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Risks of Quitting OxyContin Cold Turkey

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Trying to kick an OxyContin addiction by abruptly stopping use is a bad idea, no matter what others may say. Most people cannot handle an opiate detox on their own and risk serious health complications, even death, if they attempt this. OxyContin is a high-powered opiate painkiller that is used for moderate to severe pain that is around-the-clock. The drug can be taken safely and effectively, but many people on long-term therapy become dependent. OxyContin misuse and abuse has become an astounding problem nationwide as the drug becomes more available. Dependence can develop quickly once the body becomes accustomed to the drug and requires more and more to achieve desired effects. Addiction can take hold from there, meaning patients will continue use despite the very serious and negative consequences. OxyContin withdrawal cannot be avoided during the detox process. It is not just an uncomfortable or painful process. It can be downright dangerous. The good news is that there have been significant medical advancements that can make a supervised withdrawal much more comfortable.

OxyContin Withdrawal Can Be Brutal if Not Managed Properly

People often describe OxyContin withdrawal as “hell” or practically intolerable. Symptoms can include severe drug cravings, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, body aches and pains, shaking and tremors, sleeplessness, hot flashes, cold sweats, yawning, sweating, extreme anxiety and depression. In severe cases, people have suffered seizures and some have died. This is why it’s so important that you don’t go it alone. Most people need help to quit taking OxyContin after a physical addiction has developed. A sustained and meaningful recovery is within your reach.

The Best Bet for OxyContin Addiction is Medically-Supervised Treatment

Many treatment options exist to treat OxyContin addiction. These include detox, rehab, 12-step meetings, counseling and substitution therapy. This is when drugs such as methadone and Suboxone are used to wean patients and control withdrawal. This is not the answer for everyone as these drugs are opioids and can also lead to dependency. The safest and best option is one that offers a thorough physical detox and appropriate aftercare. Waismann Method, in its only worldwide location based in So.California is renowned for its safe Oxycontin rapid detox. We begin with the administration of intravenous medicine to cleanse the opiates from patients’ receptor sits. This procedure takes less than two hours, during which patients remain under deep sedation. This rapid detoxification process , also speeds up withdrawal so symptoms develop and pass while patients are anesthetized. They awaken a short time later, free from OxyContin addiction and ready to move on with life. They have no memory of going through this managed withdrawal. Patients are usually a total of 5, 7 or 10 days inpatient between the hospital and the exclusive recovery center Domus Retreat.
The success and well being of our patients is the best way we can measure our own success. Treating each guest as an individual with their own history, needs, and goals is how we have maintain the unsurpassed success and outcomes with opiate dependent patients. Please check our reviews.

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