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Hydrocodone Rehab

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Making the decision to seek a hydrocodone rehab, could be the best decision you ever make. Plenty of programs are qualified to help you through this difficult time but many offer a narrow approach to treating opiate dependency. Hydrocodone is a narcotic painkiller used to treat mild to moderate pain. It’s used in combination with other substances in products like Vicodin and Lortab which combine hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone can be habit-forming, leading to escalation of use and other forms of misuse and abuse. It can also cause an overdose when taken at high levels or mixed with other substances. Hydrocodone addiction is serious and can be reversed in a few hours with a medical procedure that addresses the depletion of natural endorphins in nerve cells due to an external supply of the drug. Waismann Method’s hydrocodone treatment differs from other programs in so many key ways.

Waismann Method vs Other Hydrocodone Rehabs: Safety, Humanity and Privacy Come First

Waismann Method of rapid detox can treat hydrocodone dependence in less than two hours,usually requiring a hospital stay of 2 to 3 days. Traditional Hydrocodone Rehab programs can require lifelong membership and attendance at meetings where steps are followed until success is achieved. Our hydrocodone detox is safe and humane, building patients back up so they can return to their lives, careers and families quickly. The Waismann Method recognizes hydrocodone dependence as a central nervous system disorder, that is usually caused by continuous consumption of the drug. We use the most advanced medical biotechnology available today to end opiate dependency. Our scientific methods are applicable for most patients seeking a effective method to end their dependence. Some programs are religion-based or focus only on behavior modification. We don’t believe you’re an addict for life and we don’t try to instill that defeatist mindset. We protect your dignity and your privacy, while offering a team of extremely knowledgeable professionals and compassionate staff.

A Safe and Effective Alternative for Hydrocodone Rehab

We offer provide treatment for opiate addiction that also utilizes a medical and scientific approach. This allows us to focus on the mind-body connection, nutrition, exercise, recreation, communication, relaxation and balance for the return to school, work and social life. Our in-hospital rapid detox procedure uses intravenous medications to cleanse the hydrocodone from patients’ receptors while patients rests lightly in their private rooms. We offer a number of different medical detoxification options, based on patients level of hydrocodone addiction, health, age and other factors that could affect the process. Most patients seeks us for the anesthesia assisted opiate rapid detoxification; This process takes less than two hours and they awake without the awareness they experienced an accelerated withdrawal. This takes the fear out of detox and ensures a safe, comfortable transition to recovery. Unlike some other rehabs, we don’t use opiate replacement drugs such as methadone or Suboxone to wean patients as this could set them up for another dependence. We design our recovery program around the individual and have almost two decades of success, treating thousands of people from around the world. We also include  therapeutic treatment at our Domus Retreat transitional facility. Patients can choose to continue recovery here in a pampering, safe and supportive environment.

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