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Waismann Method® Rapid Detox Program Addresses Heroin Epidemic

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ORANGE, Calif., Nov. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Doctors and staff of the Waismann Method® rapid detox program, have been assisting patients that are caught in this escalating heroin epidemic in the U.S. Opiate abuse, in general, is at unprecedented levels in our country. Also, there have been sharp increases in the number of heroin overdoses and deaths in recent years. Those who cannot procure prescription opiates are turning to the street drug heroin. It is often less expensive and more readily available than pills. However, multiple causes, including chaos in Afghanistan (the world’s largest source of heroin) and stress on the American family due to economic pressures, fuel the epidemic.

Anatomy of an Epidemic

Areas, demographics and social groups that were not previously affected by the heroin epidemic are seeing an escalation. Society traditionally considered heroin use an urban problem, but it is now showing up across all communities. In the past, users were often in their 40s and 50s; now a large number of heroin users are in their 20s or younger. Many parents overlook the first signs of their child’s heroin use. Often this is because they find it difficult to cope with the shame. Their confusion combined with a lack of understanding about the drug may cause them to freeze up and not know where to turn.
However, there is hope and humane treatment available. The Waismann Method®, for example, offers heroin treatment in the form of a rapid detox program that can help get patients out of crisis rapidly and on the road to healing.

Conditions and Causes of Addiction

Heroin is one of the strongest types of painkillers, and it can relieve both physical and emotional pain. Some experts believe that the real question should not be why is there a heroin epidemic, but why are so many users in so much pain? The answer to that question is twofold. First, too many caregivers of young people have either abused or traumatized them in childhood. Lastly, caregivers did not meet their emotional needs during childhood. Parents are more stressed, busy, distracted and overwhelmed than ever before. Thus, these factors can cause them to fail to nurture their children adequately. Many children grow up with feelings of emptiness, fear, distress, and unworthiness. A drug like heroin can soothe and take away that pain and distress for a short while.
Genetics, family history, and childhood trauma are factors that predispose a person to drug use and heroin addiction. However, the presence of a gene related to addiction does not guarantee that addiction will manifest. Circumstances and the environment will either turn on the gene or render it inactive; this has been proven in both animal and human testing. Waismann Method® rapid detox program can start the physical recovery process so that the deeper emotional causes fueling the addiction can be addressed.

Humane, Targeted Treatment

Guiding and assisting heroin users to connect with appropriate detoxification treatment is key. Parents feeling ashamed about their child’s addiction can rest assured that the Waismann Method® opiate addiction treatment center because they will not judge or shame them. The Waismann staff understands that many individuals with addiction issues can’t or don’t wish to stay in a long-term rehab facility. In these cases, a rapid heroin treatment and detox program could be the most viable course of action.
Waismann Method’s exceptional team of doctors, therapists, and staff members work with each patient to design an individualized treatment protocol plus an aftercare plan for transitioning into a life free of heroin. The patient’s health, comfort, dignity, safety, and confidence are always our top priorities.
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