Finding the Most Successful Drug Treatment Center

Waismann Method® Opiate Treatment Center is renowned for its unparalleled success and safety record. The Waismann team, has successfully been treating patients from all around the world for nearly 20 years.


Waismann rapid detox treatment center is located at a full-service JCAHO Accredited Hospital in Orange, CA. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations is a non-profit organization that sets stringent quality standards in health care. JCAHO accreditation is considered the gold standard in health care; facilities are evaluated based on an extremely high criteria and receive accreditation only when it is confirmed that these standards have been met.


Private and Compassionate Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Experiencing withdrawal is stressful enough, and having strangers around can only exacerbate the discomfort. Some rapid detox centers provide treatment in surgery centers or operating rooms where there are a number of patients together all in one room, side by side. Our patients are admitted to their own private rooms in the hospital at least one day before the procedure for a thorough pre-screening, including pre-examination and pre-medication.

Our patients are comprehensively evaluated to determine if there has been any damage from their opiate use, including conditions that might not be readily observable. It’s important to control what patients ingest prior to rapid detox and anticipate how they might react to substances and medications. Because our service is customized to each patient and far more precise, the risk of complications is lowered and the chances for a successful procedure are much higher. Without knowledge of previously undetected conditions or substances within the system, complications can arise. Many rapid detox centers, admit patients the same day of treatment and do not allow adequate time to ensure a safe opiate detox.

Our multi-board certified medical director treats one patient at a time in an individual, private ICU room, where  the level of care and attention is exponentially higher than treatment centers that provide anesthesia to multiple patients side-by-side. The Waismann Treatment provides patients with 5-10 days of around the clock inpatient professional care. In most cases patients spend 2-3 days in the hospital and the remainder of the time at the our exclusive Domus Retreat, which is a licensed private drug treatment center. Both locations offer comprehensive around the clock professional care.

Waismann Rapid Detox Center offers opiate treatment plans that are individualized and customized for each patient based upon a number of factors, including:

• Overall health
• Level of opiate use and /or other drugs – particularly cocaine or heavy alcohol use
• Medical history
• Age
• Pain management considerations

Rapid detox under anesthesia is a very effective and humane process when performed responsibly.  It should always be performed in an accredited, full-service hospital where a large range of medical specialists are always on hand to provide the support needed to ensure a safe and effective detoxification for every patient.


A Private Drug Treatment Center

Our Exclusive Post Detox Recovery Center

Domus Retreat provides a safe and private environment to recover, without prior set mandatory schedules. We believe in giving guests space, privacy and time for their own self-discovery and healing process, while the support and care of professionals is always close at hand.

Domus Retreat was created to offer a safer alternative to sending patients to a hotel room after rapid detox. We do not  believe in cutting corners, because our goal is to offer the responsible and safe care our patients deserve. Domus is a private license drug treatment center, unlike other traditional rehabs. At Domus Retreat, guests will never be exposed to forced meetings or chores. Their physical and mental states, as well as specific needs, will always be respected and honored.

Guests in traditional rehabs are often treated as just a number. We believe the first few days after detox are crucial and foundational to the safety, comfort and success of the treatment. Domus Retreat is a safe environment where we work one on one with each individual without prior set schedules or obligations. We believe in giving each person space, privacy and time for their own self-discovery in this healing process; however, the support and care of professionals is always close at hand.

The stay at Domus can range from a few of days to a few weeks. Some people feel so comfortable and cared for while with us, that they choose to come back after a month or two for a refreshing week, in order to gain additional strength and identified the triggers in their daily life.

Learn more about Domus Retreat here.

We are aware that choosing a detox program requires a personal and financial sacrifice for patients and their families. That’s why we are committed to providing the best quality of care and ensure the highest possibility of treatment success. Our medical director is multi board-certified and has nearly 20 years of extensive experience in treating opiate dependence. We pledge to provide the highest levels of care along with confidentiality, dignity, comfort and unparalleled safety throughout the drug treatment process.

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