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CDC Reports Highest Drug Overdose Death Rates in Record

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released provisional data showing 70,689 drug overdose deaths in 2017. We’ve analyzed the CDC release and responded in a press release of our own addressing what this data means for our communities. The data released showed the highest overdose death rate on record and reflects an increase of 6.6 % over the 2016 drug overdose deaths statistic. Making matters worse, the CDC warns that the provisional numbers likely underestimate the total overdose death count and that the final number of overdose deaths will likely top 72,000.
In our press release, we discussed the number of overdose deaths from prescription drugs and methadone in 2017. We also address some of the factors that may be contributing to these continuously disappointing statistics. Have you ever wondered whether addiction is the true issue of our current opioid crisis? Clare Waismann is quoted responding to this specific question. There is an inherent problem with cookie cutter drug rehabs, and in the press release, we address what these problems are.
If you’re wondering, what is the solution to our opioid drug epidemic? What can be done to truly help those suffering from opioid dependence? Clare Waismann discusses what the Waismann Method® offers as a solution to drug addiction, specifically opioid abuse.
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