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Waismann Method® professionals are here to provide the help you need to get your healthy life back. Our priority is to provide our patients with the highest levels of safety, privacy, and respect. Our commitment to excellence is as strong today as it was 20 years ago when we started.

Although we take great care to prevent an adverse medical event, as responsible medical providers, we always want to be prepared in the event should one arise. In a full service accredited hospital patients have access to many specialized physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide the care you need without any delay. In addition to our dedicated staff at a hospital, you will receive a private room, around the clock medical care and the highest level of supervision.

Our medical staff takes into account many patient factors, such as:

• Overall health
• Level and length of opiate use and other drugs.
• Medical history
• Age

Like the rest of the treatment experience at Waismann and Domus Retreat, your privacy is always respected. We don’t ask you to share rooms or your personal history with strangers. There are no chores, and you are not forced to take part in structured groups.

Waismann Method® offers rapid detox and other forms of opioid detoxification treatment in a Full-Service JCAHO Accredited Hospital in Southern California.

What does JCAHO mean?

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations  (JCAHO), is a non-profit organization that sets stringent quality standards for medical facilities. It is also considered the gold standard in healthcare. Medical institutions are evaluated based on extremely high criteria and receive accreditation only when meeting these standards.

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Private, Safe & Compassionate Treatment for Opioid Dependency

Private Rooms for Patients

The anxiety of going through an opioid withdrawal at an opiate detox center is a stressful and challenging situation. Surrounding a patient with strangers while going through withdrawal treatment can only exacerbate the stress and discomfort. That is just one of the reasons why we always provide our patients with private rooms. We want to offer the most dignified and comfortable treatment possible.

Safe and Secure Procedures

Patients come in at least one day before anesthesia-assisted rapid detoxification for a comprehensive physical examination, pre-medication and further understanding of each patient’s unique response to medications that are vital to the comfort and safety through the rapid detoxification.

Individualized Medical Attention

Our multi-board certified medical director treats one patient at a time in a private ICU room. This practice ensures the level of care and attention is exponentially higher than in other rapid detox centers which simultaneously treat multiple patients side-by-side.

In most cases, the total inpatient commitment is within 5 to 10 days, although extend stays are available at Domus Retreat.

Post-Treatment Recovery at One of the Best Opiate Detox Centers

Domus Retreat was created to offer a safer alternative to sending patients to a hotel room after rapid detox. With regard to safe and effective opioid detox recovery, we do not believe in cutting corners. Our goal is to provide the responsible and reliable care that our patients deserve. Domus is a private, state-licensed drug treatment center, unlike other traditional rehabs and treatment centers. At Domus Retreat, guests do not attend meetings or complete chores. Staff always respect their physical and emotional space as well as specific needs.

Guests in other “traditional” opiate detox centers are often just a number. We believe the first few days after detox is crucial to the safety, comfort, and success of the treatment. We believe in seeing, listening and understanding each individual.

At Domus Retreat, our guests also have the option of returning for a week or a few days after spending some time home. In some cases, it takes being in the situation to recognize the underlying issue that caused the opioid abuse. For that reason, we welcome the opportunity to further help people build strength and tools while being in a safe and comfortable environment.

Learn more about rapid detox including the risks associated with anesthesia and how we guide you through the patient process safely.

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Choosing the best detox program requires a personal and financial sacrifice from patients and their families. That is why we commit to providing the best quality of care to ensure the greatest possibility of treatment success.

Our multi board-certified medical director has nearly 20 years of extensive experience treating opiate dependency. We pledge to provide the highest levels of care along with confidentiality, dignity, comfort and unparalleled safety throughout the drug treatment process.