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Roxycontin Addiction

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Roxycontin Addiction is a painful condition that can ruin lives if not addressed properly. Signs of Roxycontin addiction are often very evident and easy to spot. Most patients with a legitimate prescription for it don’t intend to become abusers or addicts. Roxycontin is not technically a recognized medication. It’s sometimes used on the street to refer to OxyContin, a powerful narcotic pain reliever that has the potential to lead to misuse, abuse and addiction. Individuals can also mistakenly use “Roxycontin” in place of roxycodone, another opiate painkiller. Both OxyContin and roxycodone contain oxycodone, which is potent and can become habit-forming.
Help is a phone call away if you or someone you know is suffering Roxycontin addiction. Medical detox can help patients safely withdrawal from opiate prescription medication. The pursuit of pain relief is often so great that patients begin to escalate use once they become tolerant of the medication. Once a tolerance builds, patients no longer experience relief at the same dosage. From here, use can progress into a serious problem. Learn more about Roxycontin treatment.

Roxycontin Addiction Detox Protocols

roxycontin addiction

A clear sign of a physical addiction to oxycodone is when withdrawal symptoms set in once regular use is stopped. This can be a scary and painful prospect that keeps many patients from seeking help. They often worry they will have to suffer through the pain and degradation of a brutal withdrawal. Waismann Method provides a proven medical detox that safely eliminates oxycodone addiction and manages withdrawal so patients don’t have to suffer. We know they have suffered enough already and we aim to relieve them of this burden.
Our rapid detox procedure takes place in an accredited hospital in southern California using intravenous medicine to cleanse the drug from patients’ opiate receptors. While this takes place, patients are resting lightly and comfortably under sedation administered by our medical staff. The procedure speeds up withdrawal, which otherwise can last weeks or months. The patients undergo withdrawal symptoms almost entirely while sedated. This allows them to awaken opiate-free and refreshed. Our entire medical procedure takes less than two hours, allowing patients to return to a productive life much quicker than other opiate treatment facilities.

Roxycontin Addiction Detox Centers

Waismann Method’s detox for opiates takes place over 2 to 4 days, our total required stay. During this time patients undergo medical tests to rule out possible underlying problems. The rapid detox is then performed and patients are monitored around the clock until they are ready to be discharged. Once this happens, patients are able to return home, free of addiction. Some people may feel they need more time and can extend their recovery at our Domus Retreat transitional living facility. Here, they can relax, regroup and recover in the privacy of our tranquil grounds. Therapeutic and holistic treatments include individual and group counseling, nutritional programs, massage, biofeedback and relaxation. Our Waismann Method detox and Domus Retreat aftercare are thoroughly discreet and entirely compassionate.

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