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Actiq Precautions

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Taking a prescription narcotic medication requires that special precautions be taken to ensure safe use. Actiq is the solid form of fentanyl, a powerful opiate used for pain relief. It’s like a lollipop and is meant to deliver the medication through the mouth. Because of its potency, Actiq precautions includes its high potential for misuse, abuse and illegal diversion. All directions on use should be followed exactly to prevent serious complications. Actiq should be used in opiate-tolerant patients. Starting a patient on a high-powered opiate without prior exposure can result in overdose. Taking too much Actiq can also cause overdose. Actiq can cause respiratory depression, a concern that becomes more serious for elderly or debilitated patients. The effects of central nervous system depression can be worsened if Actiq is combined with alcohol, other opiates, tranquilizers, sedatives and some antidepressants – basically any medication or substance that also has CNS depressant effects.

What All Patients Should Know About Actiq Precautions

Actiq warnings and precautions should not intimidate patients who need legitimate pain relief. It can be taken safely and with good results. Precautions are listed in the label on Actiq to try and keep patients from having negative results. These can include physical and psychological dependence, overdose and withdrawal. Actiq can be habit-forming. Patients should never escalate use or take more than what’s recommended, even if a tolerance develops. Your doctor can explore alternatives, alter the dosage or recommend another medication if it becomes ineffective over time. Allergic reaction is another possible complication to watch for. Symptoms of an allergic reaction can include rash, itching, hives, dizziness, trouble breathing and swelling. Actiq should never be shared and should always be stored in a secure location. In the wrong hands, Actiq can be a target for recreational use, abuse and diversion on the black market.

Humane and Discreet Actiq Detox is Performed in Medical Setting

Long-term use of Actiq can cause a dependency. If patients are not careful, an addiction can develop over time and can be difficult to manage alone. Waismann Method has been successfully, safely and quickly detoxing patients from opiates for more than a decade. We are known for a humane, compassionate and discreet opiate treatment. We wipe out Actiq addiction in less than two hours with our procedure that cleanses the drug from patients’ opiate receptors with intravenous medication. Patients are comfortable in their private rooms in our  hospital, during this as they are lightly sedated with sedative medication. We never use Suboxone or methadone to wean patients because they are opiate replacements and can also be habit-forming. The medication we use speeds up withdrawal symptoms, which develop and pass while patients are under deep sedation. They have no conscious awareness that they are in withdrawal during the process. The required stay for patients is between hospiat and Domus Retreat is usually 5 to 10  days, after which patients can choose to return home or extend their recovery in our exclusive Domus Retreat licensed aftercare facility.

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