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Vicoprofen Abuse

Vicoprofen, like all narcotic agents, has the potential to be habit-forming. It is the combination of hydrocodone bitartrate and ibuprofen, used to treat short-term acute pain. The lowest effective dosage should be used and instructions on use and warnings should be followed closely. Hydrocodone is an opiate agonist and medications containing it are subject to […]

Codeine Rehab

Codeine is a potentially addictive painkiller which can be used safely and effectively for some people. Once a person builds a tolerance through regular use, more and more codeine is needed to achieve desired effects. Escalation of use can lead to physical and/or psychological dependence for which codeine rehab is most often needed. Rehab is […]

Darvocet Rehab

Getting your life back on track can be accomplished once you make the commitment to seek Darvocet rehab. Drug rehab, or rehabilitation, is the set of programs and services available to treat physical and/or psychological addiction. An addiction to Darvocet can progress and cause dire ramifications that affect relationships, finances, careers and health. It doesn’t […]

Dilaudid Rehab

Trying to decide on the best option when it comes to Dilaudid rehab can seem overwhelming. After all, there are so many programs to choose from, many of which have vastly different approaches to treating opiate addiction. The narcotic prescription medication is highly potent and can cause life-threatening complications and overdose. Dilaudid is the brand […]

Demerol Rehab

If you are suffering from a physical or psychological dependence on Demerol or other prescription painkillers, it’s important to know there is help to reverse this problem.  Demerol, the brand name for meperidine, is included in the class of drugs known as narcotic pain relievers. It’s used to treat moderate to severe pain but can […]