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Lorcet Home Detox

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Lorcet is a narcotic painkiller that can be difficult to stop taking after long-term use. People who take high doses may also have trouble detoxing without help. Some people attempt lorcet home detox from the opiate prescription. This can be dangerous because of withdrawal symptoms which can be severe. Opiate dependence can set in quickly for those who misuse it. Most people who become dependent do so after legitimate use escalates due to the development of a tolerance. Proper medical treatment is necessary to avoid complications and ensure a safe, smooth transition to recovery. If you think about it, you wouldn’t take an unnecessary risk by trying to recover on your own after a major illness or injury. A Lorcet addiction is no different.
Some detox facilities offer treatment with little support or oversight. Some send patients home or to a hotel to recover after the initial detox. The few days following detox are crucial in terms of safety as the system tries to repair itself from damage caused by overuse. Withdrawal symptoms vary among patients but can include severe flu-like symptoms, depression, hallucinations, agitation, restlessness, seizures and coma. Serious reactions could lead to death. The Waismann Institute offers rapid opiate detox with our renowned Waismann Method. This procedure, performed in a hospital in less than two hours, helps to manage withdrawal to eliminate pain and suffering.

A Managed Opiate Withdrawal is a Safe Withdrawal

Our multi board certified medical director sedate patients to ease the withdrawal syndrome. Intravenous medications are used while the patient rests comfortably on his or hers private room. We never use opiate replacement drugs such as methadone or Suboxone which can lead to a second dependence and the need for another detox.  We monitor patients closely in the hospital for a few days until they are cleared for discharge to our recovery center Domus Retreat facility. Here, patients are pampered with a combination of different oofferings and therapeutic services that further recovery.
A professional opiate detox with Waismann Institute is a safe, effective solution when Lorcet addiction takes over. The combined experience of our medical staff ensures a safe, comfortable recovery. Trying to go through a lorcet home detox alone can have dire consequences including a higher incidence of relapse. Waismann’s opiate detoxification can get you on the road to long-term recovery in a short amount of time.

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