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Heroin Rehab

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heroin rehab vs. Waismann Method

Heroin rehab can include any number of treatments and programs designed to treat different aspects of addiction. Not all rehabs are the same. In fact, services vary widely and can include detox, behavior modification, therapy, faith-based programs and 12-step groups.

Heroin Rehab Facilities Can Provide Long Term Support

Heroin is an illegal narcotic drug that is highly addicting and can lead to very serious health problems including overdose and death. Heroin is a notoriously difficult drug to detox from. This can keep many people using the drug because they fear the physical and psychological pain of withdrawal. Before a heroin rehab is chosen, a proper detox should be completed.
Waismann Method® offers a medically-based rapid opiate detox that is safe and respects each patient’s privacy. Heroin addiction can be life-threatening. Our program can be the saving grace you’ve been looking for, combining the very best in medical detoxification with a compassionate touch. Many rehab programs offer a narrow approach to addiction, labeling you an addict for life and ensuring that you maintain lifelong membership, going to meetings and following “steps.”

Waismann Method® – You Don’t Have to Make Rehabilitation a Lifetime Struggle

We successfully reverse your opiate physical dependency without inflicting unnecessary suffering. The withdrawal phase can be brutal but our rapid detox and other medically-assisted protocols manage these symptoms in a full-service hospital to ensure your safety and comfort. We see heroin dependency as a disorder of the central nervous system, caused by prolonged opiate intake.
We know most patients don’t have weeks or months to spend in rehab so we have the rapid detox medical procedure that gets you opiate free in less than two hours. Intravenous medications are used to cleanse the heroin from patients’ opiate receptors. This happens in a Southern California hospital while patients sleep lightly and comfortably under sedation. The procedure accelerates the withdrawal symptoms which otherwise could take weeks to completely dissipate. These symptoms occur while patients are under and they have no awareness upon waking that they experienced them.

WAISMANN TREATMENT­™: Heroin Detox with a Scientific Approach

Our program is compassionate and doesn’t tear you down by using guilt or shame to help you recover. Our individualized programs don’t believe in a one-problem, one-solution approach like most heroin rehab facilities. The Waismann Method utilizes the most advanced medical biotechnology available to end heroin dependency.
We treat you with respect while honoring your specific medical needs.

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