Choosing the “Best Drug Detox”

Drug detox is often  the first step in a drug rehab program, that could include any number of intervention strategies aimed at assisting drug addicted patients through the withdrawal process. Whatever drug detox method is used, the goal should be to safely lessen the discomfort and physical effects drug withdrawal may cause while stabilizing physiological functions. In some cases, stabilizing the patient requires medication intervention to ease the physical and mental symptoms so common with many drug detox.

Drug Detox - Waismann Method


Drug Detox facilities can differ from inpatient medical assisted to outpatient home based. If you would like to determine the best  drug detox facility, you should consider what are the most important factors for you:

Important factors to consider when choosing a drug detox:

  • Does the drug detox facility offer medical support around the clock?
  • Is the detox protocol adjusted for each individuals specific needs?
  • Are there medical specialists available if medical emergencies present themselves?
  • How long has this facility performed drug detox?
  • What is the reputation and accreditation of the facility?
  • Is the doctor responsible for the detox experienced and what are his credentials?
  • How long is the impatient stay and can it be modified if the patient need longer treatment?
  • Is the facility specialized on the drug you are seeking detox for?
  • What is the success rate of their drug detox?
  • Are private rooms available to maintain privacy and comfort?
  • Doe the drug treatment requires patient to follow a pre-set schedule or is the treatment design for each patients specific needs?

There are a number of informational resources available to determine which type of drug treatment program is compatible with your medical and emotional needs. Focus on what is truly important to ensure success of the process and well-being of the patient:

Appropriate licensing Quality of medical during drug detox, immediate follow-up services, and staff experience and credentials.


Rapid Drug Detox Treatment


Drug detoxification should take place in a medically-supervised facility.

Detox from opiates like heroin, OxyContin, Lortab and Vicodin requires close supervision. Many programs provide both drug detox and after-care services to help patients through the transition to a drug free life while avoiding relapse. Drug addiction is a complex but treatable disorder, that affects brain function and behavior. Effective treatment should be design and attend to multiple needs of the individual, not just the drug abuse.

Many users delay seeking help for a drug problem because of fear, intense cravings and physical and mental withdrawal that sets in.

The rapid detox technique, was developed in the late 80s by clinicians who hoped to mitigate the discomfort of opiate withdrawal and speed the initiation of relapse prevention therapy such as Naltrexone. The anesthesia-assisted drug detox has received tremendous attention and can be a great option when responsibly performed. Due to the costs involved, different rapid detox centers decide to cut corners but not offering a full service accredited hospital where the appropriate medical support is available and by not offering the necessary length of inpatient care post detox; Eventually compromising the name and reputation of the process.

There have been many clinical studies throughout the years demonstrating the safety and efficacy of rapid detox and anesthesia assisted detoxification protocols in helping individuals to successfully reverse their opiate dependence and return to a healthy life.

Waismann Method of Drug Detox has combined decades of experience of a diplomat of the American Board of Addiction Medicine, with a Full Service Accredited Hospital and a Exclusive Post Detox Recovery Center. If safety and success is your priority then Waismann Method ® should be your choice for drug detox treatment.


Many detox centers provide clients with a safe, secure facility where their physical discomfort can be managed. Detox and rehabilitation are not easy, but finding the right place can make all the difference.