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Rhode Island Detox

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People that are seeking the best Rhode Island Detox for opiates travel to California,  where the most recognized & respected opiate treatment center is located.

Rhode Island Detox Centers have been dealing with OxyContin for the last decade, the primary threat when it comes to the abuse and diversion of prescription medications in Rhode Island. This very powerful opiate (narcotic) medication is used to treat moderate to severe pain but can be habit-forming. OxyContin has been on the market for more than a decade and has a bad reputation for the crimes and overdoses associated with it. It used to be predominantly used among low-income, middle-aged people. Law enforcement officials have found that more middle-class people are abusing OxyContin and the age of use is decreasing in the state. The DEA said OxyContin in Rhode Island could sell for as much as $1 per milligram. Because of its price, many people who seek out OxyContin switch to heroin, which is also widely available in the state – in nearly every town and city, according to the DEA. Heroin tends to be much cheaper and available in highly pure form.
The National Drug Intelligence Center performed a Drug Threat Assessment for Rhode Island in 2003. It found that other diverted pharmaceuticals pose a threat, including Dilaudid (hydromorphone), Percocet, Percodan (both contain oxycodone), and Vicodin (hydrocodone).  The DEA said pharmaceutical painkillers are diverted in a number of ways in Rhode Island. These include doctor shopping or the practice of going from doctor to doctor to secure more of a supply of a drug for a real or conjured condition. Others include pharmacy diversion and improper prescribing practices by physicians. Those who have a legitimate prescription for an opioid painkiller may also divert their medication by selling or trading it. Pharmacy and personal theft are also on the rise in many states in the U.S. Most people don’t set out to become dependent upon their prescription painkillers. It can happen if patients misuse a drug or take it for long periods of time. Tolerance can build up, leading to escalation of use.

When the Traditional Rhode Island Detox does not Suffice

Waismann Method® has been considered the most respected and recognized opiate detox center in the country for almost two decades. Whatever the reason for opiate dependence, Waismann Method always treats patients humanely, taking into account their individual needs. We have been treating residents of Rhode Island and other areas around the world fin our full-service accredited hospital. Our success lies in our ability to safely and quickly detox patients while allowing them to maintain their dignity and privacy. Our medical procedures take place in a private hospital and patients where patients are admitted to their private rooms for evaluation and treatment.

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