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Vicoprofen Abuse

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Vicoprofen, like all narcotic agents, has the potential to be habit-forming. It is the combination of hydrocodone bitartrate and ibuprofen, used to treat short-term acute pain. The lowest effective dosage should be used and instructions on use and warnings should be followed closely. Hydrocodone is an opiate agonist and medications containing it are subject to abuse and criminal diversion. If you feel your use of Vicoprofen has become compromised, it’s time to seek professional medical detox. For most patients in the Waismann Method program, abuse and addiction develops after legitimate therapeutic use escalates. This often happens because a tolerance to the medication has developed. This means the prescribed dosage no longer elicits the desired effects. Most people desire pain relief but some recreational users seek out a state of euphoria. When patients begin to escalate their use or increase the dose, it’s best they talk to a doctor immediately. Regular and prolonged use of Vicoprofen can lead to problems including tolerance, abuse, addiction, withdrawal and overdose.

How to Tell if You or Someone Else is Abusing Vicoprofen

Vicoprofen can depress the central nervous system. Taking it with other medications that have this effect can magnify that depression. These include alcohol, street drugs, other opiates, antihistamines, some sleeping medications, tranquilizers and sedative/hypnotics. Combining it with other substances to increase its potency is dangerous and indicative of abuse. Vicoprofen activates the brain’s reward centers. This stimulation could cause patients to actively seek out those feelings, meaning they crave the drug more and more. Powerful psychological and physiological cravings point to a drug dependency. Examples of Vicoprofen abuse also include taking the drug after the medical condition clears or after the prescription runs out. A compulsion to consume the drug is also indicative of a problem. Others may falsify prescriptions, call in bogus refills or shop around for different doctors to secure more than one supply. Continuing to use Vicoprofen despite potentially negative consequences is problematic.

The Decision to Seek Help for Vicoprofen Addiction Doesn’t Have to Be Intimidating

A fine line can separate abuse and addiction. Many of our patients report that it just “sneaks up.” In less than two hours, the Waismann Method can rid you of your Vicoprofen addiction, using our expert medical procedure. The level of safety and success we’ve had in the last decade is unmatched. Administered in a hospital, the procedure uses intravenous medication to cleanse opiates from patients’ symptoms. This happens while patients are under deep sedation and the withdrawal phase is accelerated during this process. They awake opiate-free without awareness of withdrawal symptoms that occurred. Our expert procedure does not use opiate substitutes such as methadone and Suboxone to treat opiate addiction. We are known for our humane, confidential and supportive approach to opiate addiction. The total hospital stay is a few days, getting you back to your life in less time than other treatment programs.

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