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Morphine Treatment and Detox

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Morphine can be a difficult drug to come off of because the drug falls into the opiate category, causing both long-term mental and physical addiction.
If you are one of the many people seeking the best morphine treatment due to an addiction or physical dependence, you are not alone — reports show an estimated 2 million individuals in the United States are presently struggling with morphine addiction.

Many different drug treatment centers across the country claim to offer the best options for morphine treatment. They often include many support groups throughout the day, some group therapy, and medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes, these given drugs can be opioids themselves, causing a delayed but imminent withdrawal syndrome in the future. These centers have limited immediate medical resources, making the morphine detox phase less comfortable, less efficient, and often riskier.

What is the Best Morphine Addiction Treatment?

The best treatment centers for morphine addiction provide detox in a medical facility where physicians can manage vitals while minimizing discomfort. This comprehensive medical detox approach can significantly improve your chances of making a full recovery.

Waismann Treatment™

Waismann Method® has provided patients with one of the most successful medical opioid treatments in history for nearly two decades. Each treatment is tailored specifically to meet the patient’s unique medical needs and personal preferences. Patients fly from all over the world to the one exclusive center located in Southern California.

Morphine Rapid Detox

The Morphine rapid detox offers an easier and quicker option for patients who choose to overcome the physical discomfort under sedation. A multi board-certified MD performs the detoxification under anesthesia in the ICU of a full-service accredited hospital. This process usually lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Patients are admitted to their private rooms and remain in the hospital for 2 to 4 days for thorough pre-evaluation and post-care. Following the procedure, continued care is offered at Domus Retreat, a recovery center uniquely built for Waismann Detox patients.
The Waismann Method of Rapid Detox is significantly more effective and comfortable than other traditional Morphine addiction treatment courses.

Morphine Medically Assisted Detox

Our medically assisted detox starts in a private hospital where the patient is individually evaluated. Our Multi-Board Certified Medical Director begins the process with an extensive physical evaluation and a thorough understanding of the patient’s medical and psychosocial history. Depending on the medical evaluation results, the clinical team will recommend a particular course of detox. Once the patient is physically stable, they will be transferred to the Domus recovery center to continue supportive care.

A Morphine Treatment Superior to Others

Advanced and individualized medical care is the hallmark of successful treatment. The Waismann Method team consistently delivers highly personalized and superior treatment because we take the time to get to know each patient through an all-encompassing assessment process. Our treatment for morphine addiction combines medical science, psychological evaluations, and the latest medical advancement to control cravings.

Archaic drug rehab therapies, mostly through the lack of knowledge and medical understanding, ignore opiate-induced chemical deficiencies, which cause relapse and maintains their revolving doors. These treatment failures are unfair and often blamed on individuals’ DNA and personalities.

Untreated physical dependence often causes morphine addiction. Opioid dependence is a physical condition that can be reversed with advanced medical techniques. Once the physical discomfort is overcome, one can diagnose the actual cause of addiction and treat the craving’s biochemical cause. Professionals should treat patients that suffer from drug abuse with dignity and respect.

Morphine dependence can be devastating for everyone involved – it causes shame, guilt, and it can damage the relationship with your loved ones. It is not easy to accept that you need professional help to treat your addiction.  However, it is also too damaging and risky to continue living with a dependence on a drug that controls all aspects of your life. Our treatment also allows most patients to return to a productive life in a matter of days and eliminates the need to spend months in hospitals or rehab programs.

We understand that choosing the right treatment can be difficult and challenging, and we will try to make this process as easy as possible for you. Morphine treatment with the Waismann Method® has been considered the safest and most effective option available.

Don’t wait anymore. Contact us today, and let’s discuss available morphine treatment options that will best fit your needs.

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