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Waismann Method® Celebrates National Recovery Month By Giving 5% Off Treatment

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national recovery month - join the voices for recovery together on pathways to wellness
Sept, 2013 –   September is National Recovery Month, designated to highlight the accomplishments of those who have recovered or are on their way to recovery. National Recovery Month also puts the spotlight on those who work tirelessly to treat and prevent the disease of addiction.
During this month, we want to do everything we can to help encourage anyone who might be struggling with an opiate or prescription painkiller dependency to seek treatment and achieve full recovery.
In support of this endeavor, we are happy to announce that all detoxifications performed during the period of September 23rd up to September 30th will receive an additional 5% off the total cost of treatment.
Most people struggling with opiates suffer in silence, but prompt help can turn the situation around. If someone you care for is exhibiting symptoms of addiction, try to convince them to seek opiate treatment immediately. Support them in their efforts. It may not be easy – many people relapse one or more times without professional help. Opiate detox may be the only lasting solution for them to reclaim their life.
Waismann Method opiate treatment is a safe and proven protocol for opiate dependency that utilizes the most advanced medical and psychological techniques available.  Our detoxification and aftercare programs are customized to each patient’s individual needs and dependency history, combining the most advanced medical treatment with personalized assessment and aftercare. From rapid opiate detoxification under sedation to medically assisted detoxification and other forms of treatment at Domus Retreat, our doctors, therapists and staff work with patients to create personalized treatment and aftercare plans that ensure a healthy and effective transition to life without opiates.  W Method patients achieve an extraordinarily high success rate because the treatment doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach to addressing opiate dependency. We always put treatment and care over blame and punishment.  For more information, please visit opiates.com.
Contact us today to discuss this life-changing opportunity. Please keep in mind, to maintain our high level of quality and medical care, spaces are limited.
Image Source: recoverymonth.gov.

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