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New York Detox and Rapid Detox Center

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The misuse of prescription painkillers has skyrocketed within the last decade. Heroin has become widely available and so as prescription drugs such as hydrocodone (Norco, Vicodin), oxycodone ( OxyContin, Percocet), morphine and Suboxone. Unfortunately, there are not many successful treatment programs or rapid detox centers in New York City. Individuals are seeking the best Rapid Detox in New York, without a lot of success. The diversion of opiates including OxyContin, morphine, methadone, and Percocet has grown increasingly sophisticated as more and more people become dependent upon them.

Opioid Epidemic in New York

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration said in 2008 that New York’s problem with pharmaceutical diversion centered on products containing oxycodone and hydrocodone. These are highly potent opioids that are considered controlled substances and used for pain relief. Among the most commonly abused and diverted pharmaceuticals in New York, according to the DEA, are OxyContin, methadone and fentanyl. The illicit sale of heroin is also problematic in this state, mainly because more and more people who suffer from OxyContin addiction turn to heroin, which is often cheaper.
The DEA lists the most common diversion tactics in New York as doctor shopping, forged prescriptions, and theft. Doctor shopping is the practice of visiting multiple doctors to secure several supplies of a pharmaceutical drug. Other popular methods of diversion are illegal sale and distribution by healthcare workers, pharmacy and personal theft, forged and altered prescriptions and the Internet. The increasing availability of these drugs is a big problem for the general population, but especially for young people who can find prescription painkillers in the medicine cabinets of friends and family. The problem is further complicated by the fact that many people believe these medications are safe to take because a doctor prescribes them.
The state of New York’s Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services said in 2009 that one in five high school seniors (18%) had reported abusing prescription pain medication to get high. The national percentage is 13 %, according to the agency. Most people who seek out opiate treatment don’t use pain medication to get high. Most need these medications for pain relief and have become dependent upon them over time.

Opioid Treatment and Drug Rehabs

The vast majority of drug rehabs and addiction treatment programs are based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but there is no evidence to support AA as a clinical treatment or as a useful option. People often fail to get through the withdrawal or continue to relapse due to untreated emotional issues. For those and other reasons, medical doctors are now treating patients struggling with addiction.
Opioid-dependent patients deserve to receive the best treatment available. Advances of science should be provided to all those who need, without preconceived ideas or judgments. That is why so many people looking for the best drug treatment in New York end up flying to California.

Finding a Rapid Detox in New York City

Waismann Method provides patients with Rapid Detox and medically assisted opioid treatment. The center is located only in So. California and has treated thousands of people from New York and across the world. Our drug treatment is known for opioid effectiveness, privacy and success. Here patients don’t need to feel guilty or shameful for their drug addiction; instead, they often feel hopeful and cared for.
Our purpose is to provide healing and stability to our patients so they can pursue a healthy path. Medical opioid detox treatment is scientifically based, highly personalized and effective. The medical team creates customized detox plan for each patient, based on his or her all-encompassing evaluation.
The Waismann Method® is much more than a simple, rapid detox procedure; it is a comprehensive medical treatment. From the hospital to our recovery center, we provide superior care and knowledgeable assistance. The dedicated staff of Waismann and Domus Retreat supervises patients as they transition to a new life without drugs.
We have concentrated all two decades of experience, in one unique location, to provide the best opiate treatment worldwide.
When safety, success, and comfort is a priority; Waismann Method Medical Group should be the only choice.

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