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Norco Precautions

Narcotic pain relievers such as Norco can be of benefit for people suffering from moderate to severe pain. However, there are strong precautions and warnings that patients must adhere to in order to ensure safe use. Norco is a prescription medication that combines hydrocodone, a narcotic painkiller, with acetaminophen, which is a non-narcotic pain reliever. […]

Norco Home Detox

Some people feel that their only option for treating an opiate addiction is a Norco  home detox. They often make this decision because they want to save time or money. Others may try to detox at home because they want to keep their problem a secret. Opiate detox can be dangerous so patients should make […]

Risks of Quitting OxyContin Cold Turkey

Trying to kick an OxyContin addiction by abruptly stopping use is a bad idea, no matter what others may say. Most people cannot handle an opiate detox on their own and risk serious health complications, even death, if they attempt this. OxyContin is a high-powered opiate painkiller that is used for moderate to severe pain […]

The Risks of Quitting Morphine Cold Turkey: Why It’s Not Worth the Gamble


Morphine is a powerful opioid analgesic used to alleviate severe pain. Like other opioids, it has a high potential for dependence and addiction. While it may seem tempting to abruptly stop taking the drug, quitting morphine cold turkey can have severe and life-threatening consequences. This article will delve into the risks associated with such an […]

Ultram Warnings

If you are using the prescription painkiller Ultram, it’s important to read the medication’s label thoroughly to ensure safe use. Ultram is the brand name for tramadol, a narcotic-like analgesic that’s used to manage moderate to severe pain. It’s also available in an extended-release version. Most people can take Ultram without serious complications but it’s […]

Zydone Precautions

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. When it comes to prescription opiate painkillers, certain guidelines are put in place to keep patients safe. These instructions and precautions outline use, allergic reaction, interactions, warnings and information on addiction, withdrawal and overdose. Zydone is used to treat moderate to severe pain and contains hydrocodone and […]

Opiate Antagonists

opiate antagonists and agonists

What is an Opioid Antagonist? Opioid antagonists are drugs that work by binding to the opiate receptors to block the effects of opioids. Unlike agonists, they do not provide people with euphoric effects, and they also do not alleviate pain. However, their binding capacity blocks the receptor sites where external opioids would typically go. Once […]

Stadol Precautions

Stadol is a narcotic medication most often prescribed for migraine headaches and labor pain. There are some risks associated with its use so precautions and warnings should be followed closely. These can be found in detail on the drug’s prescribing label and accompanying informational page. Stadol, or butorphanol tartrate, is a synthetic opioid that comes […]

Risks of Quitting Vicodin Cold Turkey

People who take Vicodin for a prolonged period of time should have a plan for getting off of it. For some, this can mean tapering use gradually. Those who become dependent on their pain medication need a more thorough and controlled approach to detox. Quitting Vicodin cold turkey is never a good idea, as serious […]

Zydone Warnings

Prescription narcotics carry warnings on the packaging’s label to ensure patients are well informed on issues such as side effects, dependence and overdose. Zydone is a combination drug that contains hydrocodone, an opiate (narcotic) painkiller that has the potential to be habit forming. It also contains acetaminophen, a non-narcotic painkiller that in high doses can […]