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Vicodin Detox Center

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If you are suffering with any form of opiate addiction, you know what a struggle it can be. This type of addiction is swift and unforgiving. It can be unrelenting, taking with it health, relationships, financial security and careers. In a word, it can be deadly. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Choosing to get help for this problem is courageous and can be the first step toward the rest of your life. Vicodin can be extremely habit forming, especially when misused or outwardly abused in any manner. This drug is intended to treat moderate to severe pain. It’s part of the opiate class of drugs. Regular use over a relatively short amount of time can lead to tolerance, which indicates the body is used to the drug and needs more to realize effects.
Physical dependence can develop, even among people who don’t abuse their meds. This means the body is physically dependent and will experience some Vicodin withdrawal symptoms when use stops. Addiction requires the presence of both physical and psychological dependence.

You Can Be Opiate Free In A Short Amount of Time with Waismann  Vicodin Detox Center

Waismann Method Treatment has, since the late 90s, treated thousands of people from around the world for addiction to Vicodin and other opiates. Our success lies in the compassion we have for our clients. We know that no one sets out to become dependent upon his or her prescription pain medication. This is why every aspect of our program is based around compassionate care.
Unlike some other rapid detoxification programs, every aspect of our Vicodin Detox Center is based in professionalism. Our main goal is to keep patients safe during a quick, but thorough opiate detox. We pre-screen every patient to ensure they’re medically stable for detox.
From there, patients are sedated in a hospital and given intravenous medications that treat the physical opiate dependency at the source. This can be accomplished in under two hours and the process speeds up withdrawal. This makes for a humane and comfortable detox.
Post Detox Is A Time For Monitoring, Healing And Looking Toward The Future
When patients awaken, they are through withdrawal and no longer physically dependent on Vicodin. They are then monitored closely under the care of qualified medical staff. Typical hospital stay is 2 to 3 days, with an additional 2 to 7 in aftercare.
This takes place in our Domus Retreat, a lavish and relaxing getaway where patients can focus on themselves, along with psychological and emotional wellness. This component of Vicodin treatment is important because it affords patients the time to reflect and heal. Patients who have detoxed with Waismann Method ® can look forward to a life free of opiates and full of health, productivity and longevity.

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