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Home Detox from OxyContin

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A home detox from OxyContin can be extremely difficult and often unsuccessful. OxyContin is a powerful narcotic prescription drug used to treat moderate to severe pain. It has a reputation as a drug of abuse and can be habit forming with regular use. A patient who develops a physical addiction to OxyContin will experience the onset of withdrawal symptoms shortly after last use. Symptoms can be downright painful and debilitating. Some can even be dangerous. Detoxing is the process the body must go through as it rids itself of the drug. Going through this process alone can be daunting. Many detox and rehab facilities exist to help patients through this difficult time. The Waismann Institute offers in-patient OxyContin detox that medically manages withdrawal to ensure safety and comfort.

Trying a Home Detox from OxyContin

Patients who detox at home may try to take a “cold turkey” approach and could place themselves at risk of   complications including seizure, dehydration, blood pressure issues and in rare cases even possible death. Even patients who try to gradually step down their dosage can become seriously ill. Symptoms of OxyContin withdrawal can include strong cravings that won’t subside until another dose is taken. Others are muscle and bone pain, a crawling sensation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shakes, restlessness, extreme agitation, depression, aggression, sleeplessness and seizures. These symptoms can be exacerbated if the addiction is long-term or if high doses of OxyContin had been abused. Some people may choose to hire a “home detox” service to get off OxyContin . This may not be the best option because patients need to have access to medical personnel and facilities if something were to go wrong. Attempting a home detox from OxyContin is usually not successful, because being ion a familiar place without professional assistance can possibly trigger carvings and opportunities for relapse.

Safe OxyContin Detox Begins With Medical Management of Withdrawal

Most people need the guidance and care offered by a professional medical detox. The Waismann Method of rapid detox offers OxyContin detox in the safety and privacy of a full service private hospital. We begin with thorough medical testing to rule out possible underlying medical conditions that can interfere with th effectiveness and safety of the detox. Our procedure eliminates the unnecessary suffering of OxyContin withdrawal, while patients are monitored and assisted around the clock. If Anesthesia Assisted Rapid detox is indicated , OxyContin withdrawal is induced and speed by using intravenous medication while the patient sleeps. This cleanses the opiate receptors while patients are resting lightly sedation.  This process succeeds to provide  a safe detox and allows patients to essentially overcome a very difficult phase in a most humane and private manner. Our opiate detox is known to be safe, effective, humane and discreet. Patients usually spend a total of 5 to 7 days inpatient instead of weeks or months like required by most traditional Oxycontin addiction treatment centers and rehabs.

If you have tried home detox from OxyContin and have not yet succeeded or if you dont even want to attempt the withdrawal by yourself, call us today. Let us discuss options available that will get you through this difficult time with safety and comfort. We are here for you!

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