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Waismann Method® Medical Group Raises Awareness for National Recovery Month 2015

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Waismann Method® Medical Group calls for addiction treatment community to renew their efforts

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — September is National Recovery Month, an opportunity for people touched by opiate addiction to share their stories and raise awareness about drug abuse. In honor of National Recovery Month, the Waismann Method Center calls all members of the addiction treatment community to renew their efforts to combat stigma and provide education about drug dependence.

Importance of the 2015 National Recovery Month

In 2015, much of the news in the addiction world has been troubling. Rates of heroin addiction have quadrupled over the past decade, and 44 people die of prescription opiate overdose each day. The ravages of addiction have an enormous impact on families and tear at the fabric of society.
The Waismann Method Medical Group calls for an end to the misguided policies that have caused people struggling with addiction to be sent to prison or allowed to cycle through rehab facilities without being properly treated for their problems. These policies have created additional stigma surrounding drug abuse, preventing people from getting the help they deserve.
Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, Medical Director for the Waismann Method, commented, “Too often, we have seen policies that attempt to treat the symptoms, rather than the individual. During National Recovery Month, I urge treatment professionals to consider the unique issues that contribute to each patient’s addiction when helping him or her on the road to recovery. As a doctor who has worked with opiate users for the past two decades, I have noticed an uptick in the number of patients using opiates to self-medicate for physical pain, emotional distress, or psychiatric issues. Unfortunately, this leaves patients stuck in a cycle of addiction that is difficult to escape.”
A comprehensive approach to combating addiction must involve all members of society. In addition to reducing the stigma surrounding opiate abuse, the Waismann Method Medical Group believes that we must improve access to the treatments that patients need most. Improving access to treatment for mental and physical health problems can prevent people from relying on opiates to ease their pain.
For those experiencing addiction, our extensive understanding of medicine and brain function allows us to treat or reverse opiate dependence and many mental illnesses in a humane, individualized, and effective manner. The Waismann Method uses our state-of-the-art knowledge of neuroscience to help people overcome opiate dependence.

Waismann Method ® Treatment for Opiate Dependence

Since its inception nearly two decades ago, the Waismann Method Medical Group has been providing world class treatment for opiate dependence.  Waismann Method has gained international attention for its effective, scientifically informed approach to treating opiate dependence. The medical group believes that a “one size fits all” approach to addiction care is ineffective; instead, the Waismann Method ® involves development of an individualized treatment plan for each patient. This includes access to rapid detox or modified medical opiate detox protocols, depending on each patient’s unique history and medical needs.
Michael H. Lowenstein M.D., serves as the Medical Director for the Waismann Method Center. He is a quadruple board-certified physician. His board certifications include anesthesiology, addiction medicine and pain management. Dr. Lowenstein is recognized by the international community as a leader in opiate detox and the treatment of opiate dependence.
Clare Waismann R.A.S. and Michael H. Lowenstein M.D. work alongside with Waismann Method staff to provide superior services from detoxification to a specialized aftercare, built exclusively for opiate-dependent patients. Our exclusive post-detox recovery center, Domus Retreat, offers clients the supportive environment needed to transition from medical opiate detox to a healthy, fulfilling, drug-free life. We are committed to providing exceptional care inpatient recovery, through every step of the treatment journey. To learn more about the Waismann Method Treatment Center in its exclusive location-based only in Southern California, please visit www.opiates.com ®.
Source: Yahoo! Finance

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