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The Rising Rate of Heroin Abuse

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “In 2011, 4.2 million Americans aged 12 or older (or 1.6 percent) had used heroin at least once in their lives. It is estimated that about 23 percent of individuals who use heroin become dependent on it,” (source). Additionally, Time magazine claims that heroin use is skyrocketing, with “the number of Americans shooting up nearly doubled, from 373,000 to 669,000,” between 2007 and 2012 (source).
Using heroin can be extremely damaging to a person’s health. Due to the alarmingly high rise in heroin abuse, more and more users are succumbing to its dangers. In addition to the risk of addiction and a painful withdrawal, users also expose themselves to a number of complications. These may include overdose, respiratory arrest, serious heart infections, collapsed veins, abscesses, pneumonia, infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV/AIDS, and death. Since heroin has no accepted medical use, anyone who takes it is essentially abusing it.

Heroin Abuse

Heroin abuse can rapidly become very overwhelming and all-consuming. It can easily ruin relationships, destroy careers and lead to serious legal problems. To get a “fix” and/or avoid the sickness from heroin withdrawal, people take a path of risky behavior. Some heroin withdrawal symptoms include compulsive itching, sweating, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, extreme agitation, depression, cramps, insomnia, restlessness, muscle spasms, cold sweats, chills, diarrhea, fever, muscle and bone pain. (The length, intensity, and severity of these symptoms can depend on the amount of heroin taken and the frequency.)
Because so many Americans are now struggling with heroin abuse and addiction, new methods of detox have been developed to help deal with the seemingly insurmountable withdrawal symptoms. If heroin use has become a problem and addiction has taken hold of your life, there is a safe way out with the Waismann Method.
The Waismann Method of rapid detox can virtually eliminate a painful withdrawal from heroin, with a completely opiate-free procedure (which eliminates the need for a second detox). Performed in an accredited hospital, our procedure employs intravenous medications to cleanse heroin from patients’ opiate receptors. This happens while the patient sleeps lightly under deep sedation. Once they awaken, they have no conscious awareness of the withdrawal from heroin that took place during the procedure.
Our highly successful and humane Waismann Method of treatment can reverse heroin addiction in a matter of days. Therefore, getting you back on your feet quicker than most other drug detox programs.

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