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Lorcet Warnings

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It’s imperative that folks taking Lorcet or other opiate painkillers thoroughly understand the warnings and precautions that accompany that drug. So often, patients leave the pharmacy with a prescription in hand, secure in the belief that it’s safe because a doctor recommended it. In most cases, Lorcet can be taken safely. The drug contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen and is used to treat moderate to severe pain. The risks involved with taking this or any opiate (narcotic) drug include side effects, drug and food interactions, allergic reactions, tolerance, dependency, overdose and a potentially severe withdrawal once use is stopped abruptly. Safe use of Lorcet is so important. Taking it in any way outside its labeled instructions can constitute misuse. Use of Lorcet can become abusive when patients develop a tolerance to their medication. Once its effects become diminished, patients need to take more and more to experience relief.

Lorcet Risks Include Overdose and Liver Damage

A Lorcet overdose is one possible risk and in most cases is accidental. Some people intentionally take too much of the drug. Another overdose risk involves taking Lorcet, a central nervous system depressant, in combination with other substances that have this effect such as alcohol, other narcotics, sleeping pills, sedatives, antidepressants, hypnotics and tranquilizers. Altering the medication can also cause rapid release of the drug, which then floods the system and can result in overdose. This can include breaking, chewing or crushing pills to then inject, smoke or inhale the drug. Another risk of taking too much Lorcet is liver damage. Acetaminophen, in high doses, can cause liver damage or failure so it’s important for patients to know if any other medications they’re taking contain this ingredient. A physical addiction to Lorcet is present once use is stopped abruptly and withdrawal symptoms develop. People who take opiates are encouraged to never try and detox on their own. This can be very dangerous, as some withdrawal symptoms, including seizures, can be life threatening.

Can You Imagine Being Free of Lorcet Dependence in Less than Two Hours?

Opiate addiction is a serious problem that requires medical detox to eliminate it. Waismann Method offers a proper medical detox that is supervised and can safely and effectively rid patients of their Lorcet addiction. Intravenous medicine is given to patients to cleanse the Lorcet from patients’ opiate receptors. This procedure takes less than two hours and patients awaken a short time later from  sedation, free of opiate physical dependence. They don’t even realize upon awakening that they’ve already been through the brunt of withdrawal. Our procedure speeds up the onset of painful symptoms, which pass while they are out. This eliminates the fear of withdrawal, giving patients a better chance at lasting recovery. Patients typically stay in just a couple of days – and can be discharged to our recovery retreat for a few more days for further care and observation. From there, they can return home to a productive and healthy life.
There are no set programs. Patients are treated as individuals with unique needs.

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