Drug rehab is an umbrella term that covers the wide range of services available to help drug users and addicts work toward sustained sobriety. It includes the medical and psychological treatments for dependence for drugs including amphetamines, street drugs like heroin and cocaine, and opiates such as Fentanyl, OxyContin, Lortab and Suboxone. Drug detox programs focus on ridding patients’ bodies of substances and helping them deal with the withdrawal aspect of it. Drug rehab programs focus on psychological dependency and show patients a new way to live in a drug-free environment. Detox and rehab programs work well together, as they are better able to more comprehensively address users’ issues.

Finding a Program that Fits

Deciding to seek help in your quest for recovery could be one of the most important decisions you ever make. There are many questions you’ll need to answer before deciding on the program right for you. Rehab facilities can be in-patient, out-patient, long-term or short-term. There are hospital-based programs, holistic and faith-based centers, government-funded programs and private facilities. Different rehab programs offer different services to combat addiction. Some programs are designed like posh retreats for the wealthy, offering luxurious accommodations and spa services. Less expensive options are available as well, and cost does not always determine the level of service offered. Finding a program that fits will require some investigation. Because there are so many options, finding a rehab to address your specific needs should be top priority.

Drug Rehab Programs Have Similar Goals

People experience addiction in very individual ways. One program will not work for everyone. All rehab programs are designed with the same end goal in mind – helping people achieve lasting sobriety. The success of any recovery process is essentially up to the patient. He or she will have to do the hard work necessary to get and stay well. Because relapse is common with addiction, many drug rehab centers treat individual patients more than once. Many addicts delay seeking treatment because they are fearful of the detox and withdrawal phase of recovery. This is, however, an essential part of the process. Drug rehab programs help patients get sober. In the process, they often learn behavior modification and new ways to deal with old problems. Sober living can be like culture shock for many long-time users. Learning how to function normally again can be tough work. Drug detox and rehab programs offer hope to many people who may have given up.

Get Help with Opiate Addiction Now

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