiction recovery industry is the high rate of relapse that occurs, especially in traditional rehabs.  One of the reasons is that the opiate addiction and dependency tends to be the main point of focus rather than being treated as a consequence of an underlying problem.  These underlying issues can be undiagnosed depression, anxiety, sense of loss and helplessness or trauma. In a large number of cases, people take opiates in order to numb these negative feelings. Because of that, there is no quick and easy silver bullet cure-all. It isn’t something that can be treated in 30, 60 or 90 days.  Rapid opiate detox helps stop the physical addiction but does not address the aforementioned psychological causes. Choosing to undergo rapid opiate detox with the Waismann Method® is a big step in the right direction to help opiate dependent persons get to the place where those issues can be assessed and addressed in order to guide patients to the proper aftercare based on their individual needs.

Life After Opiate Addiction Treatment and Rapid Detox

Life after opiate addiction and rapid detox is a time to learn and develop new coping skills to manage frustration, stress and all the other triggers that can lead one to abuse substances to numb feelings. Developing healthier responses to these triggers is imperative to preventing relapse.  After the detox, patients are brought to Domus Retreat, our transitional after care facility. While there, we help discover the factors that have created the unwanted opiate dependency and help determine a treatment plan specific to each individual.
How these new life habits can be learned is completely dependent on each individual’s needs and what works for them. Each person is unique so there is no set rule or cookie cutter formula. One on one therapy, speaking to a spiritual counselor, or even attending group meetings are some of the ways to accomplish learning new responses. Being dedicated and committed to this process of change and discovery is what will help prevent relapse after detox.
Individuals seeking the most advanced opiate addiction treatment worldwide will find it at the Waismann Institute in Southern California. We are constantly evolving in order to improve our treatment approaches, as well as setting higher standards to others in this field of opiate addiction. Our staff is committed and dedicated to providing the highest quality individualized opiate addiction treatment, in a professional and caring environment.
If safety and effectiveness is your priority; Waismann Method Medical Group should be your only choice.
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