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MS Contin Warnings

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Safe use of prescription medication is so important. Like other opiate (narcotic) prescription drugs, following MS Contin’s warnings and precautions ensures safe use. MS Contin is the controlled release version of morphine sulfate, a Schedule II Controlled Substance. The highest two doses of MS Contin are meant only for opiate-tolerant patients. Others could overdose with this amount of the drug. Opioids such as MS Contin are prone to misuse, abuse and diversion. This is because they have a secondary effect of causing sedation and euphoria. People who take MS Contin therapeutically for pain relief can develop the same problems as those who use it recreationally. Problems can include tolerance, physical and psychological dependence, addiction, overdose and a debilitating withdrawal that needs to be treated professionally.

MS Contin Risks Include Addiction and Painful Withdrawal

MS Contin can cause significant respiratory depression. All opiates depress the central nervous system. That makes combining these substances especially dangerous. Other CNS depressants include alcohol, tranquilizers, muscle relaxers, sedatives, hypnotics and sleeping medications. People who have a history of drug addiction or abuse should not take MS Contin or other opiate painkillers, as they are more susceptible to developing problems.
It’s essential to use MS Contin properly and every prescription’s accompanying label offers clear directions. Medical professionals advise patients not to take a higher dose or more frequently then prescribed. A tolerance can develop with regular, prolonged use, possibly leading to an escalation and other forms of misuse. Opiate addiction is a growing problem that claims thousands of lives each year. MS Contin withdrawal is a clear sign of physical dependence, which can be very difficult to handle without professional help. A lengthy addiction can result in a very painful withdrawal, which can include serious drug cravings, body aches and pains, vomiting, nausea and seizures.

Safe, Compassionate Treatment is Available for MS Contin Addiction

Once an MS Contin addiction takes over, patient use can spiral out of control. Withdrawal management is so important to safely and comfortably detox patients. Waismann Method offers rapid opiate detox, known for its track record of being safe, effective, discreet and compassionate. This method is unlike many other detox programs because we don’t use opiate replacements such as methadone or Suboxone to wean patients. First, staff admit patients to a private room in a full service, accredited hospital. Next, the medical team completes a comprehensive evaluation to thoroughly assess each patient before creating an individualized treatment plan.
Our quadruple board certified medical director begins the procedure using intravenous medication while patients rest comfortably under sedation. This procedure takes just over an hour and induces and speeds up withdrawal. Most symptoms develop and pass while patients sleep. This allows them to awaken a short time later, free of opiate dependence. After 2 to 4 days in the hospital, staff transfer patients to our recovery facility for a few days of transitional care. Domus Retreat provides 24 hour follow-up care with therapeutic and holistic services to increase long term success.

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