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Oklahoma Detox

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Hydrocodone is a primary threat when it comes to the diversion and abuse of prescription painkillers in Oklahoma. Hydrocodone is a popular opioid used in many prescription pain medications and anti-tussives including Lorcet, Lortab, Norco, Tussionex, Vicodin, Vicoprofen and Zydone. Hydrocodone is only available in combination with other ingredients. For example, Vicodin is hydrocodone and acetaminophen. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said products containing oxycodone, such as OxyContin and Percocet, are also commonly diverted and abuse. In 2008, the federal agency also identified methadone as a growing threat in the state. Methadone is intended for the long-term maintenance of opioid addiction.
The most common forms of diversion throughout Oklahoma include indiscriminate prescribing practices among healthcare workers. This is when physicians prescribe these controlled substances without a legitimate medical need or for other unintended purposes. Another avenue of diversion is the illegal sale and distribution by healthcare workers or unscrupulous pharmacists. Prescription fraud, doctor shopping, hospital thefts and pharmacy break-ins are also primary diversion tactics.
The availability of prescription painkillers has increased dramatically over the last decade. This directly contributes to the increase in drug-related crimes, abuse, addiction and overdose associated with these drugs. Fortunately, Oklahoma detox can be achieved with success for residents looking for qualified medical help for their problem. Waismann Method, a California-based company that specializes in rapid opiate detox, has seen thousands of residents from Oklahoma and around the world over the last decade.

Waismann Method

Medical science and a team of dedicated doctors that specializes in addiction care back our time-tested opiate treatment program. We are known to offer a safe, effective and humane program for people of all backgrounds who need help quickly. We also take great care to ensure discretion and anonymity. Our program is highly professional and takes place in a hospital. We use non-addicting intravenous medications that rapidly cleanse the patients’ opiate receptors, eliminating the physical dependence. It takes a little over an hour and patients rest comfortably under general deep sedation during this time. Opiate withdrawal is accelerated while patients are sedated so they don’t have to spend days or weeks suffering through nausea, vomiting, tremors and other painful symptoms. Patients stay with us 5 to 6 days and can return home once discharged. Others may want to extend their stay in our beautiful and relaxing Domus Retreat for transitional living.

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