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Risks of Quitting Morphine Cold Turkey

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On top of other risks, quitting morphine cold turkey could produce life-threatening seizures. No matter what dose you are taking, it’s not advisable to quit taking such a powerful opiate medication on your own. Morphine is a narcotic painkiller available by prescription to treat moderate to severe pain. Patients who become dependent upon their prescription morphine should have a plan for getting off it. Because a cold turkey approach can be dangerous, some people may benefit from gradually tapering their dosage of morphine. This, however, can take a long time and some people report never being fully able to wean. A more thorough and targeted approach may be needed in order for people to get off morphine. Opiates have a reputation for being habit forming and can lead to dependence and addiction, especially for those who abuse them. This is also a risk for patients who use morphine therapeutically. The buildup of a tolerance can diminish the drug’s effects, causing patients to possibly take increasingly larger doses.Exceptional Care & Better Outcome. Get In Touch With Us Today!

What Morphine Withdrawal Looks Like

Withdrawal is the painful and sometimes-dangerous process the body goes through during opiate detox. It’s inevitable when a physical addiction is present. Morphine withdrawal symptoms can include strong drug cravings, insomnia, extreme agitation, muscle and bone pain, body shakes, diarrhea, hot flashes, cold sweats, vomiting and in extreme cases, seizures. Many people are fearful of withdrawal and this can keep them stuck in the cycle of use and abuse. Withdrawal can be quite uncomfortable but doesn’t have to be full of pain and suffering. Waismann Institute, a renowned detox facility specializing in opiate addiction, provides a dignified and pain-free detox that manages withdrawal. We don’t use opiate replacement drugs to wean patients. These drugs, including Suboxone and methadone, are opiates as well and patients can become dependent and need another detox. Waismann’s rapid morphine detox eliminates the physical dependency quickly and safely and keeps patients comfortable.


A Managed Withdrawal Means a Successful Morphine Detox

We are able to accomplish this with our medical procedure, Waismann Method. In a procedure that lasts less than two hours, intravenous medication is given to patients to cleanse the morphine from opiate receptors. During this, patients rest lightly under general deep sedation performed by our anesthesiologists. The procedure speeds up the withdrawal process and symptoms develop and pass while patients are sedated. This makes for a successful and comfortable recovery and helps patients avoid a degrading transition to well being. Our ability to manage the withdrawal phase gives us a clear edge over the competition. Patients are monitored around the clock after the procedure and the total length of the hospital stay is usually 3 to 6 days. Some patients choose to return home after discharge while others transition in our optional Domus Retreat aftercare facility.Exceptional Care & Better Outcome. Get In Touch With Us Today!

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