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Risks of Quitting Vicodin Cold Turkey

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People who take Vicodin for a prolonged period of time should have a plan for getting off of it. For some, this can mean tapering use gradually. Those who become dependent on their pain medication need a more thorough and controlled approach to detox. Quitting Vicodin cold turkey is never a good idea, as serious health complications can arise. Doctors prescribe Vicodin for moderate to severe pain. It’s an opiate (narcotic) and can be habit-forming. It’s also prevalent on the black market because of frequent abuse.
Regular or long-term use of Vicodin can have an often-unintended consequence. A dependency can develop quickly once the body becomes accustomed to the drug and requires more and more to achieve desired effects. Withdrawal can be a painful and debilitating process when trying to get off opiate drugs. It’s a necessary part of the detox process but it doesn’t have to be unbearable, long lasting or dangerous. There are significant medical advancements that can provide for a supervised withdrawal that is safe and comfortable.

Waismann Method’s Opiate Detox Manages a Painful Withdrawal

Waismann Method offers a responsible and humane Vicodin detox that minimizes discomfort to end the suffering of opiate withdrawal. Our medical detox can be completed within two hours in a hospital, using a cutting-edge procedure to wipe out physical Vicodin addiction. We reverse opiate dependency once and for all without requiring a long-term commitment to meetings or therapy sessions. We achieve this through a detoxification that manages withdrawal. Our detox uses intravenous and oral medication to cleanse the Vicodin from patients’ opiate receptors. During this procedure, patients are sleeping lightly under sedation and awaken a short time later. When they do, they aren’t consciously aware that they have already experienced withdrawal. Our procedure accelerates withdrawal and symptoms develop and pass while patients are sedated. This gives them the head start, hope and encouragement they need to move on with an opiate-free life.

Why We Don’t Use Opiate Replacement Therapy in Our Detox

Waismann Method does not believe in using opiate replacement drugs to wean our patients. Many other detox and rehab facilities use these drugs, including Suboxone and methadone, as their main treatment for opiate addiction. The problem is, they are opiates as well and patients can become dependent and need another detox. We eliminate the physical dependency quickly and safely and keep patients comfortable during this. Symptoms can vary from person to person but can include strong drug cravings, insomnia, extreme agitation, muscle and bone pain, body shakes, diarrhea, hot flashes, cold sweats, vomiting and in extreme cases, seizures. Because of this, Vicodin detox should never be attempted without help. Waismann Method’s rapid opiate detox can help you become free of addiction once and for all.

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