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Duragesic Home Detox Can Be Dangerous

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If you or someone you know has become dependent upon Duragesic, a narcotic painkiller, chances are it’s been difficult to get off of. Because of this, it’s important to seek qualified help to detox in a safe, comfortable manner. Duragesic offers relief from moderate to severe pain but has the potential to lead to misuse, abuse and addiction. People should never try to detox from Duragesic or other opiates at home. It can be dangerous and in some cases can have fatal consequences. Prescription drugs in this class are known to produce a difficult withdrawal syndrome that can lead to seizures or coma. Other possible symptoms are agitation, restlessness, sleeplessness, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, sweating, headaches and muscle and bone pain.
Some people may try to gradually taper their use of Duragesic at home. This can be hard because of the withdrawal and the urge to take more. Others may try to stop taking it altogether at one time. This “cold turkey” approach is very dangerous, especially for those who’ve become accustomed to taking high doses. Withdrawal can be very difficult when faced alone. Those who try a home detox may also be setting themselves up for relapse.

Rapid Detox with Waismann Method Offers Promising Alternative to Home Detox

Duragesic detox should always offer a treatment that manages withdrawal and provides a thorough detox under medical supervision. The Waismann Method goes beyond programs offered by traditional detox and rehabilitation facilities. We have specialized in rapid opiate detox for more than a decade, treating people of all ages who’ve become dependent upon their prescription painkillers. While other treatment programs may choose to send patients home or to a hotel to recover, we offer around-the-clock monitoring to assure a safe, smooth transition.
Our program includes rapid detox from opiates, which uses intravenous medication in a hospital to cleanse the Duragesic from patients’ opiate receptors. This takes less than two hours and manages a painful withdrawal because symptoms are accelerated while patients rest under a light deep sedation. Patients awake free of opiate addiction and most withdrawal symptoms. Even though patients awake feeling better than they have in months, even years, we believe they benefit from staying a few days under the care of our doctors and medical staff.
Patients can leave after a few days and return home with confidence their addiction is behind them. Some may feel more comfortable transitioning in our care. We offer counseling and holistic therapies designed to address physical and psychological needs. Safety, comfort and discretion are top priorities at the Waismann Institute.

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