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Signs and Symptoms of Duragesic Abuse

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Duragesic is the patch form of Fentanyl, a potent opioid painkiller meant for the treatment of chronic pain. The clinical use of Duragesic has increased in the last several years, and so as the cases of abuse, misuse, and dependence. The transdermal patch has a high potential for abuse and should only be used by those individuals whose bodies already tolerate opiates. Since Duragesic releases fentanyl through the skin, one patch might be work for up to 72 hours, providing pain relief.

Common Symptoms of Duragesic Patch

Some people use Duragesic to feel its euphoric effects, which is a clear sign that the use, has escalated to abuse. Repeated use of this drug, even within the parameters of a legitimate prescription, can lead to physical and psychological dependence. Furthermore, addiction can develop swiftly, even after relatively short-term use. In many cases, this happens after patients build up a tolerance to the drug and begin taking more and more to relieve pain. Altering the dosage or tampering with the medication in any way constitutes abuse. Basically, abuse includes any behavior that goes against the drug’s label regarding warnings and proper use.

Common unpleasant symptoms and side effects of Duragesic use:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • drowsiness
  • dizziness
  • vertigo
  • insomnia
  • constipation
  • increased sweating
  • fatigue
  • feeling cold
  • a headache
  • rashes
  • diarrhea
  • hearing issues
  • abdominal pain
  • dry mouth
  • weakness
  • swelling
  • muscle spasms
  • depression
  • itching

This medication is to relief severe-ongoing pain and belongs to a class of drugs known as narcotics or opioid analgesics. Fentanyl-based drugs changes how your brain feels and responds to pain. Although this drug might help with many people with severe pain issues, the patch is not meant to relieve mild or short-term discomfort.
**Like other opioid drugs, Duragesic can slow your breathing and cause severe health risks including death.

Here are other more severe side effects, which might require immediate medical assistance:

  • slow heart rate
  • weak or shallow breathing
  • chest pain
  • fast or pounding heartbeats
  • feeling like you might pass out
  • agitation
  • hallucinations
  • fever, sweating, shivering
  • rapid heart rate
  • muscle stiffness
  • twitching and loss of coordination.

Signs of  Duragesic Abuse

Learn about how to recognize an addiction to Fentanyl

Examples of Duragesic abuse include: taking the drug after the medical condition clears or after the prescription runs out; increasing the dose without a doctor’s approval; taking it more often than recommended and taking it in conjunction with other substances to increase the potency. Mixing Duragesic with street drugs such as heroin or cocaine increases strength and the risk for a fatal overdose. Duragesic is a central nervous system depressant, so combining it with other substances that have this effect, such as alcohol or other opiates, is dangerous.

Abuse could include:

  • Mental preoccupation with obtaining and consuming the drug.
  • Falsify prescriptions or shop around for different doctors to prescribe it when the medicine has run out early.
  • Applying more patches than needed
  • Taking the medication for non-medical reasons
  • Increasing drug use, despite potential negative consequences.

Potentially-addictive drugs such as Duragesic activate the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. This stimulation could cause patients to crave the drug more and more. Powerful physical and mental cravings are indicative of drug dependency.
If a Duragesic patch is chewed or swallowed, it can lead to a fatal overdose. If there overdose symptoms such as passing out or trouble breathing are present, give the user them naloxone if available, then call 911.

Addiction Treatment

Duragesic abuse can lead quickly to addiction. If you feel you are powerless over your use of the drug, it’s time for professional intervention.
The use of Duragesic or other fentanyl-based drugs, impacts the central nervous system to a large extent, causing excessive amounts of dopamine to flood and chemically alter brain function. Over time these significant changes to the brain affect how someone behaves and reacts to certain situations. Some patients might even turn to illegal methods of acquiring more medication, after exhausting their legitimate prescription.
Once someone develops a tolerance to Duragesic narcotic properties, they will require more and more of the drug to reach its original effects. Tolerance to opioid drugs often escalates to a full-blown addiction rapidly.

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Although some people still believe opioid withdrawal is not life-threatening, stopping fentanyl “cold turkey” is a painful and medically risky event. Too complicated of a situation to put an already abused body through. Specialized medical facilities like the Waismann Method® treatment centers offer inpatient effective medical detox.
Duragesic withdrawal might vary in severity and length. It depends on levels of use, age, emotional state, and health. Professional medical supervision during detoxification can significantly improve the odds of success. Furthermore, when detox is followed by psychotherapy and Naltrexone therapy, the odds of a full recovery are even higher.

Waismann Method® Duragesic Treatment

Waismann Method® of rapid detox and our other forms of medical detox can effectively, safely and humanely treat Duragesic abuse. Our medical director has successfully performed thousands of anesthesia-assisted rapid detox procedures. We offer one exclusive location based in California, for those seeking the best opioid withdrawal treatment available. We are recognized all over the world for our extensive knowledge, experience, and unparalleled success. Our Quadruple-Board Certified Doctor with over 20 years of experience is a specialist in pain management, anesthesia, and addiction.
Regaining control of your life is a phone call away. A Duragesic (Fentanyl) addiction can be very scary to overcome, but despite the difficulties, recovery is possible. More importantly, an effective Duragesic treatment is available. Dont wait any longer, begin your healing today.

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