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Waismann Method Location

With our single, dedicated Waismann Method® location, we’ve honed our expertise to stand unequivocally as the world’s premier Rapid Detox Center.

Waismann Method Location: The Premier Destination for Medical Opioid Detox in Southern California

When searching for the official “Waismann Method Location,” prospective patients will find it exclusively in the heart of Southern California. This center stands distinctively as the singular, globally-renowned destination for those requiring advanced medical science-based rapid detoxification and opiate detox solutions. Clare Waismann’s vision, a respected Registered Addiction Specialist and Substance Use Certified Counselor, gave birth to this location. Since 1998, it has been a stronghold of medical innovation, offering respite to countless individuals grappling with opioid dependence.


Is the Waismann Method Being Offered in Other Locations?

Unequivocally, No. While there may be detox centers or unlicensed practitioners using similar names or suggesting affiliations with our center, these claims are categorically NOT factual. Our Southern California facility is the exclusive Waismann Method Location. We emphasize: we HAVE NO AFFILIATION with, nor have we trained, any other doctors or institutions anywhere in the world.

Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, our quadruple board-certified medical director, embodies the rigorous medical standards of this exclusive Waismann Method Location. Holding the unique title as the only physician worldwide licensed to administer the Waismann Method®, Dr. Lowenstein represents the pinnacle of medical expertise in opioid detoxification. When choosing our Waismann Method Location, patients are opting for an evidence-based, medically sound, and unparalleled path to recovery, under the care of a dedicated team of medical professionals.

Speak Confidentially

with an opiate detox treatment expert.


If you’ve struggled with opioid addiction, and have not found a humane, effective, and discreet solution, consider the Waismann Method®. As a result, our anesthesia-assisted rapid opiate detox treatment focuses primarily on a sedation-based detox to bypass the withdrawal syndrome, along with an exclusive compassionate after-care program that assists with the physical and emotional regulation post-detox.

For nearly two decades, we’ve received and treated patients from around the world. We are consistently providing exceptional and comprehensive care for opiate-dependent patients. Our medical experts’ team merges with our addiction professionals to integrate services and therapies, so the process is smooth and efficient.

Patients have a feeling of comfort and assurance from beginning to end.

Waismann Method® Exclusive Benefits

With the Waismann Method, you don’t need to worry about hotel, transportation, or companion through your treatment. We are to provide the help you need without shortcuts. We provide thorough and complete care. All services above are included in the cost of your treatment.

Official Waismann Method Location – Rapid Detox Los Angeles, Orange County, Southern California

Waismann Method is located 45 miles south of Los Angeles, in Orange, California. Further, our location is perfect for incoming flights to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County. No matter where you or a loved one is right now, a life-changing solution awaits.

Our dedicated staff will arrange a driver for your arrival at the airport, ensuring that you won’t have to experience the process of unfamiliar territory alone. Furthermore, patients receive food, transportation, and private room accommodations from the time of admission. As a result of our complete program, patients can concentrate on getting well and allow us to worry about everything else.

We want to thank you for learning the essential facts about Waismann Detox® treatment options. We would also like to invite you to call our rapid detox California center to discuss available treatment options and your specific health history. Hopefully, the information on this website helps you see our unique program’s benefit.

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