Rapid Detox Reviews From Waismann Method Patients


We extend our deepest gratitude to our patients for their inspirational letters of thanks. We would like to share a handful of our favorite rapid detox reviews and testimonials from among the thousands we have received. Choose any link below to discover why our patients agree that the Waismann Method® is the leading Rapid Detox treatment for opiate dependency and prescription narcotic addiction.

  Waismann Method Reviews:


It is a program that I highly recommend.

It is a program that I highly recommend. Everyone is caring, treats you with respect. Even if you relapse, come back. However, this program works, it allows you to heal in comfort but you must have a plan in place when you return home.

— A.B., Oxycodone, December 2015

Now I am opiate free and almost back to 100% after less than 1 week.

600-800mg of Oxycodone everyday. Total time of use was 2.5 years. There was 0% chance I could stop without rapid detox at Waismann. I have no doubt that I would have been dead before I turned 40. Now I am opiate free and almost back to 100% after less than 1 week.

Waismann saved my life and there were many more before me. Everything from the doctors to the staff, exceeded every expectation. If you need help, you found the right place.

— C.P. | Oxycodone | November 2015

Opportunity to get back on track and find my dream to follow

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the Domus Retreat is. When you arrive after the “detox” it feels like every ounce of strength is sapped out of you and then you walk into the luxury of Domus Retreat. From the soft duvet comforters, and soft blankets everywhere you go to the smothering that seems to just appear at your bedside, you are pampered by the nicest staff I have ever met in my life. Thanks to all of you for a “time-out” and an opportunity to get back on track and find my dream to follow.

Dr. Lowenstein, thank you for the gift you gave me and David Livingston for some great suggestions. Jamon, Leon, Cook(s) and highest points to Maria for helping me with laundry and packing. I couldn’t have done this without you, Domus!!!

— S.K. | Oxycodone, Oxycontin, | September 2015


I was skeptical after reading all the “rapid detox doesn’t work” stuff online. Think about it from a scientific standpoint — it clears all the opiates from your body; even those pesky ones clinging to your bone marrow and fat cells.

Are you going to feel 100%? Of course not. But imagine 100% drug free and being able to sleep and eat within 2 days. Get your life back. Take care of the physical, and they help you deal with underlying addiction issues.

Sure it’s expensive. How much is your life worth?

— P.D., Suboxone, Methadone, Vicodin, Rapid Detox Review, August 2015


Hi. If you truly want to be opiate free and truly never want to get high again, this treatment is the way, the only way, and will save your life from fear, misery, and constant chasing of a 5 minute high that is killing you by the second. Get back you! Come here. It saved my life, 4 year I.V. heavy dilaudid user.

— L.J., Dilaudid Rapid Detox Review, August 2015


To anyone considering cleansing their body of opiates, this is absolutely, unequivocally the only way to go. I debated and hesitated for months thinking that it might be a gimmick or just too good to be true. I finally took a leap of faith (which included flying across the country) after fully accepting that opiates completely controlled my life. The best money I have ever spent.

From the time at the hospital with Dr. Lowenstein, Christina, and Dana thru the aftercare at Domus with Jamon, Ronnie, Renee, Lewis, Enga(sp) and all the great chefs, the experience was remarkable. The professionals at Domus were unbelievably attentive, compassionate, friendly, and understanding. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have made it through the process without them. Words can’t describe how indebted I feel to the staff.

I think it is important to note that exorcising opiates from the body requires effort from the patient as well. There is no avoiding sleep and the initial stomach issues but at Domus they do everything medically possible to ease the symptoms. The recovery is a process of time and it certainly seems the more you put into it the quicker you heal. My last 3 days there I was able to exercise on the treadmill for at least 2hrs at a time and it made a measurable difference in my recovery. I encourage anyone considering a detox to take the same leap I did. It will be the single best return on investment you will ever make in your life. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the Waismann Method.

– Roxicodone, Oxycodone, Fentora Patient, May 2015



All aspects of my detox was 1st class. If you want to get clean, your head clear, and your life back, come here. All people involved in my care were excellent and I am grateful.

– Oxycodone Patient  April, 2015



This was the most compassionate detox I could ever have imagined and the aftercare was like a recharge in life. Dr. Lowenstein and staff are incredibly compassionate people.

-N.M., Oxycodone and Hydrocodone Detox

March, 2015



You will probably not feel well enough to enjoy everything the house/retreat has to offer, but you will thank the lord for the people working there.

– J.K February,2015



If you are looking for help, this is the place to come. It is everything and then some on what they say about the method.

– J.G February,2015



Thank you all.  Thanks to you, I’m drug free & feeling great!

– F.G, February,2015



The best no nonsense recovery program out there, the care and personal is above and beyond. The absolute best place to rehab and get back on track.

– P.S, February,2015



From start to finish this has been a wonderful thing.  I could not imagine doing this by myself.  Everyone is there to help!  I cannot express my gratitude to all involved.  Not only will you be taken care of, but you will know that you are not the only person that is fighting this battle.  All the staff at Domus are great and truly wonderful people. User of Perc 30mg Blues!

– Percocet Patient, January, 2015



Worth every min, penny, time.  The best thing I did for my self.

– T.N., 15 year Heroin/Methadone December,2014.



The entire experience of rapid withdrawal was beyond my expectations.  The Domus Retreat was an excellent place to “adjust” to a new life.  The entire staff was helpful and caring beyond my expectations.  I would share my experiences with anyone contemplating asking for detox procedures.

-T.R., Vicodin December,2014



Thank you for saving my life + restoring my full interest in a long, energetic life, an opiate free life!  Bless you all!!

 J.W., Methadone + Klonopin Patient, November,2014



Both  medically a in the care I received at the hospital and then at Domus Retreat.

A.K.Oxycodone Patient, September 2014



When every step of your journey from darkness and sadness to light and happiness exceeds your every expectation. 90 minutes to ridding your body of opiates that have stolen so much of your life. Then off to Domus Retreat where the excellent staff eases you back to the new you. I am 5 days clean and will stay clean. I forgot how beautiful the world was as my senses have all come back. If I could be return to an opiate free and happy person anyone can. Love yourself.

K.W. Oxycontin and Roxicodone Patient, September 2014


As Oxycontin / Roxicodone user for 14 years, not only did these people save my life, they gave back my life! I highly recommend the Waissman [sic] program to anyone looking to get there life back.

S.R. Oxycontin and Roxicodone Patient, September 2014


If you are ready and really want sobriety and freedom from opiates this is the place to go. I love all of you and cant thank everybody enough for giving my life back.

K.L. Heroin Patient, August 2014


The staff treat you like family and are always there to help you live and experience life again free of substances. I cant stress enough how much this is the only way to be free of opiates. I wish I made the decision to come alot earlier.

M.K. Suboxone Patient, August 20014


It works! Its Easy! The environment is excellent!

G.S. OxyContin, Roxycodone, Heroin, August 2014


They do an excellent job keeping you safe during the procedure and afterwards. The Domus Retreat is absolutely essential for recovering from the procedure . Waissman Method staff is very caring I just feel very lucky.

P.C.Oxycodone Patient, July 2014





J.B. Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Methadone Patient, July  2014



“As a first time detox patient I had a fair bit of anxiety about a week before the Waismann program started due to the historic info and programs. From my intake to the procedure/hospital care/and especially the domus after care I couldn’t have wished for a better place to get my life back. If you’re searching for a place to end your addiction this is the one. Thank you!”

-Hydrocodone Patient, San Francisco , July 2014



“Everything exceeded my expectations, especially the staff !”

J.R. Opana Patient, July 2014


Even though everybody’s experience is different. They will make sure you have the best experience and are generally concerned about your health and recovery.

R.T. Methadone Patient, July 2014


“There is no magic bullet to opiate withdrawal. But this is clearly the quickest, most comfortable and caring way to begin the return to normal.”

July 2014


They will change your life completely. Give them a week , and you’ll live strong.

Perhaps the most memorable, delightful healing, peaceful experience of my life. I will remember this place and these terrific people the rest of my life!!!

The only way to get off Methadone period.


K.J. Methadone Patient, June 2014


From my intake to the procedure at the hospital and specially Domus after care I couldn’t have wished for a better place to get my life back.

If you are searching for a place to end your addiction this is the one.

Thank you!

T.M. Hydrocodone Patient, June 2014


Nice Place to have no responsibilities and someone to tend to you.

B.H. OxyContin Patient, June 2014


But this is clearly the quickest most comfortable and caring way to begin the return to normal.

D.S. Norco Patient, June 2014


“The knowledge, compassion and respect you will receive will exceed your expectations in every way. You will be given every opportunity to get your life back to normal.”

RJ, Suboxone Patient, May 2014


C.E Percocet Patient, May 2014


“Everyone was great, compassionate and wonderful! They saved my life!

C.D. Hydrocodone Patient, May 2014


“Made me comfortable in every aspect. Stop debating and get well. This program change my life and is worth every penny.”

Suboxone Patient, May 2014


“I would very highly recommend this particular place. I did expect the rapid detox treatment, but Dr. Lowenstein felt my health may be too risky, so I had the “bedside” treatment. It was well explained to me. Dr. Lowenstein even identified issues my long time primary care Dr. didn’t know. Bit slower process, but same outcome. The staff at Domus [are] superb and very well informed.”

D.E., Norco, April 2014



“This program is not an easy way out but is thorough & controlled. As with all good things they don’t come comfortably but end result in short amount of time. I would recommend this to anyone with drug dependency. These folks have 14 yrs experience and know what they are doing. I could not have done a program that boots you out of the hospital and has your wife be your nurse. The professionalism and knowledge of the staff at Domus made my experience easier than I thought it could be. Again this program is a safe detox done in a hospital by professional Dr’s [and] nurses. Can’t replace the care and help received here. Saved my life.”

L.G., Norco, April 2014



“This is the best program ever! I highly recommend this program”

-C.C., Suboxone, April 2014



“After the procedure, mentally & physically, I had no difficulty.”

-H.M., Indocet, March 2014


Life changing experience.

“Life changing experience.”

-E.I., Oxycontin, Vicodin, March 2014



“If you’re looking for a place to go to stop opiates, there is only one place in this world and it is the Waismann Method.”

-W.D., Oxycodone, Oxycontin, April 2014



“This Waismann Method saved my life and everyone from the hospital to the retreat treated me like family.”

-B.B., Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, April 2014



“It’s a miracle treatment. I would never achieve these results on my own. And in such a short time. I feel so blessed that I had to go through it this way.”

O.A., Hydrocodone, March 2014


Very comfortable, relaxing environment

“Very comfortable, relaxing environment. Someone always there to talk with. No judgement. Staff very positive, encouraging and caring.”

- D.M., Roxicodone, Norco, March 2014


I recommend The Waismann

“I would like to say to anyone out there, whether you have a family or not, or would just [like] to find a way to get off what drug has got you down, I recommend The Waismann.”

- M.I., Heroin, March 2014


If you have any issues with opiates at all

If you have any issues with opiates at all go to the Waismann Method and Domus Retreat.The knowledge compassion and respect you will receive will exceed your expectations in every way. And you will be given the opportunity to get your life back to normal.”

J.R, Demerol, Suboxone, March 2014


Experience easier than I thought

“The professionalism and knowledge of the staff at Domus [Recovery] made my experience easier than I thought it could be. This program is a safe detox done in a hospital by professional doctors and nurses…Saved my life.”

March 2014


Used opiates for an injury

“A 60 year-old, white-collar professional who originally used opiates for an injury. The staff at every stage was beyond excellent. Services worth every penny spent! On Day 2, I was in the gym.”

February, 2014


Thank you so much for this opportunity.

“A 60 year-old, white-collar professional who originally used opiates for an injury. The staff at every stage was beyond excellent. Services worth every penny spent! On Day 2, I was in the gym.”

February, 2014


I’d recommend it to anyone struggling with opiate addiction.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’d recommend it to anyone struggling with opiate addiction.”

C.K., Methadone, February 2014


Always very friendly

“Always very friendly, and kind staff make your stay warm and comfortable.”

C.B., Roxicodone, February 2014


This is the safest and greatest place to choose.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I feel better I came here. It was so far the right and best decision I have made for myself and family. I would recommend it to anyone. The care and support was unbelievable. I couldn’t have done it by myself. Now I feel clear and confident. You guys rock! Thanks again.


February, 2014


I would recommend Domus method and retreat 100%.

I would recommend Domus method and retreat 100%. I come from pain dependence on opiates, to pain freedom to non-narcotic treatment. I am getting my life back. Thank you and God bless.


TX, November 21, 2013
Fentanyl, Dilaudid


I am 70 years old and completed the Waismann treatment

I am 70 years old and completed the treatment. The care I received at Domus was excellent. I highly recommend this facility.


NY, November 20, 2013
Suboxone, 2/0.5mg tab x .25-.5 daily


If anyone decides to take Suboxone, make sure your doctor explains everything to you about this horrific man made drug

If anyone decides to take Suboxone, make sure your doctor explains everything to you about this horrific man made drug, and most of all if your Doctor gives it to you for pain management, run and never look back. This drug is suppose to be only for a person to use a month or less to help get off the original addictive pain med you’re on. Don’t let anyone tell you different. If its too late and you been on this drug for quite some time welcome Domus if you want to be properly cared for.


CA, November, 2013



I’ve never ever thought that I can feel this good and function without Methadone

I’ve never ever thought that I can feel this good and functional without Methadone.  This was the best experience of my life.  Thank God for giving me this chance to start over as a new woman.  Love ya’ll.


LA, November, 2013


If you want to become better as a person

If you want to become better as a person, if you want to leave behind an opiate addiction, if you want to love yourself again, then the Domus Retreat would be great for you. They will give you a celebrity treatment and treat you with respect.

CO, November, 2013


Domus Retreat took great care to make sure all my needs were met.

Domus Retreat took great care to make sure all my needs were met. Excellent chefs and amazing staff were available all day and all night. Great place to recover from opiate use.


CA, November, 2013


The people here are the most compassionate, friendly, accommodating people

The people here are the most compassionate, friendly, accommodating people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  If you are ready to get off opiates, today is the day to start the process.  I know it is scary, but worth every cent.

CA, November, 2013


Had I not come here, I would have been on methadone probably the rest of my life.

Had I not come here, I would have been on methadone probably the rest of my life. Waismann /Domus gave me my life back.

GA, October 30, 2013


I am taking my time returning to my life but thank god for all of you that I have a life again.

Dear Claire and Staff,

I am taking my time returning to my life but thank god for all of you that I have a life again. I have never felt so happy. I no longer feel fear. I could go on and on, but my words would pale in comparison to what i feel in my heart.

In my intake form, you asked me what my main objective was and I said that all I wanted was to have my life back. I have my life back….slowly and carefully and day by day I will survive this.

March 2013


The experience of a lifetime, staff is so caring

This is the experience of a lifetime. Staff is so caring. This has changed my life.



Never Felt Judged, Never Treated Like A “Drug Addict”

This place has gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and at peace. Never felt judged and have never been talked to or treated like a “drug addict”, that was one of the best parts. The staff has gone out of their way, not just for me but for everyone they speak to, to speak to them with loving and encouraging words. Not once did I feel uncomfortable, out of place, or not at ease. I truly believe this place and program saved my life. I have not gone one day [without] pain in over 8 years and haven’t had a minute of it since I came here. Thank you all, Domus.

Opiates: Norco, Oxycodone
Date: November, 2012


100 Percocet A Day Habit

Despite earlier attempts to detox off opiates, the experience at Waismann detox was the easiest, safest, healthiest way I could have gotten off my 100 Percocet a day habit. My stay at Domus was the perfect way to feel at ease and be taken care of until I could take care of myself. The staff and programs run are first rate and I feel fortunate to have been a part of it.



I was not a believer, but now I am.

I was very concerned that it would not help me, I was not a believer, but now I am.



Went from a severe dependency to clean in one week

Best money I have ever spent. Went from a severe dependency to clean in one week with minimal discomfort. Domus Retreat is vacation like!



Seven days of this process, you will feel great.

Almost every aspect exceeded my expectations.

Listen to April, I promise she is telling it true. Seven days of this process, you will feel great.



Don’t fight what you feel at anytime during your stay

Don’t fight what you feel at anytime during your stay.

Talk about what it is you are personally experiencing in all aspects if you can, and try if you feel you can



Don’t short yourself with other facilities that claim to do the same

If you are serious about getting better and getting your life back then don’t short yourself with other facilities that claim to do the same.

No place like it.

5 star



The Domus Retreat is nicer than you can even imagine

The Waismann Method/Domus Retreat gave me back something I couldn’t get back at any other facility, they gave me my life back. The Domus Retreat is nicer than you can even imagine and the caretakers are so great. The staff were very prompt about scheduling me appointments.



This place will save your life

This place will save your life, it did mine.



The care and patience they show is uncanny

The fear of coming off of a substance that takes a hold of you as strong as opiates do in itself is enough to make some just continue the cycle, myself included for a long time. Deciding to come here was the best decision I’ve made in my life. It is just truly an amazing and professional staff and the care and patience they show is uncanny. Thank You Domus.



Thanks to everyone…for exceeding my expectations

Waismann and Domus Retreat were incredible and is a life saving and changing experience. Thanks to everyone associated with it for exceeding my expectations.



Weismann Detox Stay and treatment were better than I could ever imagine

My entire stay and treatment were better than I could ever imagine. The place literally saved my life!!!



Best, quickest program for detox

Best, quickest program for detox. Straight forward people.



Greatest program for those of us that know we’re in trouble

Greatest program for those of us that know we’re in trouble and want to have an opportunity for a new life.



Hospital staff was top-notch and compassionate

I was hesitant to come after reading certain web posts. The negative comments on this method (rapid detox) couldn’t have been more wrong (at least for me). I had been on Suboxone for 2 years and had tapered to 3-4 mgs. The treatment itself was very tolerable (I slept most of the day of the treatment) and the hospital staff was top-notch and compassionate. After the treatment I had a few minor discomforts such as cramps in legs and diarrhea, but they were minor discomforts. My stay at the retreat was excellent. I have never been cared for so well both physically and mentally. The food was excellent, the activities (yoga, massages, therapy) were outstanding, and even though I had those few discomforts physically, I almost never thought of them. The staff at the retreat were always there for me and that was a great comfort. I will miss the people who work at Domus! (And Domus itself, what a beautiful place!)



This has been the best choice and part of my recovery program


This has been the best choice and part of my recovery program. As an Alumnus, I knew I would be cared for and respected. The best choice for detox and becoming.



It was a wonderful and speedy way to detox.



Excellent, excellent, excellent


One of the greatest decisions I have taken in my life. Excellent, excellent, excellent. I feel Dr. Lowenstein is one of the greatest personalities in the world. You are like a GOD to me. Thank you very much. Special thanks to Clare for great assistance and all others for caring.


In the aspect of detoxification, I feel very well. But since I am undergoing leg pain, I feel a little bit excited to leave Domus. But All my faith on Dr. Lowenstein.

Thanks to Dr. Lowenstein for a new person after 10 years. You make me the proudest person in the world. Thank you very much for the hospital and Domus staff were being so friendly to me and I felt like family.



Return home to rebuild my family

Very positive. Highly recommended. Care was wonderful. Drug interest is gone- ready to leave and return home to rebuild my family and live a happy, drug-free life.


Great- exciting to be going home but also a little apprehensive. Hidden away here and then reentering society is a little scary but looking forward to it.



I’m going home clean

I was on a very high methadone dose daily for 12 years (400mg avg./day). After 14 days at Waismann/Domus I’m going home clean, with a smile on my face. Did not believe it possible.

Taking 2-4 weeks in Southern California to spend time with my wife — alone and uninterrupted.



Treated with dignity and care

The Domus Retreat is a unique place of serenity where a person is allowed to not be judged for past behavior, but is treated with dignity and care by an experienced staff. Thank you for my stay!



This was the only one that changed me as a person

I had never heard of this approach to chemical dependence, and after 6 rehabs and multiple hospitalizations, this was the only one that changed me as a person.
I’m ready to go home, live a drug free life, and be all that I know I can be while sober.




It’s the Best Place to get clean and off of opiates. I still can’t believe I went from shooting Heroin every day to being clean and well within a week. Awesome!

Ready to stay clean and live a happy life, and sober life.



Waismann Method was the only way out

I was trapped in a numb world against my will, there was no way out. I wanted my life back…but I hit a wall. I needed help, and Waismann Method was the only way out, the only door open.



A completely loving, caring, staff awaits.

People if you are in the gates of hell and want to come out. This is the only way to do it. A completely loving, caring, staff awaits. A completely safe way( and so much faster) to come back from the hell fire you in! This comes from soneone who let himself relapse, but knew exactly where to go again to escape the fire. Please consider this and not some lame suboxone replacement treatment. You will not be back through the gates.



I FINALLY got my life back…

Researched the treatment/detoxification process on Wednesday, booked my appointment on Friday, and I can 100% without a doubt confidently say this was the best decision I have EVER made! I FINALLY got my life back…

Thanks again to the entire Domus/Waismann staff. You are TRULY lifesavers.



Waismann Institute and Domus Retreat are the perfect combination

Most detox and recovery programs make you feel like a malignant personality. Waismann Method and Domus Retreat are the perfect combination. I am now able to realize and articulate myself and “why” I used opiates to cope with life.



Waismann Method does exactly what they say they will

Waismann Method does exactly what they say they will. It is up to you to follow the aftercare directions. The people at Domus are wonderful and I would highly recommend this facility to anybody who needs treatment.



Imagine concentrating the worst parts of your drug withdrawal into a day

Imagine concentrating the worst parts of your drug withdrawal into a day. Now imagine that there’s a procedure that allows you to skip the experience. Then imagine being cared for as you prepare to be reintegrated into your life in the condition you’ve been waiting for.



I can not thank them enough

I am not just being kind or nice, this place really blew my mind. To have this many people who actually care about my rehab is amazing.

My wife and I were addicted to Suboxone and it was terrible. Waking up needing to take it, worrying if I had enough, worrying when I would start getting withdrawls, was ruining our lives. This place turned all that around. It is not a quick fix, there is a lot of hard work involved but Domus gives you the tools and the people around you to do it. I can not thank them enough!



The total treatment from the first phone call was undoubtedly compassionate.

The total treatment from the first phone call was undoubtedly compassionate. I stayed 10 days, met over a dozen staff members and they treated me like a king. I was on 1800 mg of Roxi a day and took them through the nose and looked like the picture of death when I came in. They saved my life with the Waismann method. I am clean and sober from a life long alcohol addiction as well. I just cant explain how this saved me. I have a wife and 4 beautiful boys to go home to now instead of 6 ft. under as you can imagine. The Domus Retreat after program is very necessary because they are trained to get you ready for society. My suggestion is to follow their suggestions.



This is where the true healing happens

Only way to go if your time schedule is limited, however I would recommend min. of 7 days at Domus Retreat. This is where the true healing happens. I will stay the course!



I felt that the Domus Retreat was the most successful rehabilitation from opiate or opioid dependency.

I felt that the Domus Retreat was the most successful rehabilitation from opiate or opioid dependency that I have ever received. The staff, location, and physicians went above and beyond what I had initially expected.



Truly amazing the work they do here

This program is above and beyond any treatment program for addiction I have encountered before. Truly amazing the work they do here.



The Most Caring Individuals I Ever Met

Great place to rehab. Wouldn’t have picked any other place in the world. This place was a real lifesaver. I felt like I was royalty staying at a 5 star resort, with the most caring individuals that I ever met. Thank you Domus from the bottom of my heart and my family.



This is the only way

This is the only way to get off drugs. Illegal or prescribed.



The only process I would recommend to someone I cared about.

Domus and the Waismann Method of rapid detox are the only process I would recommend to someone I cared about.



The most beautiful way to come off opiates

The Domus house was amazing. The most beautiful way to come off opiates. Waismann Method saved my life. All staff were just amazing!



Everything was great!!

This treatment couldn’t of been any better! Everything was great!!



I am eternally grateful

I have done many detoxes, treatment centers, etc. for opiates. Domus has far exceeded anything I could’ve hoped for and I am eternally grateful to the staff and everything they have provided. From love and concern, to care and their beautiful energy. The whole atmosphere here is lovely. I feel so, so fortunate to have been able to come here.



I felt lost and alone

Prior to my stay at Domus, I felt lost and alone. Not only were my physical expectations exceeded, my emotional needs were redirected and I feel I am on a path to becoming a complete and whole person.



A place unlike any other

Staff was so caring. Entire spiritual environment. A place unlike any other.

I was in a near fatal car accident and ended up dependent on opiates. Without success at other detox facilities I tried the Waismann Method as a leap of faith. It was the best choice I made because it completely changed me. They assited my physical, spiritual, and emotional journey. I will never forget the poeple that have made this happen.



Kindness and professionalism beyond my expectations

The Waismann Method will deliver you from the cruelty of withdrawal right into the arms of the loving and caring staff at Domus. Every moment of fear and pain and loss and anxiety was answered with kindness and professionalism beyond my expectations. My life has been saved and my gratitude is boundless.



If anyone out there is hooked…This is the only way to go

If anyone out there is hooked on opiates of any kind. This is the only way to go.



Met amazing friends and bonded with all

Domus was home and that’s what Domus means. It was the best way to detox from my best friend percocet which was really the devil. (I) Met amazing friends and bonded with all we will stay in contact 4 life. Thank you everyone for giving me back my life and bringing me home a new mom for my son.



If you want to be free again

If you want to be free again get your ass to this place now.



I would recommend this to anyone and everyone

This method of detoxing off opiods is the best way to go. Every person along the way was very helpful and encouraging. Not to mention that the actual detox off the drugs isn’t bad at all. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone with an opiod addiction.



Thank you Waismann!

This place has gave me a new life! More than I expected! Thank you Waismann! You are a blessing to my life.



You can get your life back no matter how old

If you’re lost and hooked on drugs, you can get your life back no matter how old – I’m 56 and thought I was a dead man – now I’ve got my life, my wife, and a whole support network until I leave this planet.



You will never be judged

You don’t need to put your like on hold and suffer for 30 days. There is another option, and that is rapid opiate detox at Waismann Institute (Method) and Domus retreat. You will never be judged because learning how not to judge yourself is part of the program. This is about getting you healthy and feeling good again in the shortest time possible using the most advanced science in the world.



This does work

Don’t give-up & don’t stop believing! This does work & is amazing experience! Push yourself to get-up & move around to build endophines!



You do not know how good it feels

“Ok, if any body is in trouble with any addiction PLEASE, please call them. These people will help you get your life back. You do not know how good it feels to get your life back, it’s great. Love you guys and thank you to Domus & Hospital. Thank you for giving me my life back. Love you …. ”



It was what I needed

It was a life changing experience & was taken care of with special TLC. It was what I needed at that point in my life.



Changed my life forever

The most amazing people I’ve ever had the privilege to spend time with, changed my life forever in the most positive way possible.



Fastest return to normal life without opiates

I recommend this procedure to any highly motivated individual that wants the fastest return to normal life without opiates. I have participated in multiple hospital and residential programs and have witnessed over a thousand detoxes in 10 years operating residential rehabs. I have never seen a faster stabilization and movement towards a new sobriety.



Saved my life and it could save yours

The Waismann Method & Domus Retreat is the one & only rehab center. I would recommend everything from hospitalization to health care to services & education is excellent. This program saved my life and it could save yours.



Always checking to make sure you’re okay

Domus is amazing. The caregivers make the stay comfortable and make you feel that way and are always checking to make sure you’re okay.



Recommend Domus to anyone in the same situation as me

I would definitely recommend Domus to anyone in the same situation as me.



Percocet Testimonial

Anyone that is serious about getting their life back in the most loving and gentle and caring environment  should consider this option. The Waismann Method coupled with the Domus Retreat and the entire staff is truly amazing beyond whatever it is you are imagining it could be!

 January, 2011 Connecticut


OxyContin Testimonial


 January, 2011 Tennessee


Hydrocodone Testimonial

I promise it is not nearly as scary as you think it will be. This is the ONLY way to detox from opiates.

 December, 2010 Texas


OxyContin Testimonial

That if your an opiate user seeking help this is in my eyes the only way to get the help you need with outstanding staff members, and luxury living. It saved my life and now see the world so much different and clear. I love you all at Domus and the hospital.

Thank you for saving my LIFE.


 December, 2010 California


Stadol Testimonial

Thank you for helping me regain my identity, marriage, and family. I could not have done this alone.

 December, 2010 Georgia


Morphine Testimonial

I would strongly recommend this program for with pain issues and pain medication issues. It saved my life.

Thank you to Everyone!

 December, 2010 Florida


Heroin Testimonial

This procedure really works and is a life saver! There is nothing out there like it.

 December, 2010 California


I have never felt more cared for

The Waismann Method seems to me to be the only way to do this detox and get back to real life. I have never felt more cared for than while I stayed at Domus.


Oxycodone Testimonial

The reason why I believe I started taking pain medication is because I wanted the “quick fix.” Quickest way to be pain free or quickest way to feel good and eventually to quickest way to funtion period. The reason why pain med/ users dont come off the meds or deny they can’t come off is because you figure out there is no quick fix to come off opiates. I have said, and other opiate users I know, if the was a guarantee that I wouldn’t have to go thru hell to be clean I’d stop tomorrow. Waismann is that guarantee. Thank you Waismann for giving me my life back and giving me back to my kids.

 November, 2010 – New Jersey


Oxycodone Testimonial

Thank you so much for putting me on the right track. G-d bless everyone at Domus!!!

 October, 2010 New Mexico


Hydrocodone Testimonial

The Domus Retreat is a unique place of serenity. Where a person is allowed to not be judged for past behavior but is treated with dignity and care by an experienced staff.

Thank You for my stay!!

 October, 2010 South Carolina


OxyContin Testimonial

As a highly recognized executive i found out early on that I might have developed a problem post surgical and called Domus and got it fixed the right way.

October 2010 Georgia


OxyContin Testimonial October 2010 Oklahoma

Domus is the safest and most reasonable way to detox.

October 2010 Oklahoma


OxyContin Testimonial

All the staff at the Waismann Method and Domus are amazing. The program works and by far better than any other program.

October, 2010 South Carolina


Oxycodone Testimonial

Domus helped me get my life back. It is the light at the end of the dark tunnel of addiction. Anyone seeking help from opiod dependence needs to highly consider coming here. The entire process gives you such a better, healthier outlook in life. The staff are some of the nicest most caring individuals you will ever meet. THANK YOU SO MUCH DOMUS!! I love everything you have done to help me.

September, 2010 Pennsylvania


Methadone Testimonial

This is not a cure all nor is it a walk in the park BUT IT IS THE easiest way to detox off opiates. I wouldn’t have done it any other way, It was the toughest 10 days of my life. Well Worth the path to freedom. Goddess Bless All Here You all are Rock Star!

September, 2010 California


Heroin Testimonial

My experience at Domus was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting get sober from any opiate addiction. It’s in my opinion the best way to do it.

August, 2010 California


Hydrocodone Testimonial

Service is second to none. They make you comfortable the whole way through.

August, 2010 Texas


Percocet Testimonial

Saved my life.

July, 2010 South Carolina


OxyContin Testimonial

If you are serious about stopping the opiates. This is the only way and the best way. It’s well worth the money.

July, 2010 California


OxyContin Testimonial

I have never had a experience like this before so I’m not real knowledgeable but I have had the nicest people ever helping me every day for my needs, expectations, and care/ I would DEFINITELY recommend this as secure, private, atmosphere possible.

July, 2010 Ohio


OxyContin Testimonial

It would be tragic for anyone that needed your service, not to chose it. I am convinced that Domus continues to look for even more improvements.

July, 2010 Florida


OxyContin Testimonial

This was the absolute best I could have done for my life. Everyone is such a pleasure and makes you feel at home. I would recommend anyone who has the same issue to get this route in taking back your life!

July, 2010 Arizona


Roxycodone Testimonial

If it’s your decision, this is for you. You must want it and must be willing to try different pain techniques.

June, 2010 California


OxyContin Testimonial

Made me Truly Feel like I was one of their own family.

That Much Care!!

June, 2010 Vermont


Oxycodone Testimonial

Best program I have ever gone through. I could write for days just don’t have time the time at the moment.

June, 2010 Florida


Fentanyl Testimonial

Don’t go anywhere else. This place is the place to go for opiate addiction. Nowhere else will you feel this good so fast.

June, 2010 Washington


Oxycodone Testimonial

Have been given a new lease on life and I intend to make those that made this possible proud with what I accomplish in the years to come

June, 2010 California


OxyContin Testimonial

Service and Facility are excellent. Decisions for medications take hours when you are extremely sick.

June, 2010 California


OxyContin Testimonial

The Waismann Method is the only humane positive treatment for detox and rehab in the entire US, Which is hard to believe, so grateful!

May, 2010 Louisiana


Tramadol Testimonial

I thought going into it all that what they claimed was all too good to be true! That it was a scam! Couldn’t be more from the truth! Here I am 5 days later exercising, playing basketball, laughing… Saved my marriage, saved my job, Saved my life!

Thank you… all the way from Clare, to Dr. Lowenstein, to April (Don;t remember last name), to the Chef’s, to Jaman & Kumar & all the other staff unnamed…. You are all wonderful!!

May, 2010 Utah


OxyContin Testimonial

This is a life saving experience. Now I can live life with a smile and be happy!!!!

May, 2010 California


OxyContin Testimonial

This program works. Everyone comes in as an addict but are treated as an individual every step of the way. Here you are given the tools not only to get clean, not only to stay clean, but also to have a fulfilling life.

May, 2010 Ohio


Oxycontin Percocet Testimonial

The Greatest Place on Earth to Detox.

May, 2010 Virginia


Norco Testimonial

The negative comments on the web almost made me decide against this method of detox until I saw this entire procedure on T.V.

THANK GOD I did this, my discomfort was minimal; no vomiting, others with me had more cramping and discomfort HOWEVER, it only lasted a day or two.NOW looking back would I, and I asked my group, would they do it again knowing all? “HELL YES”.

April, 2010 Nevada


OxyContin Testimonial

After spending an appropriate amount of time in hospital, I knew I wasn’t being tossed out the door but heading to a facility that would offer me the time to properly recover before I face my life under the care of truly marvelous people.

April, 2010 Washington


Suboxone Testimonial

The outcome is even better than the stated intent.

April, 2010 Alabama


OxyContin Testimonial

This is the beginning of a journey in which the first step was here.

April, 2010 Ohio


Vicodin Testimonial

I would encourage everyone with this type of problem to come here!!.

April, 2010 Rhode Island


OxyContin Testimonial

If you have addiction problem please do this program. Works great and this will change your life forever. I have my life back. I’m opiate free.

Thank you to Waismann & Domus Retreat

March, 2010 Arizona


Oxycodone Testimonial

This is the best that I could have done to get my life back on track.The treatment and aftercare are well worth the investment!

March, 2010 Hawaii


Tramadol Testimonial

Amazing process in every way. I can’t believe how awesome I feel after only a day. It is so wonderful to wake up with a clear head. Thank you so much for giving me another try at life the right way.

March, 2010 Wisconsin


Norco Testimonial

The negative comments I read on the web almost made me decide against their method and Detox; until I saw the entire procedure on TV, and decided to go for it. Thank God I did, my discomfort was minimal; no vomiting; others with me had more cramping and discomfort. However it only lasted for a day or two. Now; looking back would I, and I asked my group; would they do it again knowing all? “HELL YES”.

March, 2010 Nevada


Hydrocodone Testimonial

Rapid Detox and Domus have given me a real chance to live opiate free. Exhaust all other resources for traditional treatment so you will know-the money spent to free your brain of the poison-OPIATE- is for most- the only way to make it. As close to a cure as currently possible. Rather you believe it or not… This is a good thing! Father I praise you!

March, 2010 California


Fetanyl Methadone Testimonial March 2010 California

You changed my life!!!

March, 2010 California


Percocet Testimonial

Don’t waste your time or life exploring other options. This is it baby.

February, 2010 Arizona


Heroin Testimonial

Made my Dreams Come Alive!

February, 2010 California


Heroin Testimonial

I felt like I went from Junkie to a millionaire. Ima try to keep that feeling. Thanks to staff and especially the environment.

February, 2010 Arizona


Hydrocodone Testimonial January 2010 Texas

Rapid detox and Domus have given me a real chance to live opiate free. Exhaust(ed) all other resources for traditional treatment.So you will know – the money spent to free your brain of the poison – OPIATE – is for most the only way to make it. As close to a cure as currently possible. Rather you believe it or not. This is a God thing!

Thanks Father, I praise you.

January, 2010 Texas


Ms Contin Testimonial

Detox and follow up at Domus exceeded my expectations.I literally do not think I could have done this without the excellent care and ongoing staff support.

January, 2010 Hawaii


Tramadol Testimonial

After years of debating whether to spend the $(money) this was well worth it. Every stop of the way there was someone to help and talk me through the process. Never was I made to feel guilty but only showed encouragement by all.

January, 2010 Rhode Island


Methadone Testimonial

The website is what brought me here. I never saw the TV commercial. If you ever need me for TV or feedback to come back and tell everyone IT IS POSSIBLE, I will.

January, 2010 Indiana


Tramadol Testimonial

The environment at Domus completely exceeded my expectations.

January, 2010 Washington


I am a free man and I feel great

Claire -first, thank you for having this service even when some disagree. The Waissman Method is truly a miracle life-saving gift. It has been one week and I don’t have thoughts of “do I have my morphine”, or “I gotta make sure enough”. For the first time in 7 years I am a free man and I feel great!!! If you ever need me for anything, I am willing to tell my story to help others. From media inquiries to hesitant patients, I’m available.

Next, your staff is superb!! April is the greatest. She cares, she listens, and she helps us patients through a short fragile period. Don’t ever let that lady go :)

Then entire staff is outstanding, but I would like to recognize Jamon for just being kind hearted, a great listener when needed, and he knows what to say when comfort is needed.

Simply put, Thank You!!!


Opiates: Oxycodone, MS-Contin
Date: December, 2009


Norco Testimonial

Quick detox! Only way to do it right! get off now! And live opiate free!

December, 2009 California


Hydrocodone Testimonial

Domus is Exactly what it advertises. They clean you out, care for you and give the tools to help you healthy – fast.

November, 2009 Washington


Vicodin Testimonial

This is handsdown the best care available for opiate addiction. Two days after the operation I’m going home feeling wonderful. I had a seven year Vicodin addiction. Now I am forever done!!!

November, 2009 Washington


Percocet Testimonial

The Waismann Treatment(Method) is a very pain free stress free way of going through detox. The procedure is taken very seriously by all caretakers involved from the doctor doing the procedure to the nurses attending your every turn. But, the best surprise is Domus. A magnificent warm retreat in the hills of California. Where the care is more than anyone can imagine. The staff are all so caring and you are pampered and cared for like a princess. You are able to heal in a womb-like environment with your every need and almost every desire accounted for.
Thank you for the experience.

November, 2009 Florida


Suboxone Testimonial

The Waismann Method Saved My Life and made realize there are different kinds of addiction and/or dependency.

October, 2009 Texas


Heroin Testimonial

My drug use was a secret for many years because I feared judgement and misunderstanding from those around me. The Waismann staff (Breanne and April) really made me feel accepted, understood and offered an option to overcome my addiction in an environment of happy, positive people, who did not carry judgement.

October, 2009 Oregon


Methadone Testimonial

If you are addicted COME HERE. It will save your life. After 30 years of Heroin and Methadone. I felt no pain during the detox.

September, 2009 California


Oxycontin Testimonial

Put your past behind you. The program works.

September, 2009 Vermont


Percocet Testimonial

I took Opiates for 15 year. I came here and had the best care possible. They treat you with respect. They saved my life.

September, 2009 Missouri


Fentanyl Testimonial

First Stop. Don’t even consider other options. This is a first Class, 5 star treatment and recovery facility

August, 2009


Suboxone Testimonial

It worked for me. I got what I was told I would get.

August, 2009 Alabama


Percocet Testimonial

Tough but it worked!.

August, 2009 Arizona


Oxycontin Testimonial

How great this was? That I got the care & treatment needed to save my life.

August, 2009


Percocet Testimonial

Excellent method for getting your life back.

August, 2009


Ambien Testimonial

Yes, I would even talk in forums about my addiction & recovery with the Waismann Method. Traditional Treatment (three times in the last 12 months), did not work. The Waismann Method was the only thing that did!

August, 2009


Percocet Testimonial

I would highly recommend the Waismann Method to anyone who is ready to get off the descending merry-go-round of hellish addiction.

July, 2009


Methadone Testimonial

You should go on TV, you would help more people.

July, 2009 California


Oxycontin Testimonial

Absolutely great program. People take care of you as best as possible.

July, 2009 Pennsylvania


Oxycontin Testimonial

If anyone has a problem with addiction, please come to this program. Everyone here was exceptional.

July, 2009 Texas


Methadone Testimonial

Yes, I would even talk in forums about my addiction and recovery with the Waismann Method. Been through traditional treatments 3 times in the last 12 months, did not work. The Waismann Method was the only thing that did. The staff – I can

July, 2009


Oxycontin Testimonial

From a pharmacist

July, 2009 Canada


Vicodin Testimonial

Really effective treatment, overall a great decision!

July, 2009


Vicodin Addiction Testimonial

How can I thank you ALL for your great care, amazing attention and kindness? I feel great and everybody notices how much better I look, after only 10 days! Please give my thanks to the nurses too, who were wonderful as well. Next time I’m in L.A., I’ll stop by to say hi.

Very truly yours,

Addiction Patient


Oxycontin Testimonial

I was scared about coming here. As soon as I called and spoke with the team, I knew I was on my way to recovery. I strongly and empathically advise anybody with opioid addiction to come.

June, 2009 Texas


Vicodin Testimonial

An expensive treatment but to spend time without a care or concern or worry is priceless. You deserve this chance to have the fun, easy attitude and no judgment.

June, 2009 Oregon


Hydrocodone Testimonial June 2009 California

I am so grateful to the Waismann Method program. The whole process went so smoothly. Dr. Bernstein was the greatest. I really feel that I have my life back and the journey was made incredibly easy by this incredible people. I want to thank you all.

June, 2009 California


Heroin Testimonial June 2009

This was the most profound experience I’ve been throungh and I owe them my life.I love all of you! You are all so great!

Thank you all for saving me from myself.

June, 2009


Heroin Testimonial

Took care of me, got me up to a 100%. It was the best option and I chose it.

June, 2009 Texas


Vicodin Testimonial

Everyone was awesome; it was very healing for me. Thank you so much.

June, 2009


Hydrocodone Testimonials

Make your decision, do it and go to the experts who know about opiate addiction and can help. I was afraid to go into a treatment center and although there is some discomfort, this Waismann Method is the way to go. I feel revitalized and ready to get a fresh new start in life. I would absolutely choose this place over anything else.

June, 2009


Heroin Testimonial

Out-f***ing standing! Out of this world, every single one of them.

May, 2009


Oxycontin Testimonial

First Class Service all the way I truly would recommend to anyone with an opioid dependency.

May, 2009


Suboxone Testimonial

In the last year I tried unsuccessfully to get off suboxone, was constantly bouncing between 2 and 8 mg. & never finding answers in the medical community. But I am not embarrassed and I am proud of my experience and I will share and never forget the positive effect this (Waismann Method) has had in my life.

May, 2009


Vicodin Testimonial

Smartest choice I have ever made!

I feel like I have my life back! I would highly recommend this type of detox& treatment to anyone! thank to alll the staff @ the hospital & Domus for your kind & respectful care! thank you for helping me get my wonderful life back.

May, 2009


Norco Testimonial

Thank you all for giving me a new beginning.

May, 2009 California


Oxycodone Testimonial

I would gladly pump your program. I will wind up sending colleagues to this place. Thank you so much.

April, 2009


Suboxone Testimonial

The best care possible to detox from opiates.

April, 2009


Hydrocodone Testimonial April 2009

Overall everyone was very caring and concerned about my well being recovery from the procedure. The staff at Domus is completely commited to each and every patient staying there. It was nice to have that extra time at Domus for me to heal my body! When I called again the staff in the office knew my issues and had me on a plane out here the very next day – Thank you so much.

Bre – April, 2009


Methadone Testimonial

Respectful atmosphere and respect from all caregivers.

April, 2009 Utah


Morphine Testimonial

Everyone was very attentive. Great staff, Dr. Lowenstein and Dr. Bernstein were also wonderful. Domus is very restful, very needed. I was treated like a queen, it

April, 2009 Alaska


Tramadol Detox Patient Testimonial

This program exceeded my expectation. Domus was refered by someone who had successfully completed the program and for 2 years remains opiate free.


William – Hydrocodone and Tramadol Detox Patient March,2009


Oxycontin Testimonial

There is no better place to get yourself back together.

March, 2009 Utah


Suboxone Testimonial

Had heard of them several years on TV, highly recommended to any opiate addict for the caring and friendliness of the staff.

March, 2009 Louisiana


Hydrocodone Testimonial

This program exceeded my expectations. All people were well trained and excellent professionals. Expect full recovery due to program and treatment.

March, 2009


Morphine Testimonial

After a very scary and uncertain time in my life, the people at Domus Recovery welcomed me and eased my fears. I am truly indeebt to the staff for treating me like family and truly coming about not only my care but about me as a person.

March, 2009


Fentanyl Testimonial

After a very scary and uncertain time in my life, these people welcomed me and eased my fears. I am truly indebted to the staff for treating me like family and truly caring about not only my care but about me as a person.

March, 2009


Fentora Testimonial

Every single staff member could not have been kinder or accommodating.

March, 2009


Subutex Testimonial

This is the best way to detox, if you have the money, this treatment is worth every penny.

March, 2009 California


Oxycontin Testimonial

I wanted to thank you for your kindness and concern – and especially for the treatment. R. is doing so well and he really is a new man! We feel that this is a whole new chapter in our lives. He is enjoying so much being able to help others through his experience. It was great to meet you all the day we came to your office, and to talk to you. Our business isn’t doing well and feel that maybe the Lord is moving us in a new direction. We would love to work together in some capacity to help you in your clinic. We have some ideas to further your goal of giving hope to people. Anyway, whatever we can do to help others, we want to do.

God bless you.


Rick & Kathy – March, 2009


Oxycontin Testimonial

Fantastic service and care. The level of personal commitment of each and every person at Domus and Waismann exceeded my expectation.

March, 2009 California


Suboxone Testimonial

Dear Clare,


I’m back home in NY!! I had an unbelievable time, your choice of staff and logic is impeccable.Each and every person associated with the process will remain in my heart for the rest of my life. From the hospital to Domus everything exceeded my expectations 100 percent. I feel good a little sluggish but nothing i can not handle and if a I have a problem I know there are people there for me, be it 2500 miles in Cali.

February, 2009 Oklahoma


Hydrocodone Testimonial

Make your decision, do it and go to the experts who know about opiate addiction and can help. I was afraid to go a treatment center and although there is some discomfort this Waismann Method Method is the way to go. I feel revitalized and ready to get a freash, new start in life. I would absolutely choose this place over anything alse.

February, 2009


Oxycontin Testimonial

Nursing staff always at your side the second you call on them, very friendly. I will come again for sure (but just for a visit).

Febraury 2009 Washington


Alprazolam Testimonial

I would as a professional personally highly recommend this treatment. It saved my life and gave me back my self respect, self esteem and a reason to live. I will consider these people as friends for the rest of my life.

Febraury, 2009


Oxycontin Testimonial

Best care! Everyone becomes your best friend and family. I love you all!

January, 2009 Alabama


Oxycontin Testimonial

This has been the most amazing experience between feeling safe and comfortable. This is the best treatment experience of my life. I have confidence to stay clean and enjoy wonderful life ahead of me. G_d bless!

January, 2009 Arizona


Vicodin Testimonial

Their care is genuine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

January, 2009


Hydrocodone Testimonials

I’m so Gratefull to the Waismann Program. The whole process went so smoothly. Dr. Berstein was the greatest. I really feel that I have my life back and the journey was made incrediblebly cozy by these incredible people. I want to thank them all.

January, 2009


Percocet Testimonial

I am a 40 yr old Registered Nurse that was told I would never work again and never be able to stop taking opiates. This program has changed my life. Everyone I met was my personal angel sent to me from heaven. If G_d will head you to it, he will bring you through it. May G_d bless you all! I am a 40 yr old Registered Nurse that was told I would never work again and never be able to stop taking opiates. This program has changed my life. Everyone I met was my personal angel sent to me from heaven. If G_d will head you to it, he will bring you through it. May G_d bless you all! I am opiate free and ready to live life.

January, 2009 Florida


Hydrocodone Testimonial

Christina, Joseph, Louis and April were kind, gentle and treated me with compassion and dignity. I could not have asked for better care.

June, 2009 New Jersey


Oxycontin Testimonial

Finding a new you through gentle guiding care. A staff that is truly most dedicated to how your recovery goes in every respect.

January, 2009


Helped me more than traditional rehab

Worthwhile, helped me more than traditional rehab. Would recommend extended stay at Domus.


Norco Addiction Testimonial

It’s been 10 days since the procedure, and I feel better than I have in about 4 years. Thank you again
for all your assistance.because of your program, I am now able to enjoy the holidays,
and FEEL how wonderful and special Christmas is.

Thank you
for giving us our life back. Have a wonderful holiday.

With Love & Gratitude,

Erin and David December,2008


Methadone Testimonial

Because they helped me get through w/ minimal pain just like they promised.They got me off Suboxone! Yay! Thank you to all of the staff @ Waismann for getting me through one of the hardest times in my life.



Methadone Testimonial

This was the best treatment ever. The morphine in the hospital was a big plus. I came very sad and I’m leaving feeling like me again. I got my bright eyes and smile back and I’m very anxious to get back home to my family. Everyone here is the best. Thanks to you all.



Methadone Addiction Testimonial

Waismann Institute Saved My Life!

Midway through September 2008 I had my rapid detox procedure done to get off methadone and many other opiates
used over the past seven years. The team of Doctors, Physician’s Assistant, Nurses and all other support staff made a scary situation totally calm for me. I feel that the modern medicine that they practice is truly amazing! I tried to detox from all sorts of opiates and heroin over the years and could not stand the pain for more than two days.This procedure took my horrible pain away and began to cleanse my body in one hour. It is amazing what they do. After the procedure, they sent me to a beautiful house (Domus) that has everything you could possibly want or need. All the staff there were wonderful. One week after my procedure, I was running down the beach, swimming and feeling like I was really 26 instead of feeling like I was dying a slow and painful death. I deeply thank the entire staff for saving my life and hope others will read this and check out this procedure—to save their life or a loved one’s life.




Norco Detox Testimonial

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you are doing for me.



Heroin Detox Testimonial

I was feeling really good for the first time in a very long time and I feel like jumping out of bed to tell all of you that.Thank you so much for all the support and the letters. Thank you for your gracious help and mostly I thank
God for my wonderful daughters. They mean more to me than anything in the entire world!!!! And for God, there is so
much words cannot begin to express my understanding and his presence when I could not understand why this was all so very difficult. I’d ask him why am I facing so many unimaginable things? And then when my biggest journey had been met (my true freedom), I realized that he was there all the time giving me the strength against odds that I never thought possible. He is and was by my side all the time. I learned one of the biggest, if not the biggest lesson of my life at the age of 37 years young and I know that came at a time when I needed it most and I’ll truly appreciate it forever, I love all of you so much. Thank you so much for your prayers. I can’t wait to laugh with each one of you in a special way real soon. This is my first night home and I feel like Rocky. I just want to blast that songand run and laugh and cry at the same time. I had to share this with all of you who mean so much to me. I hope you can feel my incredible joy and elation. I just want to to burst out singing (I Feel Good…Nanana).

Thank you all. And thank you God for the gift of life. I’m sending the biggest hugs and kisses until I see each and
every one of you.



Hydrocodone Detox Testimonial 2

Just wanted you to know, M. is doing just great! He still has zero cravings and we are doing better than ever.

We just got engaged and thank you to Waismann for giving M. his life back. I hope you all have a good New Year’s and you all keep giving the gift you gave to us.

Thank You!


Hydrocodone Detox Testimonial

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful program. I was addicted to prescription pain meds (fentynl and mepergan) that my doctor had been prescribing to me for 4 years.I also wanted to thank my ICU nurse Ashley. He stayed by my side all night. I could not have asked for better treatment.I used to believe the stereotype that all of the friendly people live here in the South. I now know that is not true.I received wonderful treatment from your center and I have recommended it to several people I know. Thank you so much for saving my life.



Hydrocodone Detox Testimonial

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful program. I was addicted to prescription pain meds (fentynl and mepergan) that my doctor had been prescribing to me for 4 years.I also wanted to thank my ICU nurse Ashley. He stayed by my side all night. I could not have asked for better treatment. I used to believe the stereotype that all of the friendly people live here in the South. I now know that is not true.I received wonderful treatment from your center and I have recommended it to several people I know. Thank you so much for saving my life.



Methadone Testimonial

We would like to thank you for a good service, whole-hearted support you have given to us. We’ll hope and pray XXX’s treatment is a success.

August 2008


My husband and I are very impressed with the professionalism

Dear Clare,

I wanted to take the time to thank you. It was certainly appreciated.

My husband and I are very impressed with the professionalism of the Waismann Institute. Everyone we had contact with was courteous and kind. We certainly have great confidence in Dr. Bernstein and would not hesitate to recommend his talents.

Kudos to your staff at the Hospital. I have never seen staff members that cared about their patients and went out of their way to ensure my comfort.

Should you need a recommendation I would be honored to assist you in any way I can.


Opiates: Codeine, Date: July, 2008


Your staff made us feel at ease and comfortable

Dear Deborah,

When I accompanied my son for his detoxification treatment, we were both anxious and apprehensive, but from the moment we arrived, your staff made us feel at ease and comfortable. The doctors and the nurses explained every step of the procedure, and were so gracious in answering our many questions. My son is doing very good, and is getting stronger every day. His procedure was done less than a week ago, but he says he feels good. He and I both want to thank you and the Waismann Method for giving his life back to him.

Thank you,

Billie and Jack Opiates:

Codeine Date: July, 2008


Percocet Addiction Testimonial

After speaking with you on the phone a few moments ago, I want to express my sheer disappointment in doctors who will not accept or refuse to understand the Waismann Method and some such as my psychologist who refuses to except it.

When my doctor who no longer is my doctor stated that I was dreaming, wanting to find a quick fix to my problem and in denial of my disease I was truly disappointed and felt rejected. I trusted this man and his opinions until this point, but when he stated “I am too good of doctor to accept this method of addiction recovery” and “you must be willing to do as I say and go to a traditional treatment program or I will not see you any more,” this told me he was the one in denial.

I want you to know that I have been clean for 39 days and have no desire to go back. I am not just relying on the Revia but also my family, my friends and a wonderful psychologist who is helping me through my issues of my past, present and future. Best of all she is willing to understand and work with a method outside the norm of traditional programs. The only thing that I got and use today from a traditional program is “Take It One Day At A Time.” I need to address all aspects of my life but, most impotently, to address the ways to move forward in life instead of stagnate. All that the opiates were doing was holding me in place and I am happy now with the help of the Waismann Method and others to begin a bright new future.

I feel so strongly in the Waismann Method that I would be willing, if you think it would help, to talk to others about what I have been through, the Waismann Method, and my recovery. I think it is important to get the word out, in that there are alternatives and it works. The Waismann Method needs to help the ignorant doctors in the Northeast and I would be happy to help.

You have my permission to show this to anyone you think it would help or convince including web-based comunication.
Please call or E-mail me if I can help in anyway.



Addiction Patient

October 2010 South Carolina


Oxycontin Detox Testimonial

What can I do to say thank you for the lovely care and dependable professionalism? You were always there to take my somewhat frantic – certainly not easy to deal with- emotional calls. It must take a very special person (you) to do that. I envision you as the juggler never letting lives hit the ground. Thank you for your concern, it was wonderful being guided and held by your capable hands.

Forever grateful,


I feel wonderful for the most part, and wanted to thank you

Deb and Clare,

I came back to work today after taking last week off with my family.I feel wonderful for the most part, and wanted to thank you, the hospital, and all the nurses and doctors. You may use my name, email, or whatever will help, especially if any potential customers doubt, or want to hear from someone who just went. I would be more than happy to communicate my experience with them.


Opiates: Codeine
Date: May, 2008


Letter To Bush – Oxycontin & Norco Testimonial

Dear President Bush,

I hope this letter finds you and yours well and healthy. I would like to talk to you about the drug called Oxycontin. Although I find the rationale of delineating “legal” vs “illegal” Oxycontin victims reprehensible, for purposes of this investigation, I present myself as a “legally” prescribed Oxycontin victim, whose life has forevermore been altered by that poison.  In January of 2001, I was a  55 yr. old, woman married 32 yrs., with 2 beautifully grown children, owner of 2 successful business’, served an elected position of leadership in my community (4 years), actively employed since teen years, who was relatively happy and content, caring for my home and family, with a lower back problem.  I had been maintained on Tylenol # 3 for many years and was referred to a “pain clinic”, when the pain in my back escalated.  Little did I know the deep abyss I was entering when I saw this new doctor.  My medical records from this  facility could serve as the “poster chart” for Purdue Pharma Advertising campaign.  I was told that I was “undermedicated”,  I was told that there was a new “wonder” drug, I was told that my fears of addiction due to “family history” were not applicable with this drug. In the first few weeks, I raved about this drug to everyone.  It made me feel like superwoman and I had the energy of a 20 year old.  But then slowly I became sicker and sicker every day.  I had no idea what this illness was.

It was a hurting pain that seemed to stab down into my bones and joints and made me want to shed my limbs at times.  At certain times, I thought I had the Cancer.  The worst it got, the more increases the doctor ordered until he had me on 14- 20mg. (280mgs. per day) of Oxycontin and 8 Norco for breakthrough. (an amount some cancer patients don’t get)   He also wrote the directions for the prescription: “take 4 in morning, 4 in afternoon, and 5 at bedtime”.  Although I didn’t know it at the time, this is totally contradictory to the manufacturers “written” package insert, which called for 12 hour dosing.  At one visit, he titrated me to double the amount I was taking in one day, also contraindicated in the P.I.  To say the least, I did not know day from night, let alone morn., aft.,
bedtime.  This doctor, for all intents and purposes had concocted a”prescription for addiction”.  However, I did not know at the time that the illness and sickness I felt every day, due to this formula and drug was causing me to have withdrawal.  I just thought I was very, very, sick.

I became a former shadow of myself.  I couldn’t work, I couldn’t garden, and I lost all interest in any thing else, I had always done.  I did things that were so uncharacteristic for myself, it makes me cringe to think of it today.  I lost all interest in daily hygiene.  I had to stop driving my car after I left it running in the street.  I couldn’t clean my house.  I didn’t go anywhere.  I started to pick at my scalp for some ungodly reason, and could not stop.  I fell out of my bed.  and then there came the phase where I was totally preoccupied with the pills.  I had to count them out on a daily basis, because half way through the month I would realize that too many were missing to last for another 2 weeks.  I had no idea how they were missing.  I was always calling early for refills, which would engender a lecture about “no early refills”, but I would be given the next script and go home for 30 days.  There came a day that I was screaming on the phone to the nurse, arguing that I was not early by one day and the doctor promptly put a letter in the mail with 2 scripts for 30 days, advising me he would no longer be my doctor, because I did not cooperate with his scheduling nurse to have a 3rd procedure on my back and that I had early refill “incidents”.  I thought, “OK by me.  I will just go to my neurologist, who should have been taking care of my back anyway”.  when I called to make an appointment and to tell the nurse there that I needed these pills in that amount, she was incredulous, and almost laughed out loud.  I became scared then and got on the internet to find out what this Oxycontin was.  then panic set in.  Oh, Lord.  I’m addicted to a pill that is being discussed as possibly dangerous.  I called around and nobody seemed to know what this drug was, but I found a doctor who was willing to admit me to the hospital if this so called pain specialist would call him and give him my history, and the regimen to come off of this drug.  To make a long story shorter by a bit, I called and called to no avail.  I even faxed him a letter begging him to help me get off this drug by calling this new doctor.  Totally ignored me.  I ended up in a detox center for alcoholics at 5 in morning after that admitting doctor called all night for instructions. with no response.  I was their first ever patient on Oxycontin.  I was told in no uncertain terms that I would get no narcotics, but that they advised I stay there to be observed.

Then hell on earth began.  I understand why even seasoned Heroin users warn against taking this drug.  It was the most humiliating painful thing I have ever experienced, and I’ve had two spine operations.  It is an indescribable torture that takes you to the bowels of hell and thensome.  My body screamed for relief.  The vomiting and diarrhea were inconsequential to how the body flails uncontrollably.  I had small scabs all over me from writhing in bed.  And when you think it is subsiding, another wave is right there to wring you out and start all over again.

Stupidly, thinking the worst was over, I left after 5 days.  It wasn’t over for 7 more weeks of waves of lessening degrees.  My leg kicks did not stop for 8 months.  It took a year to get a stable health back.  I have never fully recuperated.  To add insult to injury, when my normal back pain surfaced, I had to go to another pain specialist, who, after I told her what happened, told me “there was nothing WRONG with Oxycontin”.  She put me on a drug called Kadian.  I have since been prescribed things such as duragesic, Ms Contin, and Avinza, with MSIR.  None, not one of those drugs ever effected me the way Oxycontin did.  It has taken me a long time to understand what has happened to me.  I have done a lot of research on Oxycontin and the Pain Management industry as a whole.  I don’t take 1/4
of what all the doctors said I needed because I took charge of my life and am starting to get it back again.  I will always need something for my back pain, and I have learned a great lesson in not just taking the word of the doctor and being responsible for my own health.  But I want you to know; this is not a drug that should be given to any one other than the hopelessly most severe pain patients or terminally ill people.  It is not a drug for normal human consumption.  it has a power and danger to it that goes beyond the human will or capacity.  If the question is why didn’t I stop taking the pills, it means you don’t have an understanding of what addiction is nor the appreciation of the awesome power of this drug.  I could no more stop my consumption, while I had the pills than wake up from anesthesia, because you told me I could, if I really wanted to.  It can’t be done without intervention of some kind.  Why I didn’t die during the time I ingested it or during withdrawal, will remain God’s secret.  I know I came very close.  Many people are gone due to an accidental double dosing, which I’m sure I did , however unaware.  I only thank God that I did not end up in the street like so many people have due to it’s overwhelming hold it has on you.  I’d love to take credit and claim that I had the will power the street abuser is lacking, but that would be a lie.I am not more powerful than that drug.  I was in the right place at the right time, God spared me an accidental overdose and my family supported me.  This drug needs to be taken off the general market and be put in a class of its own.  Lastly, I believe it’s more important that I tell my story, because I know it to be beyond a doubt, true.  However, after doing the research, and informing myself on the company who made this product poison, and how they got it to the market, it would be tantamount to murder to allow it to stream through our medical system to the streets, by allowing this company to continue to produce and market this chemical.Many, many people paid with their lives to get us to the point of investigation into this fiasco.  I hope the right thing is done here.  At best this is a faulty product,which does not do what the company claims, at worst this is a dangerous product, which the company knew of all along and must be regulated.  thank you for all your hard work, and I look forward to the end of this nightmare.


P.S.  If any one should question why the numbers of people, who have been hurt by this drug in a legally prescribed way, are not shouting from the roof tops, if this product is so bad, tell them this:  Would any decent hardworking, self respecting person like to go through what I describe above and then announce these distasteful, embarrassing, events to the world?  And as for the doctors, watch for all the finger pointing to begin between the medical community and the Manufacturer, now that the
manufacturer is sticking to it’s 12 hour claims, after thousands of doctors apparently thought they could manipulate the dosing instruction, when they realized the product did not give 8 hours pain relief, let alone 12.  Nevertheless, they should be ashamed of contributing to such a disgraceful tragedy.  Too many untrained, ill prepared doctors are out there, who now think they have free license to issue narcotic drugs for everything.  It’s no wonder we have ridiculous statistics of people hooked on prescription drugs.  That doesn’t happen in a vacuum!


Nine months after my treatment I enjoy everyday of my life.

Nine months after my treatment I enjoy everyday of my life, and I am still grateful that I can wake up every morning and not fight a dependency that controlled every aspect of my life. I wish you all the best and I hope God will give you the strength to help a lot of other people like me.

Thank you,

Opiates: Heroin

Date: March, 2008


Heroin Detox Testimonial

Waismann Method,

Just a note to thank you all for the wounderful work you do. My son is now almost 4 years clean from heroin, after
going through your program. You saved his life.


Percocet Addiction Testimonial

This is long overdue. I want you to know how thankful I am to have a person as yourself to help me thru this part of my life. Remember I told you that you were my life line? Well you still are. It is really good to know that I can call you if need be. My life is still rocky right now, but at least I don’t have to deal with the opiates.

Thank God for that. I guess that the recovery part takes a while.I hope to find my way back to some real happiness. Just know that I am really thankful for all your help.


Your friend Alan


Percocet Detox Testimonial

Thank you so much for all that you and the Institute have done for me. I am feeling great and everything is moving forward. It is great to have a place like yours and I feel in debt to you. I am so much happier now than I have ever been.

Thanks Again,


Detox Patient


I can never thank you enough for everything

I can never thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. I feel like you’re my big sister, which carries emotions of love mixed with fear. I have this sense of wanting to make you proud of me. You can’t imagine what it is like to be enslaved to oxycodone. The fear and loneliness you live with every day. I really believed I was going to die. You gave me the courage to live again. I know I’m not bouncing back as quick as I thought, but I’m positive I never would have had the freedom from that drug if it wasn’t for the rapid detox program.I keep thinking of something you said to me – that every day you get up, get dressed and go to work, and you do it without oxycodone. I think of that every day I wake up. I spent 38 years of my life without any kind of narcotic, so I know I can do this. Besides, I don’t want to mess up your one month 95% statistic score.

Thank you again.



I can actually go out and accomplish things again

Though it has been some time since I visited,I wanted you to know that I thank God each day for the miracle
of re-birth you have given my sister.You mentioned that day that you weren’t feeling/looking well and were somewhat reluctant to be in pictures. I don’t know what to say other than when I look at my copies each day,I see two shining angels! You and Deborah could not be more beautiful and I am so grateful you granted me permission.

I wish you all the best in your continuing efforts to save lives. Happy Holidays!

Let Hope Shine In

Though the sun sets each day taking with it the light.The sun goes not for it shines constant wherever there is darkness – light awaits View not the sunset as passing of the light but rather a beautiful confirmation of it.Though there are times when hope seems absent.You must believe it is there – waiting to be found Angels are among us If you are receptive they will guide you.Ours led us to the Waismann Institute Where earthbound angels saved my sister’s life
Since that amazing experience 15 months ago.The sun has never shown so brightly The glow from Debbie’s face so brilliant as to envelope the preceding darkness.Had we lost hope, the sun would never have risen & set so incredibly Never lose hope – endeavor to find it – embrace it

Thank you Clare, Deborah, Eric and all the angels at the Waismann Institute from the bottom of my heart. Youhave truly saved our lives.

May God bless and keep you always,


My new life’s here to stay


I put my pen to paper to tell you how I feel
I still can not believe that this is all so real
To experience this treatment is like
a dream come true
You’ve turned my dark cloudy skies into
a shade of blue
I’d once settle for anything I could get
Lowering my standards, no boundaries were set
Whoever held the drug, whoever held the power
In my eyes wore the crown for the minute or the hour
What have I become? A shadow for a friend
For everyone I know goes away in the end
The happy times I had before
I realize now were sad
The numbness wouldn’t let me feel,
my life’s no longer mad
Beneath the stains of time
the memories disappear
The past seems to sometime else
the future seems so clear
Emotions, thoughts, laughter and crying
I’m grateful today I’m living, not dying
So as I start again,
old habits thrown away
I wake up every morning knowing
my new life’s here to stay!!

A. and N.


You have restored me physically

Matt, Michele, Delilah, Gracie, Margie, and Ephraim-

Such wonderful names for the most caring and comassionate people. You have restored me physicaly with your tender, loving care. AND you have restored me (heh, heh) in my mind with your compassion and understanding. I will remember you always with much fondness and good memories.Keep on laughing and dance the work away. Take off the Wonder Woman costume once in a while.


My wonderful friends-

How I miss you. Everyday after lunch, I listen to our CD and remember so many wonderful things.

Matt, Michele, and Delilah who were my constant companions. Gracie and Monique who I wish I had more time to get to know. You are all my post-traumatic recovery team. Some of you shared your lives with me and now I wonder how you are doing. Delilah, feel free to use my email address I gave you. You made my physical life so comfortable and laughed with me. Michelle, I hope there are more people for you to amaze with your skills. I can still picture that beautiful parfait you made for Kristen made out of fruit and yogurt. It was a beautiful sight. Making me the healing chicken noodle soup restored my appetite. I feel like I left a sister behind at Domus. Matt, Matt, Matt- (heh, heh), you stike me as a young Evil Kenievel who has decided it’s time to grow up. Your compassion and understanding of my physical and emotional pain helped to heal the wounds. Margie, feel free to give anyone our recipe for our sandwich. You are my midnight raid partner. Gracie, thanks for burning those CDs for me. I have to admit I damaged one of them during the trip home, and have bought one to replace it. Computers are fun, aren’t they?

So, my Domus family-

I miss you so much I just had to write. Please forgive the shakey writing, it gets better eveyday. My exercise routine includes this special mix you made for me, Michele. Paul reinforced and reminded me of the exercises I abandoned for the opiates. I’m feeling very good because of all of you. Please remember I think of you often and especially at 12:30pm each day. You are a wonderful bunch of people.

Love Always,

L. K.


Thanks for saving lives

I am a recovering heroin addict with 5 almost years clean.I had a long hard battle with numerous unsuccessful attempts and countless number of admissions into programs and institutions.It wasn’t until I became a “guest” of the local Sheriff’s Inn, that I finally surrendered. Had I known about you guys back then I might have saved myself and my family much heartache and pain.

Thanks for saving lives with much


Improving daily

To Clare W. Kavin and Staff:Three weeks ago today, I was in the ICU, about to undergo”rapid detox” with Dr. Clifford
Bernstein. I left for home a mere 24 hours later, weak, wobbly and totally opiate-free. Wow!

My story fits into the classic – one minute I was sitting at a red light, the next instant, I was rear-ended by a driver going 55 mph. Ouch! Two surgeries later and three years of taking opiates to kill the chronic pain, I realized that taking 10 to 15 tables of 80mg. OxyContin daily or popping 40+ Norco tablets daily was consuming my life, more so than the pain.

I was desperate to quit. Five days of cold turkey ended in failure. Three days as an in-patient at a pain management/detox facility based on a 12-Step program (one which I already had been personally familiar with since 1983) didn’t do the trick.Then I found you. Thank God.Words are not adequate to express my gratitude. First, for making this treatment available to those who can benefit the most from it. Second, for employing the highest caliber of
staff. In particular, I refer to Deborah, your nurse was has been with me from the first phone call I made and continues
to encourage me to phone her if I have any questions or issues.Then there’s Tony Margaretis, my hero from the hospital.I love Tony. Please, he deserves recognition.

And finally, David Livingston, my thread to keeping my emotions processed, balanced and positive. What a wonderful man.I am still tired, not sleeping very well and my stamina is reduced but improving daily. Opiates? Absolutely no desire whatsoever. Pain? Still have a lot – the accident left permanent
damage.However, I am working on new ways to deal with it and am confident I will find a solution, and not one that relies on narcotics. Just can’t go there any more.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Written with love,


P.S March 6,2003


I would like to share with you a letter I have submitted for the Congressional hearings

Dear Ms. Waismann and all the doctors at the Institute,

I would like to share with you a letter I have submitted for the Congressional hearings Feb. 9.  I know you doctors are working hard with many of the victims of this disaster and I would like to thank you for your dedication and service to these struggling patients.  I only wish I had known that this was available to me November 3, 2001.

I was a legal patient user of Oxycontin for back pain.  When my doctor realized I was addicted, he abandoned me and refused to help other physicians, who were willing to help me detox.  When I tried to get help for detoxification, the only facility I could find at that time was a detox center for alcoholics.  I was thier first patient on this drug, of which, they had no regimen knowledge, nor experience.  When trying to get the information, of course every source, was woefully inadequate.  I was told upon admission that I would in no uncertain terms NOT be given any narcotics.  I didn’t know any better, wanted to get off this poison, and proceeded to stay there for 5 days, with not much more than blood pressure checks.  I want to take an opportunity to commend you for your work with these unfortunate people who have met up with the pill called Oxycontin, no matter how it was introduced to them, nor how they acquired the drug.  I’m sure you can see how this drug is in a class of it’s own, no matter how it has been officially labeled.  My heart and prayers go out to all of you.

Sincerely, B.

  •  OxyContin Patient
  • January, 2003


I am no longer dependent

How can I ever thank all of you enough for saving my life? From Clare and Deborah, who recognized the condition I was in and immediately set up my detox date, to Dr. Bernstein, Tony, and the staff at the Hospital, especially Annette and Maravic. The “wild man” is no longer wild, but more importantly, I am no longer dependent upon
the drugs that were killing me.

On 9/10/02, the day after my detox, I walked into the bright sunshine and felt its warmth on my face. I knew then that
I had a new life and a new beginning. There is much to be done to educate physicians about the pitfalls and dangers
of Oxycodone and Vicodin. I have started the educational process with my own doctor and will do all I can to help those who are going where I have been. Sometimes the journey can be long and frustrating, but, thanks to you, the journey is one you never have to be afraid of or be alone. God bless all
of you.

With love and thanks,


Vicodin Addiction Patient


My deepest gratitude and appreciation

This letter comes to you with my deepest gratitude and appreciation. You gave my my life back and words cannot express this. Dr. Bernstein, you are a very kind and caring man who saved my life. If there is anything I can ever do, please know I am willing in any and every way. Your staff treated me with the utmost respect and kindness. I flew home
a day early and my husband was there waiting for me. He could see in my eyes and my attitude that the woman he married was back. My head is clear, eyes sparkle with delight, and I have no desire what so ever to take another Vicodin or any other form of opiates again.

We have a very dear friend who was in an auto accident in 1992, and has been on Vicodin ever since then. I phoned him last week and told him of my experience with you. I will be phoning the counselor as part of my program within a few days.

Vicodin Detox Patient

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